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Funny idea, really like it!

Is there an actual Level 2 in the game? The icon is not clickable for me and there seem to be no way to "win" on Level 1.

Once you've successfully run the virus scan, you get access to level 2.  It's all a bit fiddly.  Thanks for playing!

Got to Level 2, opened the folder with the cat images. Fighting with the dialog boxes...

Man, this game is annoying like real old Windows 3.1/9x was... :)

It is not clear where to put those cat images, though. To the F: disk? I cannot seem to open a folder for the disk.


- Move the two icons at the bottom right behind the dialog boxes. They are in the way of clicking.

- I would allow for clicking through the colorful vertical strips appearing. It is enough punishment not seeing correctly from them, but they also capture clicks which make is hopeless when you start to have a lot of stripes.

- Number of vertical stripes should increase a bit less with failures (lower the exponent). It is too easy to get bluescreen on Level 2. (Or introduce difficulty levels.)

- Some dialogs are just flying too fast (for me at least) to click on them. Especially on Level 2 when there are two dialogs.

The game is very funny nevertheless. Good job!

Yeah... At one point, I definitely had the thought, "Uh, oh!  Maybe this is too much like actually debugging a crappy old computer."

Thanks for the feedback!