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Created a new topic Reminds me of mega man!

takes me back to the mega man days of all the running and jumping!

I think this is a really well polished game! The controls are easy to use.  The graphics are amazing and, the little ghosts where you have died are funny and, a welcome addition!

Silly retro styled black and, white secret agent game?! yeah it's pretty decent!

Awesome love the art style and, game play! Has great elements that bring it all together!

I normally don't care for black and white. Something about it in this just felt right. The atmosphere, the tone,  it all just came together. I enjoyed the dual meaning! Where it could represent what it actually does with addiction to drugs or, just a straight kind of abusive relationship!

Would be nice to have a tutorial going into this. You are just plopped down in the middle without knowing what to do. I'm sure it's simple enough. Think I was getting the hang of it but, by then it was too late! Overall seemed pretty good though!

My only complaint is you don't get the fireman dog at the start! hahaha no but, really this a great game. Action packed platformer with a unique idea. Taking a fireman and, making him the hero! I've never seen that done before atleast not to my knowledge. It's awesome. The game is really smooth and, draws you in!

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I think I won the game pretty fast! Atleast If I do say so myself!

This hits home quite a bit. Not sure if this was inspired by one shot but, I got a big vibe from it. It's sort of like that but, unique and, great in it's own way. I really can't wait for the full game. I'm just getting started in the story and, it's deep!

I enjoyed this game even thought I didn't do a long video on it. Love the sight and, sound mechanics to this! Brings something new to the table!

Yes this was tons of fun! I just happened to stumble upon this game and, i'm glad I did! Well done once again!

This was well put together. Im blown away by the art style and, the atmosphere. Going to be doing a whole series on this!

I love this cheeky little game!

the sound got a little irritating hahaha but, overall a good game!

I love how bizzare and, quirky this game is. Enjoyed the nostalgic feel of when i was a kid with Castlevaina!

I'm flattered you would watch even if not your projects! It really means alot! You really have a great game probably the first i've seen with so much voice acting. Each character plays their role so well! Excited for the updated scripting keep in touch with me for that! Thank you once again Watercress!

Hello Fluxscopic!

I think it would be great if was a full 4 hr game! I'm sure many would agree with that too!

Hello Watercress no problem on the play through! I will be doing more than 15 minutes of this game but, for now the first 15 was a blast! Thank you for developing this game!

The gameplay reminds me a bit of earthbound/mother  besides the combat? Which I haven't seen yet. This is going great so far and can't wait to delve further into this!

I love it! Petting all the doggos and, avoiding people is right up my alley! hahahaha

strange how it leaves a powerful message!

I didn't understand the meaning of this until near the end. Thought it was all fun and, games then it hit me deep!

thank you for creating this fun platformer!

I didn't realize this was an ending as it happened so fast!

Any jokes I made were all in good fun. The developer did a great job with this platformer!

Next part in my let's play serious introduced to two more guys!

I enjoyed this a ton my only complaint is there isn't more of this! hahaha

Just getting into this. I really love the art style! it's the little things too like the rolling down of the power window that's amazing!

No problem thank you for creating this amazing game! I really am enjoying the delivery guy  (Hisashi) so far.
I imagine he will be the love interest as I do the play through. If anyone else strikes my fancy might go through it again!

Thank you once again Studio Dipper!

For some reason the tongue and, cheek humor reminds me a bit of monty python. No? Just me? hahahaha.

Still hooked on this game here is part 2 of the series.

I'm enjoying this a lot. I just got into it but, im going to be doing the whole play through. I swear the delivery guy looks like me before I cut my hair. (maybe that's just my imagination) I don't know his name yet!

takes me back a bit when i first played metroid and, mega man. Sheesh i'm getting old haahah.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows....

who is the monster really? hehehehe

Np thank you for creating this Cat Nigiri!


Great Voice Acting in an original novel. Well done!

can be a little frustrating but, im sure that's the charm of the necrosphere hahaha

hehehehee i see what you did there! ;)

I'm glad that everybody is supporting this. I hope you keep creating more great things like this!