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If you haven't author name, why searching my author name Paolo Fassin ( I see you ?

If your name is joelgerhardsson as author, why searching my author name Paolo Fassin ( I see you ?

Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic Abuse

You've copied my PayPal password.

Paolo Fassin (

I like it.

Seeking a way out through a nightmare in an attempt to wake up, when the nightmare becomes more and more surreal and impossible. This is my interpretation.

Another interpretation could be that of a soul who escaped from her body in search of anything rather than the null.

Much suspense and terror! Good!

An automatic variable orchestra in a simple way with a few controls! Very beautiful. Remember the boot-loader of the C64 game named HawkEye by Talamus. Compliments!

Your idea is funny. I like.

Interesting and funny, also for childrens!

Good game.

Although you are probably right, perhaps and, no offense, you go through, like everyone (COVID-19), a period of stress, and you are a little paranoid. You can remove a Trojan, but I don't know what a crypto-hacker is. I am not a hacker at all. You can trust me. Then: is a biological or computer virus better? Patience. A trojan does no particular damage, but unfortunately, hackers place it in a hellish way. My software has never been infected. Periodically I spend 60 Euros to reset my PC and it takes 2 weeks to reconfigure it.

Paolo Fassin (

Paolo Fassin

Turin, Italy.

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Could it be a good idea to buy a little something, without too much trouble from

PCDear news

Money back guarantee (PayPal).
Manuals in English.
Unpublished ideas.
Medium-high difficulty for games.
Gift ideas (you buy it and burn it in CD or DVD).
From 32-Bit Windows XP to 64-Bit Windows 10 o.s. all. supported.
Intel, AMD, Pentium type CPU or other.
Any video/music card.

You tell me...

Consigliato: BounceB & new adventures Revenge

Paolo Fassin (


Excuse me for my negligence. Some people on the Internet don't like my logo (photo of my wife  at the Parco della Maddalena) and they call me a Latin lover, but that's not the problem;  Although I would always like to see the critiques on the "discussion board" of my products, I  had never activated any "discussion board", but I am doing it now. You can write anything!


Paolo Fassin (

Thanks Leafo: I was unnecessarily worried

Thank you. What you said is true.

4 years to design develop and graphics


BounceB & new adventures Revenge

Leafo thought it interesting, at the top of the charts for the camera effect, my first and best game launched on and now it is no longer visible in the search engines and I have hardly gained anything from it. Where did I go wrong?

In any case, PayPal receives the money that you pay into my account because it is programmed in automatic mode. Yesterday I was just a little angry because I do not have the qualification for intercontinental calls and I could not speak to a telephone operator.

I have user-name password but I cannot verify the activities connected to my bank. I will get your money, but not immediately.
Sorry for the bad impression. PayPal is rightfully very strict and valid.

Life in Intalia is not like in the U.S.A.

Thefts even at home, and also outside home, of smartphones, credit cards and laptops. All unpunished. I have sacrificed 33 years of my life in study, conception, design, engineering, beta-testing and much more for what? I am also self-taught. my IQ is 152. I have earned little or niente. I also had the VAT number, I am completely honest and tax, fussy and respectful of the laws.
Why is the world so full of morons?
I took a look at the HTML security code of the PayPal site.
I had to do it because it still claims now that my phone number is +3663934701.
But who wrote it: a fool? A few lines of code and if a person loses their phone or changes their number, PayPal locks you out forever.
it's like they don't have telephone support, if you tell them "I have a login problem" they make you reset your password instead of updating your phone number. How disgusting.

Paolo Fassin (

a retro game with labyrinth.

Joel Bisson, but, what you produce is unimaginable!

Paolo Fassin (

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who has never included cheats in their video games making them public?



In all released versions of this video game it is possible to type "DEBUG MODE" during the game and enter the special mode never documented before:

[In tutte le versioni rilasciate di questo videogioco è possibile digitare "MODALITÀ DEBUG" durante il gioco ed entrare nella modalità speciale mai documentata prima:]

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

In all released versions of this video game it is possible to type "DEBUG MODE" during the game and enter the special mode never documented before:

[In tutte le versioni rilasciate di questo videogioco è possibile digitare "MODALITÀ DEBUG" durante il gioco ed entrare nella modalità speciale mai documentata prima:]

Paolo Fassin (

My first video game, perhaps published, despite my denial, by me in The Game Machine magazine in Italy in 2003 and updated for years by me. Now converted by me to 32/64 Bit compatible from Windows XP to Windows 10 (Bacci).


sorry, I did not explain well. I think you are talking about software translator between 2 human languages. it is impossible for google translator, for example from italian to english, if you don't know the two languages and repeat some corrections.

even if I couldn't download your game, because I still have to update my PC and I'm not sure if your game can run on my PC now, I notice a very interesting game design, a splendid girl-protagonist and an image, that I presume it is of the game ending, great!

Thank you very much. Good learning!

Pleasure. I am also one who develops games alone, but I am no so much young as you: i've not so many physical resource. My problem is that my video games do not have a great story to tell, but should induce curiosity as they are handmade. I, as you say and I have already done, always put the first level or a level that does not exist in the full version, but is compatible with the style of it and the synopsis.

Thanks to you. It's interesting what you wrote and gave to me a valid suggestion. But how to stay perfectly between A and B ? How to find good collaborators, without they are dependents from a company that you would to create, if you are alone ?For example: a marketing expert. Maybe these last two questions are not relevant, however if you want you can answer me ...

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What you say is all true! In fact, I've always made demos available. Unfortunately, they were demos that could not include many of the game levels of the version of the game on sale, otherwise it wouldn't have made sense to sell it.

On the other hand, making the demo too complete gives the same result.

Two of these things happened to me:
- A: many downloads of the demos - few sales: the demo was unable to give a good idea of the game.
- B: many downloads of the demos - few sales: the demo was too complete.
Now I've removed all the demos from the ultra-tested games that I selling.

However, it is likely that my games are not in step with the times, that the graphics, in comparison with that of the other games, are poor, that the music is obsolete ... But everyone has his own style and there are those who do not like to change it, albeit going against the tide, at the expense of the success it will have. Doing everything yourself "is suicide" ... it is good to have at least personal satisfaction as an alternative to profit: the fact that you still have someone who is interested in what you have done, thus making the demos always available.

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

Thank you very much.

Insufficient A.I. controls, but nice game

good luck!

I only chose to sell on and I created a business account, but I can't access it.
>span class="">I think they are thieves. It has been repeatedly claimed to add a new, more secure payment method to Itch, IO. They never paid me anything on my San Paolo bank account!

None of you said!

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For animal lovers, nothing tragic. It was destiny. 2 pirates of the road passed with red semaphore and bumped him sideways. The vet gave him treatment, but he didn't want to do any analysis. He recovered thanks to blood anticoagulants. He was sick aftermidday. We took him to the clinic. He died in our arms in the night.

This story told in this demo will be the starting point for a new project.

No offensive content, all rights reserved, only for fans.

Out of respect for the place where he died the Italian language is chosen.

Try and say what do yo think about it. Thanks.

[Per gli amanti degli animali, niente di tragico. Era il destino. 2 pirati della strada passarono con semaforo rosso e lo urtarono lateralmente. Il veterinario gli ha dato il trattamento, ma non voleva fare alcuna analisi. Si riprese grazie agli anticoagulanti del sangue. Era malato dopo mezzogiorno. L'abbiamo portato in clinica. È morto tra le nostre braccia nella notte.

Questa storia raccontata in questa demo sarà il punto di partenza per un nuovo progetto.

Nessun contenuto offensivo, tutti i diritti riservati, solo per i fan.

Per rispetto del luogo in cui è morto, viene scelta la lingua italiana.

Prova a dire cosa ne pensi. Grazie].

Swarzy lives in our memory!

Paolo Fassin and Valterit

Sorry, but I don't know if I understand correctly: is it an editor to create new episodes? If so, do you need online collaborators for textures or maps? I volunteer if I can help you because I like the genre. If you need me we can talk about it .... for the graphics. I also have a good editor that I recorded at SIAE, but still works at 16 bits. My system supports it because it is both 16 and 32/64 Bit.



lO SO ALLORA ACCETTO DI AIUTARLA SE HA BISOGNO DI VINCERE UN GAME JAM A PATTO CHE POI PARTECIPI AD UN BUNDLE. il game jam me lo dica qual' è e l' aiuto a vincerlo a qualsiasi condizione senza patti. per adesso non so nulla e sono stanco però. è un gioco di velocità nella competizione ma attinente ad un tema ripettando i tempi e concludendo la gara e l' opera da soli o in gruppi concorrenti a partire da un account su cui vorresti solo vincere senza vendere a scopo dimostrativo.

La mia banca non è più d' accordo ed ha bloccato le vendite perchè in europa è consentito vendere in america solo su appoggio di una ditta internazionale. Ma se me lo date voi procedo a stipendio e non in proprio. Le invio il mio curriculum ultrasintetizzato e domani parlo con il titolare della mia filiale. Vorrei fissare un colloquio con voi. Mando una mail, inoltre.

A, ma mi piacciono i videogiochi di piattaforme, giochi di stile invasori spaziali ma con molta più grafica e almeno uno scorrimento verticale a senso unico della videocamera, ma anche parallattico multidirezionale, giochi in stile retrò, ma non lo so se in stile retrò è davvero il mio stile e la grafica minimalista è dura, pratica e potente per qualsiasi gioco. Ho anche una o due nuove idee che presto pubblicherò sul mercato (grafica minimalista). Il livello narrativo non può essere gestito da solo, ma potrei progettare un nuovo motore per i giochi di advenctures e forse lo farò. Sono un fan dei giochi di avventure di Lucas Arts / Films, ne ho giocati almeno 3 alla fine, li ho finiti (ZACK MC CRACKEN E THE ALIEN MINDBENDERS, monkey island 1 e 2), e includendo anche Syberia, Myst e "Halo Combact" Evolved (gioco completo). E da solo ho finito tutto, lo giuro, da solo. Ho già costruito 2 motori molto piccoli, di due tipi diversi, uno con uno stile PLC logico ricorsivo, per il mio gioco BounceB, ha avuto un buon singolo commento, poche copie vendute e non so perché. Troppo difficile. Ho garantito che avrei rilasciato altri livelli di tutti i miei giochi, ma ho ricevuto pochi pagamenti per loro, quindi ... Per sviluppare un nuovo livello di "BounceB" mi ci vuole circa un mese di lavoro, tra cui design, grafica e programmazione. Per x ho solo bisogno di una settimana perché ho un editor pratico che ho messo a disposizione degli utenti ...

A but I like platforms video-games, space invaders style games but with much more graphics and at least one-way vertical one-way scrolling of the game-camera, but also multidirectional parallattico, retro-style games, but I do not know if retro-style really it is my style, and minimalist graphics it is tough, practical and powerful for any game. I also have one or two new ideas that I will perhaps launch on the market soon (minimalist graphics). The narrative level cannot be managed on its own but I could design a new engine for advenctures games and maybe I will. I'm a fan of Lucas Arts/Films adventures games, I've played at least 3 of them at the end, iv've finished them (ZACK MC CRACKEN AND THE ALIEN MINDBENDERS, monkey insland 1 and 2),  and also including Syberia, Myst and "Halo Combact" Evolved (full game). And aloneI got them all finished, I swear, alone. I have already built 2 very small engines, of two different types, one with a logic recursive PLC style, for my game BounceB, it had a good single comment, very few copies sold and I don't know why. Too difficult. I guaranteed that I would release other levels of any my games, but received  to few payments for them, so ... To develop a new level of "BounceB" it takes me about a month of work, including design, graphics and programming. For x I only need a week because I have a practical editor that I made available to users...

Io non ho particolari interessi videoludici. Ho il mio stile e sono portato a sviluppare prodotti secondo i miei gusti, ma qualsiasi applicazione software per me è interessante. La grafica minimalista, ad esempio per me sarebbe un punto di forza, dato che disegnare col computer ogni dettaglio a livello "artistico" è sicuramente più laborioso. Gli advenctures games stile Lucas Art sarebbero alla mia portata, come tipo di gioco e mi interessano moltissimo. Non mi sono mai lanciato nei giochi RPG, ma quelli in prima persona sarei capace di gestirli (es. Double Dragon, Green Berets). Potrei occuparmi della gestione di sofisticate e veloci funzioni assembly ove richiesto. Comunque ti ringrazio per avermi risposto. Voi di che generi vi occupate ? Io ho impiego molto tempo per lo sviluppo dei prodotti della mia galleria, non ho fatto indagini di mercato e lavorare in team per me sarebbe stato l' ideale.

I have no particular videogame interests. I have my style and I am led to develop products according to my tastes, but any software application is interesting for me. Minimalist graphics, for example, would be a strong point for me, since designing every detail on an "artistic" level with a computer is certainly more laborious. Lucas Art style advenctures would be within my reach, as a kind of game, and I'm very interested in them. I've never launched myself into RPG games, but I would be I able to manage first person games (eg Double Dragon, Green Berets). I could dedicate myself to the management of sophisticated and fast  functions in assembly language where required. Anyway, thank you for answering me. What kinds of games do you do? I spend a lot of time developing products in my gallery, I didn't do market research and working in a team would be ideal for me.