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Rating your own game

A topic by Storysmash created Mar 28, 2018 Views: 331 Replies: 7
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We've played quite a few games here on (and it's really opened our eyes to some awesome developers) and enjoying the community.  When we're logged in, the site very helpfully shows what games we've interacted with and asks us to rate them, including our own game. Awkward.

In rating your own game, do people do that?  And do people just hit "FULL STEAM AHEAD FOR 5 STARS, BECAUSE REASONS", or are they overly self critical and actually give it a much lower score?  The other thing that occurred to us is that our game is written in Twine, and of course, not everybody likes "interactive fiction" (totally understandable), so do genres or types of game get relatively low ratings because they're compared to something completely different, or do most people rate them against comparable games?

Sorry, lots of questions!


Can't say what other people do, but I don't rate my own games 'cause that would distort the average. Besides, what's the point? To make me feel proud of my own work? Already am.

That said, when I rate someone else's game it's based on how much I like it. Not genre, not how it compares to others. If I just don't care for a game, I won't rate it at all rather than punishing the creator for having different tastes. It's only fair.

Glad you said that initial bit, feel the same way!

The genre thing, good to know!  Must admit to not rating games that don't appeal too!

To answer the one who wrote first, I have some things to say, because your questions do not seem many to me! It seems more like a reflection on a critical trend of Itch.IO. Have you ever wondered why, when you put an executable demo, you get several downloads, while if you sell a game for a fee, everyone is reluctant to buy it (except the first copy)? One possibility could be that those who download the demo re-use your data and software on their own or with others. A second possibility is that the ideas and prototypes made by you, are reused by advanced software houses because are more interesting anc can they be re-developeds..

Also I have seen beautiful games, but few criticisms ... What would it mean to talk too much? Advertise a competitor. All on this site or almost, are single brilliant programmers or advanced software houses...

For large software houses to rehash your ideas first you have to see some degree of success, they won't bet on an unproven idea. Once you do have success, copycats will be inevitable anyway. So for me I am more concerned about whether my experimental designs can gain traction in the first place. (they don't)

As for the lack of feedback, maybe I am being extremely naive, but I don't think we are a community of direct competitors. There are so many different games, as a consumer I get my hands on every game that catches my eye if it falls under the $15 price range. I really only make hard choices between AAA titles. I would rather have a community that I can fall back on, that reciprocates the support I give them. But maybe this is too idealistic.


Certainly take your point about free games getting less downloads than paid for games, however, we haven't really looked at that data and there is this odd situation where when things are "free" they are sometimes seen as not worth bothering about.  It might also be that those charging for their games are confident that they will sell and their research is right?

As for large software houses, ideas are often copied and recopied over and over, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.  Of course if they were to use the actual resources of a game then we suspect there would be (or maybe that should read "hope there would be") some consequences either financially or by way of reputation being damaged.  One would hope that if the resources of our game were used by a large software house, or the idea (which came from a short story written 11 years ago by one of us, and published online) were stolen, it would look pretty awful that they had essentially stolen from young people who were making a game for fun.

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That's definitely a bug, you can't rate your own game. If you try to rate your own game it should give you an error. It's being suggested to you on the side of the feed?

Hi Leafo, as it turned out it was a graphical glitch with my browser at the time, when I scrolled up it went!  So no, not being suggested.  That's what you get for having too many websites open at the same time!