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I thought this was short but, it turned out to be way longer than what I thought it was going to be. Nothing to scary won't have any spoilers in the comment. You did great though and, I think it's a nice tribute to PT games and, the SCP.!

Saucy Suitors is a great visual novel. I enjoyed the art style you made this in as, well as the music chosen for each scene. I feel Piper is relatable to a lot of people myself included!

I have quality headphones but, much of the time I couldn't hear his footsteps. Not sure if settings got messed up or, what!  Made for an interesting game as, he would pop out of nowhere I was quite literally fumbling in the dark! Great game keep up the good work!

Bringing back the old snes jrpg feels on me! I love the story that has been built up in my play through of your game! The dynamic tone is set well. I also thought the sprite modeling was wonderful. What takes Junkdogs over the top is the BGM. I noticed sounds and, sights that pay ode to other jrpgs such as, the sound of the doors like chrono trigger and, the save points looking like final fantasy. The demo was amazing can't wait for the full release.

The outcome of my investigation is that she is a russian sleeper agent? Some guy in a weird suit comes up to her at the end. My thoughts on the game make me feel that she is delusional though. That maybe she was traumatized by Johan so much that she begins to feel like her skeleton isn't her own. Making up this story in her mind that she is a sleeper agent Her delusion is so deep that she 100 percent believes it's real. She operates on herself to cope with the mental abuse she has been put through by Johan. This is only my theory as, what is told by her about Johan is vague.  On a side note I see you are the developer of supercontient LTD! I enjoyed that game so much when I played it over a year ago. Even though I didn't beat it I enjoyed playing it. I"m sure we have both grown so much as let's player and, developer in that time. Keep on creating can't wait to see what will be next!

Do you have other projects besides this? I feel like i've played a couple games similar to this not the story or anything just the dynamic. If not keep at it you are really good with this genre of game. Maybe if the watch puzzle wasn't so hard though I got stuck!

I thought your name seemed familiar as, you were the creator of bedtime blues! Not sure why you took that game down as, it was very enjoyable.  I could see they both have similar play styles and, maybe even stories in a way. It seems like you took your knowledge of bedtime blues and, applied it to this game to make an, even better game.  Although I enjoyed this game as, much or if not more than that understanding the controls and, mechanics of this game was way harder it seems I wasn't alone in this seeing previous comments. I don't think the "tutorial" gave a good enough instruction on what to do. Also I agree with another on not being able to find the closet am I blind? haha  Hopefully in the future if you release another game you don't take this one down as, I mentioned bedtime blues was a great game.

I thought the deer was going to spice up the horror element. I didn't really consider this a horror game. I did play it i'd say really safe though and, maybe the other options would have led down worse paths. The style you chose was interesting to have it like an undertale text box dialogue.  Some might not enjoy the minimalist approach you have chosen though. I think it sets it apart from other VN's in my opinion.

I remember a long time ago playing Yurei Station. The art style blew me away as, does this game. I do have to say the story of this game is way deeper and, I was hooked about the mystery of it all.  

First off I'd like to say the whole premise and, story line was great and, thought out.  There needs to be more saw inspired games in my opinion. I hope you make another game like this. With those praises aside I do want to mention some flaws to this game. The text outside the screen I really didn't know it could be fixed by resolution change until I saw you commented on another video. Sucks that I missed dialogue because of that. Some text when they were in the car on the way to the cabin went to fast for me to narrate. I did the games out of sequence and, it left it really akward instead of things going in order. Also speaking of the games  the controls were unclear to me maybe i'm just not that bright but, I was stumped what to do in most cases. I'm not bashing your game at all. I think with the kinks worked out this would be quite the masterpiece!

Hello Watercress not sure if you remember me as, it's been a really long time since we talked.  I let's played your game our home a long time ago and, tried to support your game ahh my girlfriend is a demon. I also let's played  a story from cautionary tale on my second channel. I have now let's played some of your current title on said second channel Late Night Gaming. I will always try to support your games and, I hope this  title does well for maximum monster month 2. If you ever make a horror visual novel that has big creepy elements I would love to let's play it on my main channel.  Wish you all the best as always!


Your game has a big puppet combo feel to it. Not sure if you are a fan of their work. I don't mean it as, an insult I think you made an amazing game.  The peeping through the door was very unique of you and, gave so much suspense. It shot my anxiety through the roof. I would like to think George would be proud of this game you created. Keep up the good work!

The Reck is a great game! I had my doubts at first to be honest the visuals sometimes kill it for me.  The game does have a good atmospheric presence and The Reck did get the jump on me good the 2nd time around. While on the subject why is he called the Reck and, not The Wreck? Keep up the good work!

A great game that I have been meaning to play for a very long time. Sucks that no music was provided for this game as, playing quiet and, i'm sure watching quiet takes from the story that is being conveyed here. Great work was done by the characters who you really get drawn in by. Speaking of drawing the art work is well done and, neatly polished. Hope that one day the full game does get released along with audio for it.

Thanks for making this game. I kind of ripped on it at first with the description and, the way it was playing. I'm glad by the end it was all in good fun. You sure showed me :)

I enjoyed the comic book style visual novel. It was very refreshing and, unique you made a  story like this! It's interesting to put yourself in the shoes of Syd and, try to understand a moral grey area.

Hello TeamANPIM! You made such a wonderful game that, I was hooked the minute I started playing it. You put so much emotion into these two girls that it has the player get drawn in. The art style you chose for this game is soft yet, refined. I just wanted to let's play the whole thing in one go but, I know most viewers won't sit through a long let's play! This game now makes me eager to try your other titles. It's a shame I didn't find you sooner!

Hello Phantom, I was happy to see you release a remake to midnight shift. I had such fun last year with midnight shift and even more so with Urbex. One thing I do want to note is that original mode is broken. I tried to play it and, as soon as, I go through the door it's pitch black. I thought it was my settings so changed them and still same things. Extended works just fine and, it seems everybody is choosing that option over original anyways. Just thought I would give you a heads up. I enjoyed the warehouse maze it felt more mazey than the first one!

I really enjoyed the narrative and, atmospheric game you made. The suspense built up nicely! I really thought 2 things were going to happen. One of which was running away from Isabelle in a survival horror type game. Two the use of the candle playing a way bigger role in your game as, it was mentioned with big emphasis that a candle would be needed. The one part kind of required it to really set the tone of the one scene. Not sure if the candle is required or not? I'm actually really glad this wasn't a survival horror game. Like I mentioned you did a great job with the story and, keeping the player hooked from start to finish. I really drug out your short game by making sure a candle was in my hand whenever possible! :P

Enjoyed your art style and, 4th wall breaking narrative. The BGM fit well with the game but, was pretty loud. If I played this on my main channel without adjusting sounds I would have been drowned out! I founds it interesting you put yourself in the game as, the vampire ;) I'm sure most missed that part. I really wanted to go down the nurse path but, I figured that was usually the most chosen option.

Hello Circle Star Software,

I see you are another developer that has the same style as, Puppet Combo. Sorry if that offends as, I don't mean to in any way! You produced a great game as, a carnivore who sure loves his steak and, a good burger you almost turned me vegan scared have to death by demonic blood thirsty cows! I think I almost made it out on my last attempt unless there are more than 3 fuses! I really thought the game wasn't beatable until my last run where I did so good. I enjoyed the ringing of the cowbells to signal danger!

Baldina's is a pretty fun game. It will be way better like many have said once  the bugs have been hammered out. The new cast of characters in this game are interesting although many of them share the same traits as, the Baldi cast such as, the hall monitor.

Enjoyed the quirky lot of characters you wove into the story. I really enjoyed the cameo appearence and, introduction on first meeting said characters. The background music was thrilling and, intersting to see how it transistioned from scene to scene.

Hello Octavi!

Was very excited to see this game up for download. I was looking forward to another episdoe of Midnight scenes. I literally feel like i'm playing a Twilight Zone video game! I hope that's a great compliment to you as, I know Midnight Scenes is heavily inspired by the show. I hope you keep cranking out episodes of Midnight Scenes. It's been a year since we got the first episode. I'm sure they are hard to make but, it was well worth the wait!You are very talented with this series that I hope it grows!

Enjoyed the art style. My only nit pick is the hair style  of MC. Would of been nice to have a couple options of style not really a big deal.

Grotesque Beauty is well crafted! I enjoyed the art style you choose to make this game in. The suspense built up really well. The end climax had me on the edge of my seat but, also left me wanting more!

This game got me in all the right horor ways. Increased breathing, hair standing on end, fright. I really have nothing bad to say about this game. If you are into intense horror games this is for you. Inspired by movies that I grew up on as, a kid such as Halloween. I also feel this game is heavily inspired by game producers puppet combo while playing Northbury Grove I swore I was playing a puppet combo game! If it's a concidence it's uncanny how these two game developers have similar game styles. Looking forward to more in this series and, hope I can get brave enough to challenge this again!

One thing i'd like to mention is the title of your game. I went to look for it on itchio and, couldn't find it for the life of me. The // messes up trying to find it easily. Not sure if you are aware of that and, I know as, long as this game has been out what's done is done. Just a shame as this was well put together!

I'm not exactly sure what traning day entails. I kept cutting logs for the knight until level 6 but it was just the same thing after the same thing. Not sure if I kept going I would see some oppai or, not I didn't have the patinece  haha.

I enjoyed this visual novel so much! I really enjoyed the rewind feature a first of it's kind for visual novels to use it as, a mechanic I think! I also enjoyed the start overs but, with memories made along the way to enhance the story. I knew I was in for a  treat anyways as, I've played your RPG game Lonely Wolf Treat on my main channel. Wish I had the money to buy a her tears were my light shirt i'd totally rock it! Keep doing what you do!

It's been a long time since I played Paramedium: A noise in the attic. Over a year I believe! I'm sure we both have grown over the year. I want to say right off the bat thank you for making this free for October. I'm a struggling Youtuber and, as much as i'd love to support your games. (and trust me they are amazing) I just don't have the funds to dedicate to that. Hopefully the gameplay draws in some people to spend money on your games! Really hoping there is a Paramedium 3. This visual novel really is a suspenseful horror game that brings a lot of fun to the table. I always love AGL Studios art style it's breath taking. I'm glad that there are some voice lines acted but, not over the top so I can add my own commentary. Thanks once again for all your team does!

DemiDato is great just it's really short. I know you can't give away too much in  a demo but, I felt it was all rushed. The ending was the same for all the contestants. Not bashing as, the game is good the art style is nice, the dialouge well written and, the characters for what we get are quirky.

This game really sucks you in. I was left wanting more by the end of the demo. Not sure if this was some what inspired by hunger games or, the like as the goverment controls everything also reminds me of the movie demolition man. Whatever the inspiration or, idea that made this visual novel is unique and, very interesting!

At first I was like oh another silent hill PT game nothing really new or, innovative. I have to admit there were a couple moments that changed the usual PT inspired moments. It was very refreshing that you mixed it up instead of it just being another clone of another clone. Like a couple have mentioned  the radio could be toned down a notch probably 3 notches. If it weren't going on my Youtube channel I wouldn't mind how loud the radio was.

YESSSSS FRIESSSSS!  No problem thank you so much for creating  this amazing game! I know what it's like to struggle with potato computers. I'm sure you will have a lot of people play and,  record this spectacular creation.  Thank you once again keep on creating!

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Hello RG Crew,

I've played several of your games on my channel. I knew when I saw that this game was made by you I was in for a treat. I'm never let down with jump scares and, bizzare happenings when I see that RG Crew logo. I'm not for certain but, is the girl in this game the same as, symmetry and, some other games you have produced? I'm hoping so as, I feel that character ties in well with your games.

I thought this was a cute game. I loved  a lot of the remarks MC made. The comedy was really witty in this visual novel. Now i'm going to have to play the original droplets to see what's in store with that!

The game was great. It had very interesting elements and, kept the suspense going all the way thru. I was shocked about how accurate the data log was at the end based on my actions!  Hope you develop more games like this in the future!

So far enjoying this visual novel from Argent Games. Big fan of vampires and, visual novels combining the two is just amazing. I haven't completed the demo just yet but, i'm sure i'm close. Even though i'm sure that will make me want to buy the full verison as, the game is very intriguing and, the story well put together.