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It's great to see that you continued this project thank you for inviting me back to play more of your game. It was a blast great work!

I missed playing the original shopping nightmare by Dave Microwaves Games. So here we have the remastered version.
I'm not sure what the difference between this and, the original are but, i'm sure there was improvement! The AI is always hard in Dave's games atleast to me!

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Nami is a hard platformer or, maybe I just didn't understand what I was suppose to be doing. When I got to the pink coral? I got stuck I tried to jump over it tried to swim around it nothing seemed to work.

Roses & Heart is a cute little puzzle game where you play as, a girl working in a greenhouse. Something seems off so as the girl you have to go and, control rose plant people to make your way to the exit!

Frog Smith is an, awesome game. I would have liked a tutorial of how the process was suppose to go but, then again it's pretty obvious how to forge something. This game you can keep playing and, playing and lose track of time!

This game is terrifying and, hard! Baldi has nothing on Viktor I guess that's why this is advanced education! Baldi's basics is a great game and, if it weren't for it this game wouldn't exist. I think mrdernose took something and, just made it better. I know some won't agree and, that's fine but you tell me how a bald cartoony teacher slapping a ruler is, more terrifying than Viktor and, his Jigsaw like voice and, creepy atmosphere.

As mentioned the drugar are really hard at, the start. The tutorial is vague and, lacking. This type of game should have a tutorial that guides you step by step on things and, set you up some what so you can have an easier time exploring, building and, what not. This game has a lot of potential!

This was some fun short stuff. Keep up the good work!

I'm sure it would be a more entertaining let's play on my part if I did it with my voice in the video.  I enjoyed demonstrating your game mechanics of using voice, sound, noise to get thru puzzles and, obstacles.

how so? O_o

Yes as, i'm sure many have stated the tentacle can be a little uncontrollable but, I did find it was some what manageable. It sure beats hand simulator and, similar games that's for sure.

I'm pretty certain that Arthurs Nightmare has took the crown for the most intense jump scare I have ever got. I swear that my heart felt like it shut down when Arthur popped out. It's sad and, some what funny as, I know he was going to do it. I was just so focused on the items and, the loud noise buzzing in my ears that I guess I just sort of forgot that Arthur would come and, murder me! The sound is quite loud and, annoying wish it was half the volume it had. The gameplay was pretty fun. Totally forgot their was a night two and, Arthur probably doesn't appear on the first night.

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning more like Baldi is Basic. bwhahaha. I wouldn't say this is a bad horror game. Let's point out some flaws per se though. The biggest is this is a slenderman type concept having to collect seven notebooks while avoiding Slender... erm Baldi. The graphics are horrible and, you can tell it was slapped together. The background music? Is slightly annoying. There is only one subject not sure why the creator didn't just call it Baldi's Basic Math Class. Just me though. There are some cool things though. Like the different characters that stop you in your tracks or, the hall monitor that gives you a time out in detention. The math questions are easy but, surviving Baldi is not so easy! Graphics don't make a game but, I think slightly better graphics, a better background noise and, small tweaks would make it a great game.

The Tithe is a hard maze game atleast I found it so. The plague cherub is constantly on you and, super fast. For a moment I thought one of the abilites drove it away but, I don't believe that is the case. You have to try to dodge it and, constantly move but, there are a lot of dead ends and, you have to use your "third eye" to find the objectives.

Insomnis is exactly what it says it is a puzzle horror game. I suck at puzzles so I couldn't complete this game when it came to the painting puzzle. I don't know if it's just me but, the audio on the radio for the clues wasn't too audible to me. I think that's suppose to be part of the atmosphere of the game with that.  Having a guy with a drawn out voice. I'm not blaming the radio guy I think even if what he said was clear I would still be stumped on the painting puzzle. All in all it's a good horror game!

I was just starting to get into this story and, then it said it was the demo! It was a good stopping point though and, you got a lot of the story up until  the end. Some of the areas were a bit too dark maybe it was just the settings I was playing at was hard to navigate a couple areas but, it did add to the ambience of the game.

Paracusia reminds me when I was a kid playing Silent Hill on the PS1 how gritty and, a bit scary at times with weird camera angles and, noir style  art.

Fun game I found it hilarious how demons have their own idea of what baseball should be and, cheat at every corner so you can't win the game!

Pretty funny game that reminded me a bit of I am Mayo and, any other weird game like that but, in a good way!

I loved this game so much. I normally hate trivia games but, putting a horror spin on it is amazing! I wish the spooks were more scarier that's just me but, it didn't take away from the game at all. I also wanted the game to be longer just because  I was having so much fun!

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You can tell Exiles needs work but, kudos for you being a one man army with what you have here! It has a lot of potential. Things like sound effects bothered me a bit but, i'm sure others won't mind. I really hope you can work on this and, it gets even better!

This game is great! It's pretty intense to have to hide body parts in a time limit before, the cops bust in! The only thing that sucks is the objects twisting in his hands when he picks something up. Also opening and, closing things. I think this was part in due to make it a challenge. If you hide something somewhere you locked that space and, had to be creative where you hide the next parts.

Remembrance is titled as, a horror game but, I wasn't struck with the horror vibe of this game. Not saying it was bad  not at all just the experience I had was more on the atmospheric exploration side.

Guardian Angel is hard atleast to me it is! It reminds me of Slenderman if Slenderman was a murderous stone guardian angel! Instead of pages we are trying to hunt down power switches to get the tower back up and, running! Seems easy enough until you have no clue of where you are going, hard terrain to trek on and, a sneaky slippery (not so) guarding angel creeping up on you!

I really enjoyed all the mechanics your game had to offer. Fighting for your blanket, chasing them back in the closet and, watching for the rocking horse movement were all very cool scenarios in your game!

Hello Angela He,

Your game is truly amazing. I enjoyed the surreal and, creative art style you gave to this project! Felt the gameplay was neither too long nor, too short. You took a very serious subject such as, suicide and, loss turned it into a creative expressive outlet. I was however disappointed that I couldn't name the cycloptic cat Mr.Moo haha! Looking forward to more games from you!

The witching hour didn't really set off horror vibes with me. I'm not trying to bash the game devs as, creating games is hard but, I wasn't shocked by the presence this provided. It's still worth a play just you won't need a diaper for this!

A pretty quick and, very funny visual novel. spoiler alert I didn't make the henchman cut!

This game is super hard and, will remind you a lot like hand simulator as, you try to force your hand to do various actions before, time runs out!

Faith is an amazing game. At first glance it looks to be quite honest a little lame. It reminds a person of the old atari style games of past but, hidden in Faith is something deeper and, much darker. Bear witness as, this game scares the ever living crap out of you over and over. Just when you think it's safe another demonic entity rattles your core. It's sinister it's down right delicious!

The Butler is a pretty hard game. I think part of it is due to the fact that he asks questions to frequently. He can ask you a question and, then it feels like 5 seconds later he asks you again. It is a beatable game. I got lucky on my last attempt and, was down to 1 key but, didn't make it.

Pajuu is a very heart warming platformer  in a very cold enviroment! It was very touching and, it made me not want to put it down.

Super Dungeon Boy is a hard platformer as, it takes a bit of skill later in the game with different things such as rolling, and jumping. It is a super fun platformer though!

Hello Amber Drop thank you for fixing  things. I was able to record a let's play without my cam cutting out. So whatever it was seems to be fixed! You made an excellent game. I know a lot of  things were inspired by FNAF but, you added your own twist to it and, made it your own. I try to fall asleep is a very story rich game and, it's amazing that it's only in beta. Can't wait to see how this progresses!

60 fox is fast but, fun. Sucks it seems like there is only one level when this has a lot of potential.

Reminds me of the old arcade games. I think one of them was called Y Wing. Very cool stuff!

This was a pretty weird game. I don't mean that in a bad way just things I didn't quite understand like the monster plants and, why they all had yellow eyes. From what I understood they were all suppose to be ghosts but,  got confused with everything else added in. It's pretty dynamic and, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

0/10 never let me feed the ducks plus i broke the game fell through the world! XD

It's weird I'll give it that...

I wanted to challenge myself by not, rotating domino pieces. Needless to say I didn't get too too far.