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Thanks Stargrove, fancy seeing you here. Have you found a workaround for non-Windows platforms since this?

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What is there to explain? Arrow keys to move, stated right under the window

cool aesthetic, are these scans of physical painting?

Cargo Cult community · Created a new topic Miscellaneous

Total Anarchy Thread

Cool style! Inventive mechanics. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

sweet! Yes then I will be releasing for Linux too :)

I think I can export to Ubuntu fairly easily, is that your OS? I'm going to experiment a little and get back to you.

I was sold when I realized that the different food types = different bullet effects

Hilarious premise. Perfectly executed and the game over screen is just gold.

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Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you, I've never seen anything quite like NEBO.

Wow! Love the aesthetic.

For large software houses to rehash your ideas first you have to see some degree of success, they won't bet on an unproven idea. Once you do have success, copycats will be inevitable anyway. So for me I am more concerned about whether my experimental designs can gain traction in the first place. (they don't)

As for the lack of feedback, maybe I am being extremely naive, but I don't think we are a community of direct competitors. There are so many different games, as a consumer I get my hands on every game that catches my eye if it falls under the $15 price range. I really only make hard choices between AAA titles. I would rather have a community that I can fall back on, that reciprocates the support I give them. But maybe this is too idealistic.

Cargo Cult community · Created a new topic Feedback Wanted

This thread is reserved for any feedback for the game.

Also, here's a quick 5-question survey for any playtester who is willing to help make Cargo Cult the best it can be!

Hey destrovel, amazing how much you've done in a month. The new map textures, the bullets look so much better, and the doors are a nice addition. The minimap and pathfinding improvements really help, and the level generation feels a lot more intuitive. I ran into a bug where the map generation freezes at the "placing doors" step, I think you have an infinite loop in there somewhere. But overall, keep up the good work

This is a lot of fun! The aesthetics are beautiful. And the crippling enemys zooid mechanic feels brutal and sets it apart from other games of the genre. 

#3 hands down, cool designs overall

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That's one hell of a constraint!

Seriously this is refreshing departure from the Telltale-flavor moral dilemmas that saturate so many games today. "Do I save the asshole with the family or the sweet old cat lady?" etc

In this game screw it, you can damn them both.

This is a great concept, very unique premise.

True to the original! Really nostalgic.