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Now I understand. Thank you! Your Italian is very understandable! If you like this video game you can try to download the demo: it's free! Anyway I'm following you too. I tried some of your online video games. They intrigued me. They are fun!

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I did not know this site, but I'm informed now. I did not understand your comment (my language is usually Italian): I do not know what you saw, but I can guarantee you that my video game is a conversion, but of my previous version, not of software made by others. I'm not a pirate! The conversion was made necessary by the fact that the systems after Windows XP no longer supported it, moreover, I wanted to get a higher graphic resolution and add the music. I'm the only author of the 16 Bit version and of this 32 Bit version. However, it is possible that the 16 Bit version has been duplicated by others, because, a few years ago, I suffered the theft of a portable PC and some USB flash drives. If you have more information, please let me know. I will be grateful to you.

F4_32 (Connect4) Copyright (c) 2018 Paolo Fassin:


This is a complete version of the video game I was developing: You can play
against the computer and choose the level of difficulty.

Also you can run it in 2-player mode, using mouse and / or keyboard, and varying
the size of the game board at will it will be possible to engineer new victory

Supports two graphic screen resolution (up to 640x400 pixel), music and sound


Good fun!

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F4_32 Copyright (c) 2018 Paolo Fassin:


This is a free demo of the video game I'm developing; in the final version you can play against the computer andchoose the level of difficulty. In this 2-player version, using mouse and / or keyboard, and varying the size of the game board at will it will be possible to engineer new victory strategies.

Supports two graphic screen resolution (up to 640x400 pixel), music and sound effects.


To answer the one who wrote first, I have some things to say, because your questions do not seem many to me! It seems more like a reflection on a critical trend of Itch.IO. Have you ever wondered why, when you put an executable demo, you get several downloads, while if you sell a game for a fee, everyone is reluctant to buy it (except the first copy)? One possibility could be that those who download the demo re-use your data and software on their own or with others. A second possibility is that the ideas and prototypes made by you, are reused by advanced software houses because are more interesting anc can they be re-developeds..

Also I have seen beautiful games, but few criticisms ... What would it mean to talk too much? Advertise a competitor. All on this site or almost, are single brilliant programmers or advanced software houses...

I think it's a very interesting game, even if, for now, I can not play it. It reminds me of a comic strip: "the 'little man line" or something similar that I saw when I was young on TV. OK! Of course: it certainly works. But I had few time to enjoy myself; I may be more lucky!

Thank you. I appreciate your comment and I understand that you read all my post. But what is your opinion about what I said? What was your experience?

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Although the development system is Delphi, I develop almost everything in Assembler, which is fully supported by Delphi, including the latest microprocessor models. I can define everything I want, without having to rely on expensive and heavy software on the market. At school I understood that if you wanted to get a good result you had to do it so. Frankly I'm tired of having to re-learn everything, every time something new comes out, to get what I need, always with some exceptions and without even knowing how it was done. I am from another generation; I saw the birth of the first home computers and the first PCs. it was a nuisance to change computers and operating systems almost every year. Now the operating systems become exaggeratedly heavy, with an interface that is getting worse and less freedom and possibility of using the real potential of a PC; except if you want to spend another capital to buy everything you need. However I can program in C and also in Visual C you can include code in Assembler; but the aforementioned problem remains. The source of my last video game is a text of 41924 lines, divided into dozens of libraries that I wrote and that I can update and reuse in other applications. I do not have much imagination for design and I prefer puzzles or simple pastimes, but that does not mean the potential of my software is limited. I was glad you gave me this advice, because so I explained my ideas about it.

Christmas tiring .. Anyway: Merry Christmas to all!

Thank you for interest. And now a little gift for you (this should not be strange, ndr):

Merry Christmas!

No, I was just trying to joke, for not to be dramatic. In fact, what you said, a tomorrow, might be true. Not everyone knows how to sponsor themselves in the best way, and some people may close their business.

The answer is a negative exclusive "or" between me and if I live then lives with me; unless I'm a ghost ... But somebody speak with me; and they listen to me. Then this world is real!

I'm glad you like these designs. But is not it also fantastic that I'm not a skull yet?

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I think that to make a winning game, apart from marketing that is definitely the decisive phase, it takes an interesting history and not just a simple idea; obviously there are exceptions fore some important ideas, such as the successfully ideas of Tetris, Bubble-Bobble, Arkanoid, and so on.

There must be an interesting protagonist, both as a representation and for its abilities, there must be relationships not only with objects / devices, but above all with other creatures / characters (eg enemies).
Design is the main thing, but the work to be done is very large, requiring more people: designers, charters, programmers, music experts, beta-testers, marketers ...
How can you think of getting this all by yourself?
Then, try and "trying is not harmful"; whether it is just to have personal satisfaction and not a gain, sooner or later we find the right way, which is consistent with one's own abilities and style.

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This is an exhaustive response that includes all aspects of this problem. Thank you matthornb for the time you've us devoted !

What you said, from what I could understand, it seems to me true. Alone it is very difficult. Having at least one support person is what he would want. It would give us more successful. If I understood you, you believe that many games are published within a short time and are not complete, as for the potentialities of the original idea that are not fully exploited or perhaps because we was in a hurry to conclude. I'm partially agreed on this. It is also true that if you want to have a medium gain it makes no sense to spend a lot of time developing an idea without being sure that the public like this idea. Sometimes it is better to produce more in less time than to employ a lot for a great idea, but only for what we believe it to be.

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But I also deal with marketing, but with moderate success. While I have to have a good idea to create a video game. Find it in my head is almost always impossible. When I created the first version of a video game, the idea was came from the need to flirt witht a woman. I represented a message with colorful three-dimensional scrolling text over an image in motion, with an Assembler language program. She was a painter and did not have much interest in the computer, so I failed; but I kept the source code. Then a my animalist friend, complained of a colleague who do hunting on Wednesday and told me: "Let you do him a joke, paint him as many hunters who shoot him." I also merged sliding text with the demo for a final goal. In a month I built the first 16 Bit version. Then I had to create a sort of editor to define the levels. I invented the screenshots, which I draw AutoDesk Animator, unite images with my own program to create, in about three days, a game-level. After about 3 weeks the graphics were OK. I have programmed the sounds and the music with a language invented by me. Finally, I made the conversion to 32 Bit. In about 3 months. Et voilà, les jeux sont fait!

Nice idea. It looks similar at mine idea. Beautiful graphics, although, in my opinion, it is of the "minimalist" type, which, among other things, works very well today. I would not say that the controls are a bit difficult because I have not played to this game yet. Also in my game you can use the mouse to move the ball, but I used another technique (see: BounceB & new adventures Revenge). One question: Why this game is it free?

I've seen dozens, if not hundreds, of pretty simple games, at least if compared to those of the great video game software houses; all of these are predominantly developed with appropriate development tools, which exemplify their creation. There are advantages and disadvantages. It is true that sometimes it is better not to think of the time and effort that our new idea requires us, but to think, for example, of the satisfaction of being able to say, "I did that all alone"?

Furthermore, by storing the pieces of our work so that we can re-use it in our others future works?
If we do it, we do not have to study things done by others, looking for that of we need, by found what seems the same of that we need, to say: "not so bad..." .
We can each time modify, improve and reuse what that it came out of our head. And everyone has his own style.

I did not understand if you are using the Unity tool, but a game of the kind I saw in your screen-shot, in my opinion, can be developed with less heavier but slightly more demanding systems; such as Visual Basic, Delphi, or Visual C. This will you to reduce memory occupation. If you then compress the texts with the Lempel-Ziv algorithm (Zip archives), and keep them in compressed memory, decompressing them only when you view them, this allow you to further reduce the space required. For the images you could encode them as 4-color BMP-Windows (this format still exists), compressing it with the Run-Length algorithm (RLE, supported by BMP-Windows format). I think that doing so it you should succeed!

It is not random. Also what you said now was a problem for me. I thought BROWSER meant that the game was inserted into the gaming provider's system (BROWSER), but maybe that term means a game that can be used with the Internet BROWSER (Explorer, Mozzilla, Chrome, etc.).

SALE suggests that the game is subject to discounts, but it is definitely the closest option.

Is exactly that it's happened to me: but other users have said to me that isn't a real problem. The games' provider need, in some cases, up to 24 hours to publish a game, however send you a notice that the process is starting.


A new tool for Bacci and the ducklings (+ all game patches)

Now is possible to create up to 99 new game levels thanks to the tool BACCI32.EXE!

Is also possible to change any existing level, loading new background, new bird/enemy animation and new sounds; BACCI32.EXE can also be used to change “Bacci and the ducklings” video-game settings.

If you have just downloaded “Bacci and the ducklings” video-game you can upgrade it installing new patch BC32_P02.Exe; try it, it's free!

This file run under Windows platform for PC; requires CPU fast at least 667 MHZ, 128 MB RAM free, any video card.

BC32_P02.Exe: download it, run it and follow the instruction are shown.

Very well, thank you for your answer!

You've understood well, thank you for your answer. I had doubts about's rules, which I thought they hold publishing rights on my software, so that it does not allow publications on other sites.

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When i start blog with "hi, hello at all people" have I to ask a question ? Nooo...

Hi, hello at all people... I have to ask you a question (sorry): seriously, it is allowed to publish your application also in others site as well as IOTCH.IO, supposing that same application was just published on ITCH.IO ? Or it is prohibited. Tell me what do you think about that, please.

I've read all your answers, some very interesting. I originally tried to sell my products on eBay before ITCH.IO and I have had very little results, even by supplying printed manuals, light-scribes CDs and home delivery. With "ITCH.IO" I'm found better,but, although I'm here by only 3 months, I have not had a great result yet. The ad technique is, perhaps, valid, but also, in my opinion, one must find the right audience.

Interesting the GameJolt site!

Hi, hello at all people! I've a question for you: if I create a new version of my application and I prepare installer with Inno Setup Compiler, suppose that I generate a new GUID (Windows register's identificator); what Windows does when the patch is installed ? The same files, supposing i've enabled IGNOREVERSION flag, are replaced, or a backup copy remain in application folder ? And my program accesses to backup copy or new version of files ? For example: 1) the original application don't install PIPPO.DAT file, but the file is generated by the app; 2) the new patch install PIPPO.DAT file... Thank you for read! Give me e response, please.

On the average of today's games, including those published on, I say yes.
It is also true that it is not the minimum space for a video game, you can also develop highly optimized games even in 10 KB. However, the graphics (and music) of a nice video game are the ones that require more space.

Yes, it's true. Nothing can be said about a compressed archive, but, given the good faith of developers, it is likely to be not a huge sequences of just zeros. However, it is also true that elaborated images often take up a lot of space, provided they do not use compression with loss of information as suggested by jpeg argument. There is also the possibility of combining digital and vector graphics while developing, without compromising on the final quality of the levels, with minimal space consumption and with the possibility of further reducing the final product through compression.

I'm not a skull for now; before I  dead please contact me:

The good and the bad

A good Christmas with my family

Near Genova there is a Mountain (Beigua) on can view Spotorno island; i like this place and i drawn it after i came from it in my home.

Taken from the well-known "Operation Wolf" video game, I thought of setting my project in the mountains, in the woods, in the desert, in the city and in other places, imagining that I was a hunter who wanted to take home the most birds dead. At this point I would have some problems, because at that moment, there would be envious rivals who want to kill me with the excuse that they were wrong, they wanted to pull a bird. Then I would have a limited amount of ammunition and time available that runs out.
To make the game more fun, there are some crazy writing that, if hit, explode, bringing to Hell all the enemies and rivals that are close to them.
The game has two graphic resolution 320x200 and 640x480; in HIRES there are twho mirrors and more graphic effects.
The game has simply music and interesting sounds; it has parallax side-scrolling also.
Why not buy it ? See:

Bacci-and-the-Ducklings v.1.0

It has cost us a lot of fatigue, sweat and blood (poisoned by cigarette breaks and many hours of work), but apart that the blood flowing also in this video-game, the work is almost over (at least to 1 week and a half). The story is that of the wretched hunter, Bacci, that fleey from home because of a bet with friends and who will have to avoid the envious rivals, without that they see him as a duckling and they shoot him, bringing home the greatest number of dead birds, without running out of ammunition and without go late for dinner with his wife that preparing an excellent stew.

History may seem trivial, but Bacci is well-equipped: he has a rifle, a miter, a bulletproof vest and a radar equipment, plus a lot of ammunition to shoot at everything that moves, including many objects that can explode, including with a chain explosion.

The game features are: smooth-scrolling, parallax, shadows, mirrors, sprites and sounds.

Thanks for the encouragement, dear Leafo, but could you download and run: Bacci & the Ducklings (DEMO), to see if it is really like you say? You only need a few minutes and I would be very grateful to you ...

Thank you. But it seems much complex to do, otherwise, I have to read all Microsoft pages without becoming crazy.

Is there a quick alternative solution ?