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Grotesque Beauty is well crafted! I enjoyed the art style you choose to make this game in. The suspense built up really well. The end climax had me on the edge of my seat but, also left me wanting more!

This game got me in all the right horor ways. Increased breathing, hair standing on end, fright. I really have nothing bad to say about this game. If you are into intense horror games this is for you. Inspired by movies that I grew up on as, a kid such as Halloween. I also feel this game is heavily inspired by game producers puppet combo while playing Northbury Grove I swore I was playing a puppet combo game! If it's a concidence it's uncanny how these two game developers have similar game styles. Looking forward to more in this series and, hope I can get brave enough to challenge this again!

One thing i'd like to mention is the title of your game. I went to look for it on itchio and, couldn't find it for the life of me. The // messes up trying to find it easily. Not sure if you are aware of that and, I know as, long as this game has been out what's done is done. Just a shame as this was well put together!

I'm not exactly sure what traning day entails. I kept cutting logs for the knight until level 6 but it was just the same thing after the same thing. Not sure if I kept going I would see some oppai or, not I didn't have the patinece  haha.

I enjoyed this visual novel so much! I really enjoyed the rewind feature a first of it's kind for visual novels to use it as, a mechanic I think! I also enjoyed the start overs but, with memories made along the way to enhance the story. I knew I was in for a  treat anyways as, I've played your RPG game Lonely Wolf Treat on my main channel. Wish I had the money to buy a her tears were my light shirt i'd totally rock it! Keep doing what you do!

It's been a long time since I played Paramedium: A noise in the attic. Over a year I believe! I'm sure we both have grown over the year. I want to say right off the bat thank you for making this free for October. I'm a struggling Youtuber and, as much as i'd love to support your games. (and trust me they are amazing) I just don't have the funds to dedicate to that. Hopefully the gameplay draws in some people to spend money on your games! Really hoping there is a Paramedium 3. This visual novel really is a suspenseful horror game that brings a lot of fun to the table. I always love AGL Studios art style it's breath taking. I'm glad that there are some voice lines acted but, not over the top so I can add my own commentary. Thanks once again for all your team does!

DemiDato is great just it's really short. I know you can't give away too much in  a demo but, I felt it was all rushed. The ending was the same for all the contestants. Not bashing as, the game is good the art style is nice, the dialouge well written and, the characters for what we get are quirky.

This game really sucks you in. I was left wanting more by the end of the demo. Not sure if this was some what inspired by hunger games or, the like as the goverment controls everything also reminds me of the movie demolition man. Whatever the inspiration or, idea that made this visual novel is unique and, very interesting!

At first I was like oh another silent hill PT game nothing really new or, innovative. I have to admit there were a couple moments that changed the usual PT inspired moments. It was very refreshing that you mixed it up instead of it just being another clone of another clone. Like a couple have mentioned  the radio could be toned down a notch probably 3 notches. If it weren't going on my Youtube channel I wouldn't mind how loud the radio was.

YESSSSS FRIESSSSS!  No problem thank you so much for creating  this amazing game! I know what it's like to struggle with potato computers. I'm sure you will have a lot of people play and,  record this spectacular creation.  Thank you once again keep on creating!

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Hello RG Crew,

I've played several of your games on my channel. I knew when I saw that this game was made by you I was in for a treat. I'm never let down with jump scares and, bizzare happenings when I see that RG Crew logo. I'm not for certain but, is the girl in this game the same as, symmetry and, some other games you have produced? I'm hoping so as, I feel that character ties in well with your games.

I thought this was a cute game. I loved  a lot of the remarks MC made. The comedy was really witty in this visual novel. Now i'm going to have to play the original droplets to see what's in store with that!

The game was great. It had very interesting elements and, kept the suspense going all the way thru. I was shocked about how accurate the data log was at the end based on my actions!  Hope you develop more games like this in the future!

So far enjoying this visual novel from Argent Games. Big fan of vampires and, visual novels combining the two is just amazing. I haven't completed the demo just yet but, i'm sure i'm close. Even though i'm sure that will make me want to buy the full verison as, the game is very intriguing and, the story well put together.

Tyrania is an, interesting visual novel. Touching on a theme I don't think one of this genre has before. Opression thru tyranny and, what would one do to stop such a thing? I do like the art style although I do have to admit I wish it were a little more detailed. The bgm fits well with the flow of the game and, am enjoying the story so far!

Enjoyed the demo a bunch and, when I get the chance will be buying the full version.The art is great and, I really loved the background music as, it ties in well with the theme of the game. The voice actors were well played and, unique which really helped boost the atmosphere of the game.

I liked how you took visual novel and, rpg combat mechanics and, melded them together. It's great to see some action woven in with the story. I have one question that is on my mind though. I don't mean to offend but, why are all the characters overly large?  Just curious on what was the inspiration to have them all the same body type?

I was hooked the moment I started the game. Maybe deep down i'm a psychopath! The background music was amazing i'm not sure who did it but, it was suspenseful and, fit the mood and, flow of the game so well. The artwork was amazing. I really was sad that this was only the demo and, not the full game. Hoping when the full game gets released SPOILER;

We get to murder most of his aqauintences. This visual novel really reminded me of jigsaw the latest saw installment. Although i'm sure it's just concidence as, the whole story looks very original. There is only one flaw to point out and, it's something a similar creator has struggled with. (can't think of their name right now) That's audio to background music. I'm sure there is options to lower and/or raise bgm but, at it's stock original levels characters voices get lost in the louder music being played. I was like I said engrossed by the music that I didn't bother to adjust levels. Just giving a heads up as, i'm sure the voice actors worked really hard in their roles.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Impressions

I have been meaning to play RockRobin for several months but, never got around to it. The idea of managing a rock band is allluring and, exciting idea. RockRobin has a unique art style which helps it stand on it's own. I didn't get to the band management part yet so I can't speak for that. The songs are catchy and, fit the theme well. With all this praise there are a few little quips that did bother me. The cop sound effects in the office were a bit distracting and, too often. Other sound effects felt forced and just unneeded in my opinion.

This game is a bit weird and, seems very rushed. The last battle part I think the game either bugged or, it was just unfinished as, it would not let me proceed with the battle.

Hello Kikai Digital. I use OBS if you are lagging with OBS it might be a rendering problem. I hear that video recording programs use  so another thing to think about is if anything else is running while you are video recording!

Thank you for the follow and, for making such a great game! Enjoyed what I played so far! Will enjoy all the rest unless my subs want me to let's play the whole game! Love what you did with the art work and, the animating of the characters. Catchy background music as, well!

Hello Devs of Madison hope you don't mind me sharing this montage of some youtubers and, myself playing your game. I had the privledge of let's playing your demo when it first came out. Thought it was a cool idea to make a montage showing a certain clip of your game!

I have seen some of the comments saying the puzzle is impossible. I didn't try it as, it did look quite hard i'm sure that's the challenge in it. I was going to attempt it but, my let's play was getting long. The game itself is fun. I enjoyed you played as, an alien race or, so i'm  guessing as, the other races are of some galaxy like material. I think that's an interesting concept instead of just being human all the time.

This game had me at a bit of a loss. I saw that this is chapter 3 though so i'm guessing I missed a couple chapters before this game came out. If that's the case I should have played those first as, to get all the back story of what's going on. For ones jumping into this game like I did it's confusing on what is going on. Apparently you are a girl which I didn't realize till later in. Also a wastelander or, nomad. There is a group of secret code name people belonging to a special ops group in search of something. That's as far as, I got and, understood on my journey.

I'm really surprised no one has reviewed your game yet, as it is really amazing! I love the artwork it's very captivating and, the background music is  amazing! I enjoyed the transitions between characters as, they enter and, exit various scenes. The story is well written and, even though I haven't done a full playthrough I can tell the story will keep getting better and, better. Once I picked this game up it was, hard to put down. Can't wait to see the full release of this game!

I thought it was enjoyable but, a few things would have been nicer such as, back ground music. I suppose I could of added my own but, would have just been nice to have it already in the game. More Grim Reaper commentary would of helped too. Him just going hmmm and, uhhhh wasn't too engaging. Like I said this is a good game borrows elements from papers please and, other good vs bad games but, throws in some added comedy.

This game is deep. It will pull you in different directions and, tug at your heart strings. Just like the comment down below you should play both sides so, you can get the prespective of both characters. This is actually my second play through of this game as, I have played it before on my main channel but, thought I would play it on my second channel that has no commentary. I'm glad to see this being popular again as, it's really a well made visual novel.

I enjoyed this adventure like game. It was neat how the art style in it's weird manner really shaped the flow of the game play. I also loved the interactive parts where you had to choose what might be the right word when you interacted with a character. The way they floated around simulated that Smoke was still drunk and, might be making poor descisions!

Enjoying the artstyle and, story so far. Find it interesting that you can choose 1 of 3 paths and, they are all different. Keep making great games like this!

Hello thought this was a pretty interesting game. Found it under the visual novel section. I don' t find this to be  a visual novel but, maybe that's the only  category you thought you could put it under. It's great for a mystery game. Some parts were confusing to me. I'm not sure how I came upon the number for the cabin or, what that really signified.
Tailor Tales community · Created a new topic Gameplay

I think the art style is interesting. Enjoyed the story of the path I started on. Few things that I have a quip about is the tutorial seems a little overwhelming. It might need to be that way but, I just thought it was a lot to take in. The other thing is the whole coins to unlock "chapters" maybe it ties into the mechanics as, I only completed a couple stages just thought it was odd to have such a thing.

Enjoyed this throwback to the prohibition days visual novel. It reminds me alot of another game i've played. I think it was called the blind griffin. The theme was around the same time but, different story ideas. It had the same slang as, implemented here where if there was a slang word you could click on it and, get the definition. Really cool what you did here either way.

It's cute and, it's fun but wish there were more to it. I'm sure made for a game jam it might have been made this way and, it is impressive in the time frame it was made. Would love to see an expanded version of this project. More levels, different challenges and, the like still great for what it is!

I was just happy enough to wreck the whole office building. I did try to pick things up. Not sure if it bugged or, what because it wouldn't let me pick up an, object with either hand. Still fun to smash cubicle walls down though!

I really hope this game becomes more as, I think it has tons of potential! It almost feels like it might have been somewhat inspired by dream daddy. It might have been rushed but, very enjoyable!

Love the art style some one has amazing skills to depict the characters from Life Is Strange. Although I don't remember the teacher being a hot dog hahahaha.

Enjoyed your game a lot! At first I thought hmm this doesn't seem that kind of interesting boy was I wrong! It's hilarious and, fun to play!