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The mannequin is a vey well put together game. I'm sure the only gripe which has been said a billion times is that I wish there was audio to the text. Atleast maybe it would help if the text didn't go by too fast. I tried to speed read through it and, commentate but sometimes it was fast. I got jump scared several times so hats off to that! XD

I thought this was a great take on a timeless classic. I enjoyed how the inventory looked like Diablo. Really nothing bad I can say about this tons of fun!

Enjoyed what I played of it so far, Was going to play this months ago but, never got around to it. Love the art style the humor and, the voice acting. Can't wait to jump into the NSFW side of it too off my channel

I know this game is suppose to be used with a game pad for it to have the best experience. Unfortunatly I don't have a game pad so had to wing it with the keyboard. Thankfully there are keyboard commands for playing your game. It took some time to figure out which key was the throw key. For those wondering it's C   i'm sure if I had a game pad it would have been 20X more fun.

The Flesh Pit is an, awesome platformer with seemingly endless waves of demons and, monsters. The controls take a bit to get used to in my opinion but, once played for awhile I got used to it well somewhat XD.
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I feel like this was inspired by Dave Microwaves Games Courage's Curse game. Maybe it's just a coincidence either way your game is pretty spooky. I like the touch of turning off the flashlight and, it's pitch black! It really ups the fear factor and, the atmospheric vibe to the max!

This game is already really story rich in the time I played it. Well thought out and, you can tell a lot of hours went into this love project. Can't wait to dive more into this Wishes in Pen has me hooked and, i'm sure if you are reading this and, haven't played it yet you will get hooked too if you give it a shot!

I mean controls are hard to do the way they are mapped on the mouse instead of keyboard.

I couldn't figure out how to get past the second search light but never the less this is a fun game. Not big on the black and, white but it fits the atmosphere of the game!

Controls are hard but, this is a fun game that challenges you to to figure out how to stay awake!

Ah ha ha this is a great game nothing beats going around as, a cat breaking all your owners things!

No bugs on my play through. Great demo can't wait for more content on this Contra inspired game. Keep up the great work!

I enjoyed the retro pixel art and, the deep story that you put into this game. It was interesting being the lone survivor trying to make it out from the zombie infestation. One problem I had was falling asleep before I was told to. I couldn't progress past that and, i'm not sure if this is a bug or, if I needed to back track and, go a different route.

I don't know why the last post for your game is over 170 days. You can  tell a lot of work went into making this. I enjoyed the part I played and, can't wait to dig in more to it!

Things are deep I don't think I fully grasp the idea. To me the illness seems like social anxiety which I suffer from but, that might not be the case. I see some procrastination but, that might be a side effect or just my thought process. All in all this is a great game that makes you think!

I think this is an interesting game. Enjoyed the pixel art style. I didn't get the mechanic of the game fully until after I played and, failed then figured out what is suppose to be done so I might have to play this over!

It's hard but, atleast it's not rage worthy. At the start I thought it was going to be impossible as, the guy just went towards the pillow time and, time again but, I got the hang of it and, made it a decent way.

You made a great visual novel right away  I could tell the serious tones of the game but, it was presented in a way that while serious could be understood and, enjoyed through this visual novel. The art style is great with the character portraits well done in a unique  way.

You can tell a lot of love was put into this visual novel. Amazing art work, great story, deep background music. Seems like a big demo to get indulged in. Would be nice to have a couple player choices thrown in the amount I played there were none. I know it's not always easy to create paths for players when telling a story and, i'm sure there are plenty of decisions to make later in the game.

I love love loveeeee the art style of this game. I'm sure a lot of time was put into drawing and, bringing the water color to life. The story ties in well and, is heart warming. The mechanics of the bell are fun and, not challenging thankfully.

Room 303 is a good  game with a concept I don't think has been done before. The frantic ideas of a neurotic schitophrenic or, the second voice that lingers in the deranged is an, interesting thought. The problem is I believe there may be bugs in the game either that or, I couldn't figure out the next step in the process of the game.

Office Hustle is a great game. I was worried when it said controller was strongly recommended as, I don't have one handy. Thankfully I could play your game just fine with a keyboard i'm sure it's a lot smoother with a controller though. I like that the AI provides a challenge but, it's mega hard.

I'm not sure what to make of this game? Do I call it a game as, it's suppose to be an, experimental test right? A look into t he psyche by a series of images and, determining the outcome based on first reaction. It was lost on me. The whole thing reminded me of one of those halloween mazes you go through to get a quick jump scare. The choices on the majority of the images I saw were vague and, none of them really portrayed what I saw in the scene at, all. Does that mean i'm demented? A deep thinker? This just left me confused. The end of it for me was confusing and, the  message at the end made no sense to me. I apologize I guess i'm not a good candidate for your experiment.

Ley Lines seems like a good premise for a game but, I couldn't get very far. It wanted me to do things like double jump and, I tried and, tried again but failed at it ever double jumping. Not sure if I didn't execute it right or what. The other half of the puzzle wall run had no effect either. I'm not sure if there was suppose to be a key press for this or, once again I didn't execute it right.

Dream Dandies reminds me of a spin off on Dream Daddies. I know  there are differences from the two games but, I feel this has been some what inspired from that. The big difference in the real life interactive mini games that pop up on some of the dandies dating paths.

I played this game a long while on my main channel. Saw that it's back rising on the popular list and, had to play it again on this secondary channel! This time knowing what the context was left for a much much shorter game. 

I'm glad your game has a lot of popularity as, you made it well and, has a deep message to it.

Enjoyed the futuristic /fantasy vibe you gave to this game. I enjoy visual novels a lot  your use of atmospheric elements really has shone in this  game!

Pamali is a great game and, you guys at StoryTale Studios should be proud! I enjoy different cultures takes on what is scary and, suspensful. I was really emerged  in the different objects in the house and, what they meant to Jaka. Can't wait for the full game to be out!

Thought it was a great game sure the story was cheesy like the tag suggested. (the boat! haha and, the aliens!) but, it combined mad max with a bullet hell shoot em up scroller game and, it was a good time!

I enjoyed this game a lot. The art style is amazing! The way you combined horror and, visual novel elements worked well together. It takes the player for a lot of twists and, turns. I don't believe there is a good ending? I still have to play through various endings.

The Secret Life Of Danks! I really thought there was no goal as, I started off just walking and, walking went to the edge of the map with the snow turned aroud and, saw the light! I was stuck then and, couldn't get back up haha!

I had this theory with Baldi that he either is Slenderman or, trained him. With this game you are making my theory that much more convincing!

Dave is at it again with another Spongebob hit. This time he has upped the difficulty and, the suspense since 3am at the krusty krab.

Beherit is an amazing game. I didn't face the monster head on but, I turned a corner and, saw the back of him that was enough to send shivers down my spine. Thankfully I didn't see him again after that! I didn't do a whole play through i'm sure I would have faced him then! This game is definitely worth the whole play through Beherit is amazing well done!

Strawberry Daiquiri is an, interesting read. Would be nice if there were choices. I haven't finished the game but, as, far as I got there were no choices. The art style is great, the story is amazing but, just didn't feel like a game as, far as I got.

I think you have updated this game to make it a tad easier as, I didn't get to the part where I feed her meatballs last time or, maybe this date went better ;)

Interesting  project it was suspenseful the whole way through.  The house did seem familiar to me it reminded me of a game called sightless. Not sure if it was inspired by it or, just concidence.

Think this game was pretty hard. I tried several times to kick or, punch a prisoner with little or, no effect. I tried to grab them and, they would simply wrestle free especially if I got near the stairs. Every once in awhile the bomb would go off making it more difficult I think this was suppose to help the player but, not in my case.

I enjoyed the art  style of the game. Had good story elements was a shame there wasn't really much interaction or, choices for the player to make.

I was blown away how well this game was made! I enjoyed the reenactment of the scene. A couple of things that I think would make it better would being able to interact with the second explorer. Being able to do more things in the explorers IE honk the horn maybe or, turn on the radio.Turn on/off the headlights. I've seen some others play your game and, it doesn't look like there is a way to win. It's disappointing would be nice if you made it to a certain gate or, did something that would be a victory of winning against the T-Rex instead of try to run away until it decides to eat you. Super impressive what you have right now though!