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Too many missiles kill the performance at least in browser. I become a monster that enters the room and kills everything alive just with missiles. It even started to lag and there is not button I want to die!

Yeah, it feels strange when you died immediately after you cleared out previous room without any difficulties


I died right in the moment of killing boss. When game restarted I got a free epic item

Idea of making the magic blast slow you while you are charging it is good but honestly I noticed it after 10 minutes of playing (I actively used it) so it is designed not so well

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For example can I say that mimics are folklore? How broad this range? I am sure that for example fairies are folklore but what about mimics and maybe other creatures?

Thanks to peb, I've just known about endesga32 tag. Don't forget to add it to your submission

Didn't expect such tags to exist, thanks!

Not bad for the first time

Yeah this looks much better. Good work

I rarely save all the previous versions so usually I have only the last RC but I really love creating collages of drawing process


I also heard about pixelorama

Did you heard about LPC and it is "structure"? While it is mostly dictated by the idea of compatible extensions, it is structured in the way of separate packs...

Is loading icon supposed to be a drop of blood?

Easily can but two packs way seems a bit more logical method to sort it out because icons regardless of the similar style can be used separately. Having one big pack which includes everything one game can include is both a very good and very bad things at the same time. I will decide later. I will look on how many icons and tiles I will have in the end.

Maybe if the slime will be animated (with a full set: jump, hurt, death, a bunch of attacks) it deserves separate pack...

Additionally icons in 16x16 format and other things in 32x32

I like your fire. It is very simple but it is still believable

Looks like I will have to separate submissions. One pack of icons and one for tileset

Not bad but would be better to see here scaled versions though

This time theme is endesga32 pallet so do whatever you want by using this pallet but fit the rules

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As jam has just started I will answer your obvious question. Yeah as a host I knew theme in advance so I started two days earlier but don't worry I will finish two days earlier. This pallet is mesmerizing. I really loved it though would like to have a little more shades
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It is an excellent page adornment! Especially the animation which ruins fourth wall! Though slime doesn't need a skeleton tag

Ok. Theme isn't revealed yet. If it cats, you can draw just a cat, you can draw npc animelike cat girl, in general you can draw everything which is game asset and involves theme...

Game assets... Which will follow the theme, which are pixel art... Just read the jam rules on the main page...

A place to share your WIP

Wanted to congratulate you so now I've done ;)

It is a bit unethical to ask but as you registered here to leave a comment because you liked it so much... Could you please rate this pack? The button is somewhere in the top right corner of the page. At least it is there for desktop browser

Here you go, I've just added a transition animation between idle and sleep though it looks back in reverse...

I don't think I will do anything else and thank you for using it!


You forgot to add license metadata and some tags: 16x16, monsters


I recommend you to add 24x24 tag

I recommend you to add 24x24 tag

Yeah the seed is definitely required

And as you proposed it I want to ask. Would you like to participate in such a big project? It is one of my concerns I didn't want to be alone in a project that aims to give people framework which they can expand...

It is a very wise idea. You have a potential to reach those wizards (if you haven't become one of them yet) ...

Read about LPC. Liberated Pixel Cup is a project of OGA you could see there assets with [LPC] part in the start of the

I don't think that itch isn't good for CC0 and collaboration at least when combined together. I saw many times when people set in metadata "it is CC0" but in description they write something like "no redistribution". And it is sad because I am one of the reasons that it happens... Most people on itch is about honor of an artist. Such people usually can't get along too long. At least if there will be one donation to the collaborative pack there will be some fights... And itch is more about centralization. Do you think it will live enough long with centralization? I like the way of lpc on OGA. There just a bunch of assets of different artist. with a [LPC] part in the name and it fits other tiles of this incredibly world.


It is good to accommodate as many people as possible but I don't really think it is a good idea to sacrifice one style. It will more likely look like several packs merged into one and it would have sense if someone continues it but... It is again often against honor of creator. 

“sci-fi top down rpg, endesga32, 24x24px”

I won't say anything specific about that except this emoji ≽^•⩊•^≼

thats 100% free to use and expand.

That's why I use only CC licenses for art and only open-source licenses for code

P.S In general I thought about it and want to do something like it. I really like this idea but I think we need something like in-between of follow style and do whatever you want while follow some very wide restrictions

I've been thinking last days about creation of new project/series of jams based on this idea. it is also partially reminds Fuck Capitalism Jam. So I wanted to give it a name by twisting two words: insane and world/land. As you could understand from the name the idea is to uncover insanity and stupidity  of our world. There are many insane things people see every day and can't understand it is insane or stupid... Just a veil which doesn't let you to see through it... The idea was is to collect explanations. In different forms: game, art, book, essay, literally almost any medium... I even drew one drawing about proprietary software

Yeah pallete wasn't bad but 16 colors is too restrictive for me and there was 8 pairs of colors without intermediate so it was a bit of a challenge for me

Honestly, as I said earlier I also didn't plan to make art but I decided to try to create a game. But game needs assets so I started drawing. I usually don't finish everything I start so I ended up with unfinished asset pack instead of a game prototype... I've just thought, I've finished only 3 packs: rocks, bushes and jewelries 🤔 And none finished games

Anyway it seems to me that I spent all the passion that I had at that moment for drawing banner for pixel asset pack jam so I stopped drawing this pack and even didn't start drawing any portraits even though I had two weeks. So it seems to me I see a pattern if jam has a great banner, I more likely won't participate in it by itself.


I invite you to participate in the second "Pixel Asset Pack" jam where you can have a rest of making games and just a make an art of it :)


I invite you to participate in the second "Pixel Asset Pack" jam where you can have a rest of making games and just a make an art of it :)

My favorite is a jam sandwich, it is so cute