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You are more than welcome.

I meant that you should make the dagger more visible on the player. This is mostly for when I've respawned and forget to recall the dagger. I was wondering why the dagger didn't just automatically return to you on death though?

Anyway, keep at it. :D

Hey guys, cool game!

Could have used better jump mechanics on the mushrooms, not gonna lie. If i press up while jumping on a 'shroom I expect to double jump, but first it does a low jump and then a double jump? That was frustrating.
Also you put ceilings right above some places where I had to jump, so this also created sudden unwanted things to happen.

There isn't enough of a visual cue to show that the dagger is on you and not in the ground somewhere, so a lot of "Oh...".

You should probably also buffer the throwing, because sometimes my dagger would be recalling and I'd shoot it out again, but the dagger just hadn't reached me, so nothing happened and I died instead.

With those improvements I think this would have felt a lot better, and my dying would feel more fair. There was a lot of the frustrating kind of dying you got in games of old where you felt like the controls were working against you.

Anyway, overall a fantastic take on the theme and very cool shaders. There were very few real bugs as well (some dying when I shouldn't, some living when I shouldn't). Also well done on teaching the player how to play the game in such an intuitive manner.

Heyyy, yeah sorry. I tried to make the levels as intuitive as possible and put hints where ever I could (I put fences right next to where the girl spawns so hopefully people would notice she just moved through them, for example), but it's hard to convey these ideas without any dialogue or UI! Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Thanks to all of you for the feedback, and we're so glad people have enjoyed playing this! (And I am personally thrilled at all the compliments on the art. :D)

Just so everyone knows, we're planning on fixing up all the bugs and posting the full game we wanted to make for the game jam (so everything that got cut from scope). Hopefully we'll have it done by the time the freeze period is over (I heard the 22nd or something floating around?) and we can post it then!

Haha whoops, yeah... We're fixing that ASAP. Gotta make those speedruns more challenging!

We really wanted her to, but we had to cut a lot of scope! T_T