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It's all random. I spent too much time creating the graphics and I ran out of time to create the levels.

In the next jam the game will be only squares :P

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This is the code:

You need to add timerSalir.tscn to AutoLoad in project settings.

In the Linux version, when I press play the screen goes black.

I get this error:

ERROR: _load: Failed loading resource: res://scenes/levels/Level0.tscn
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:285.
error changing scene

Yes, the game needs more enemies, but I couldn't spend more time in the game.

The zip only has the OSX version.  Is that right?

Thank you !!

I hope that Jump and Flip doesn't crash  ;)

Can any WINDOWS user confirm if the game breaks when changing levels (when the tiles change color on the level and the player starts to fall)

Grcar Games is having this problem and I can't reproduce it

I just tried and I am not able to reproduce your error :(

I'm going to ask in the jam if someone has this problem.

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Grcar Games , can you show me what it says in "View problems details"?

Does anyone else have this problem?

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I think it's because the game saves the data of the finished levels at the end of the level and I have the routes set in linux format ("user: //").

Thank you . I'll change it in a few minutes

mmm it seems that it's fine. Does anyone else have this problem?

Grcar Games , can you show me what it says in "View problems details"?

I can't run the game on linux. The .pck file missing 

I'm on linux and Shift + Space does not work for me.

Nice graphics !!

Time flies and I insist on doing new things that I had never done before.

I could not finish the game, but I learned a lot :)

This is the first game I make for PC, I usually make them for mobile and that is the system I use to not close the game by mistake.

I'm sorry but I don't have any mac OS installed to test it :(

But it works on Linux if you run it with WINE, it probably works in Mac too  XD