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getting deeper in this part 7 of the play thru?

I had to get to doing some of this let's play as I noticed that you submitted this for a game jam! I voted and hope others do the same! You guys do great work and, I wish you all the best getting your work out there for everyone to see!

Much love!


I'm so in love with this game and, there's still so much more to cover on it! The only sadness is when it finally ends!

part 6

I just saw this pop up on my feed! Wish I had the time to start this. As you know I'm still in the process of going through our home! Did the new artist work on this? Sorry if i shouldn't be posting this without gameplay! Look forward to this soon!

Number 5 and the adventure continues!

Number 4 in the series  choosing sides

This is number 3 on my play list!

This is episode number 2 on the  list for the let's play!

If interested you can follow along with my let's plays and, ever growing DDLC playlist!

Amazing demo that almost felt like a full game! So many sound jumpscares to keep you on edge.  Awesome mechanics such as, the use of the camera keep things fresh and, entertaining! There were a couple times I scratched my head wondering what I was suppose to do next. The puzzles weren't too difficult though and, it all seems well rounded!

This game has a neat minecraft in noir theme to it. I think the term is suppose to be voxel but, i've never heard the word before and, am not sure what voxel really means!

I enjoyed the hungry mechanic it really put a sense of urgency to maintain and, it ties inot the story well.  The start menu was impressive with the signs on the fence.

The biggest thing was the twist at the end! Was a major shocker!

This is a fun game chucking the turkey off of everything you can see in sight. My only two small complaints is there's no levels or anything else to do so it gets repetitive fast. The music can be a bit harsh for extended gameplays with  the beats constantly in your ears. (i wear headphones probably speakers sound amazing for this)

Hello Stranga Games!,

I think you have an interesting horror game here! Going to add my two cents about a couple things that bugged me. The biggest is the size.  I tried to enlarge it as much as I could for my let's play but, for myself it's super small. I didn't see an option to adjust size anywhere. Wasn't sure if this was intentional for a game boy game jam or, maybe just easier to work with? I'm not complaining too big as, I know developing games requires tons of blood,sweat and, tears! The other small thing is the inventory. It's introduced at the start of the game and, has a neat little slot at the top of the screen but, isn't used even once in the demo. Unless I missed a little item where you could test the inventory out!Overall though a great game!

Created a new topic Ok to let's play?

Hello loving this visual novel! I can tell a ton of time and, effort was put into this game. It came out of nowhere and, it's exploding for good reason. I haven't hit the horror part of this game i'm sure i'm in for a real treat when I do. Horror and, VN's are a big part of my channel and, I feel at home doing let's plays of them. Hope it's ok to drop the first video of the series here! Love the merch by the way hope to grab some in the future! I'm leaning towards #TeamYuri at the moment! haha

-Raithas 🐺

The comedy never stops in this game! I love the art style and, appreciate that even though Quidget is a genius i'm not so I thank you that the puzzles are very easy!
Will we see more of Quidget? time will tell!

I found this game inspired heavy by Earthbound/Mother. Maybe i'm wrong and, just have that type of nostalgic feel but, it had elements just like that game  while also being something new and, entirely refreshing on it's own! The demo felt short but, looking back on my recordings with both parts is almost a whooping hour! This is a game you truly have fun with and, forget how much time has passed and, only in the demo stage!

I enjoyed how you could interact with a ton of objects. My only little pip would be the box in Lore's room and, the doll? I think I got it after I died? Thought there would be a bit of text to them but, was none.  I thought the sock collecting "mini game" was hilarious and, thoughtful even though i'm not sure the reason Lore wants socks!

The puzzles were easy enough which I thank you immensely! I'm not big on puzzles and, hate sinking time into them to try to progress story.

Long story short you got me craving more! I'll be watching this development like a hawk waiting for more content!

It keeps getting deeper as I continue this let's play series. Emily envisioning her brother as a good, guy in reality he....

I loved the mariachi day of the deadish vibe of this game! There really isn't much representation of this in games. It's refreshing! I love it and, it's got an, interesting story! I wish it was longer but, that's what happens when you play a great demo you just crave more and, more! Can't wait to see how this  develops in time!

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It's hard i'm sure it's doable just not easy to get toys when they are on top of things. I enjoyed this creation. I find the blights cute even though they are suppose to be murdering monsters.


Created a new topic Demon camping me? nooooo!

I enjoyed this game alot! It had all the right elements. Object jumpscares, creepy monsters and, spooky atmosphere!

I really don't think there is anything you could improve on. There are even times near the wardrobes with the squeaks and, bumps that set me on edge. 10/10 would get scared again!

Posted in BLACK comments

I think overall this was a good game.  Alone in the jungle with a tribesman? Monster? It was a new atmosphere to take part in. I only have one small little gripe. The  go away option actually closes the game. I didn't know that was going to happen and, was a small inconvience but, overall good game!

I see everyone commenting gave it a go! lmao not sure if i missed the hype train. Anyways! I enjoyed wake me up and, I feel you tied the two stories together. I'm not the biggest black and white art type of person but, I can see you use the tones to your advantage. The ending left quite the shock and, was unexpected and, well executed! Can't wait to see the next title by you!

I know you say that Urbex is way superior to this game but, I feel this game has a certain charm to it. Not saying this game is better than Urbex. Just kind of feel this is right up there with Urbex. My heart would like to utmost thank you for not flat out jump scaring me like alot of other horror games. You had the jump sounds and, what not but, still my heart thanks you for not having anything directly really jumping out at me. Can't wait to see what your next project is!

Had a bug occur to me during my play through. Kind of killed the mood I think hahaha. Was trying to enjoy this the best I could! I'm not big on hospitals,doctors, or failing health. I'm a big fan of visual novels though!

To a non puzzle gamer this was challenging to me! I couldn't complete it! I tried hard to ponder and, even use the web to find the answers. I guess I would be wolf meat if it were real life. Then again I would just wait till someone had the antidote and, jump them. I mean no disrespect but, the whole plot line reminded me of Saw 2. This was awesome to me as, I love visual novels and, the Saw franchise. I read that you actually drew inspiration from no escape and, maybe other sources. Just the way I saw it though! Great game would play more like it just wish the puzzles weren't so hard or, I were smarter at solving them!

Hello Lornyon!,

I appreciate you watching my LP's and, very grateful you made this game. I'm sure you can tell I connected with Lenin on a personal level as, i'm sure most people have with him! I wish I could donate right now to crowdfund this! Sadly I don't have the funds to back this at the moment. I have been doing my part the best I can to promote the crowdfunding the best I can! Retweeting and, posting about crowdfunding on social media. If finances change i'll definatly back this!

I'm enjoying the story so far.  Misunderstood Treat all she wants is friends and, food.

Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Will the town accept treat? Will they still shun her? I'll have to find out!

Posted in Keen comments

Hello Cat Nigiri long time since I ventured into the Necrosphere but, we are back baby playing another game of yours! Keen where do I begin? I hate puzzles but, somehow you managed to make a game that even a puzzle hater can grow to love and, crave more of! It's cute! It's Relaxing! It's just down right an enjoyable experience!

Hello Din,

It didn't bother me too much just thought it was weird! I really hope there is alot more of this stuff from you guys. I see Paramedium 2 Girl In The Road is coming out soon enough. Hope I can scrape the cash to get it and, do a let's play of that too we will see!

Take Care!

I had a blast playing this! Great art, awesome animations, good story line! I normally don't critque too much but, the whole name thing bothered me on this. I chose the guy paramedium was asked to enter the name which I did and, put it as the name of my choice. Later Nina tells the male paramedium something and, calls him Lance. Kind of put me off. Would of just been fine not to name him and, to just have him as Lance and, Nina. Not griping just adding what I thought! haha. Awesome and, would love to see more of this or, other games like this!

I love every element of this game.  It's  got great artwork, enticing music and, awesome gameplay. It just makes you want to play more and, more of it. This would be what pringles would be if it were a video game! You can't just have one you have to devour the whole thing!

Not a big fan of black and, white but it sets the mood good! Great story lots of suspense! I have been pondering a couple things though haha! Like if she had a spare in the trunk and, could just turn around. Why would she go through a house with tons of blood on the floor? Just crazy thoughts pondering after playing this! Can't wait to see what happens to her next!

Posted in Urbex comments

So many things have jump scared me but, now mannequins? I've been scared by it all now! This game was amazing! Kept me in suspense on the second half and, kept it there the rest of the way through! You should be proud of this project!

Hello Watercress! It's been 56 days since I last made a video on this.

I apologize! You guys have worked really hard on this game and, I can't believe time went by so fast before I picked this up again! This is the second part  but, there is plenty more for me to record in this. It's so emotional already and, I know I have just scratched the surface  of this! I know you told me a month ago you were updating things. Hope progress has been going well!

I'll be back if there is more Oliie! i keed i keed! (or do I?) No really you guys have a great game can't wait for the next release of this. Keep up the great work!

I put this off and, once I started playing it I was sorry I did! It's a really brilliant game!

An Awesome demo that leaves you wanting more!

I seriously adore Ollie in all her snide little ways!

Created a new topic Reminds me of mega man!

takes me back to the mega man days of all the running and jumping!

I think this is a really well polished game! The controls are easy to use.  The graphics are amazing and, the little ghosts where you have died are funny and, a welcome addition!

Silly retro styled black and, white secret agent game?! yeah it's pretty decent!

I normally don't care for black and white. Something about it in this just felt right. The atmosphere, the tone,  it all just came together. I enjoyed the dual meaning! Where it could represent what it actually does with addiction to drugs or, just a straight kind of abusive relationship!