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Awesome platformer. Thankfully the puzzles aren't too hard. My only frustration was the power bar runs out too quickly and, also  takes too long to charge.

cute runner took me a moment to realize I was suppose to click on the screen. It said slide my finger across screen. I was like I can't! I'm on PC hahaha

for some reason mine didn't have sound but, I saw the trailer and it did :(

Another great game by you! I knew once I head the dead end I was done for! hahahaha

Thanks for making it. It's good to know that you can actually escape! I thought maybe you were trolling gamers and, only had the money obtainable!

I know the object is to film the body for views but, he doesn't deserve it. Instead this is wolf rape simulator 2018

I found escaping the guy to be extremely hard. I probably ran into him atleat 3 times!  I thought the fake jump scares were pretty entertaining! I believe besides the money the other 2 items don't exist. I could be wrong but, I never saw any other i tem but, the  money!

Super fun visual novel. I was hoping Chip got a couple more voice lines but, even without it's a great visual novel. Would be nice to have some back story on kid neon too.

The demo was fun but, there wasn't really too much to do. I think this could really turn into something if it keeps being developed!

thought it was a fun little pixel arcade game! good job!

That closing your eyes mechanic sure does add suspense doesn't it? hahahaha. The puzzles start off fairly easy enough but, get harder later. I get stumped don't want to ruin it for anyone but, seems other people are having a bit of a struggle as well! Question that is still on my mind are we a robot test subject?

simple but, fun

interesting card game..

I in no way was making fun of your game. I know my silly voice may come out as mocking it. Was totally not my intention. I think you made a great visual novel. Just wanted to do a girls voice that was different than some of the others i've done. I also realize that the main protagonist name is Celena. Saleena with a C. My dummy self couldn't make the connection in my mind when I was recording this not until after I watched it I was like oops... You did a great job you can feel a lot of emotion between Celena and, Aimee.

I totally didn't think about the crouching mechanic!

Oh I had no idea that would have been super easy! d'oh!

i'm sure most got it. I'm just a dummy at times!

I didn't realize I had to hold down space to choke him. I kept pressing it for the longest time which made the hand detach from his throat. I'm a dummy! Found the part where he kicks to be quite challenging but, in the end I prevailed! I was raging pretty hard at that part XD

If it wasn't for the dang _ symbol I could breeze through the typing no problem. I think that's the hang up for a lot of people that pesky key you have to hold shift down for!
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Interesting concept. I'm not great at stealth. Not sure if unlucky but, right out of the gate I couldn't blend into the crowd. What movie is this inspired from?

It's been mentioned a couple times but, a resolution option would be appreciated for players of your game! Also not sure but, I got stuck on the blocks part. It seems even not picking them up they don't stay in place and, roll. Not sure if this is suppose to happen or glitch.

Super fun "tower defense" game that has funny power ups like mom's good cutlery!

It's everything you would want Smash brothers and, Youtubers can't wait to see the full release of this brawler! (I think it's best if you use a controller as, I was using a keyboard kind of hard to get buttons down!)

The pause mechanic is brilliant and, also at times frustrating! The 2nd monster was a pain not sure exactly how to deal with him.

Well I guess my questions go un-answered as, I'm not sure what I am suppose to do! *it has been a long long time since I've seen Blade Runner!*

Think you did a great job for a 72 hour game jam! Music was a little too suspenseful for my taste (haha) Hope this gets developed further. Such as modifying your car, selecting weapons, and hopefully a story/plot

It was fun (also super hard!) I'm not sure why it seems like your grandma stuffs you into the basement. She is actually more scary than the monsters in the cellar hahaha!
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I'm not sure of the whole goal of this game. I'm guessing english isn't your first language! Which is ok just kind of lost of the summary of the game. It's fun though  has cool horror elements. I got stuck later in the computer lab. Maybe I missed something I felt like it glitched but, I think I was just over seeing what was around me.

I think all the character "voices" were cute. With the little whoops and, whomps what have you! The controls are fairly hard just by how akward they are. I think it's more meant to be played with game pad.

Couple nit pick things. Such as the game starts before i'm ready and, I didn't get to hear atleast 4 lines of narration. I know it's not that big of a deal because it's all chit chat but, still... There is also no option to change resolution or, settings on any menu. Plus I was a little lost with out any clear direction of a goal.  The game has a good concept i'm not bashing it just felt rushed out the gate with what I had to do!

Thought it was super fun. Not too many arcade style games that are made like this anymore. Simple but, super fun!

There is so much I enjoyed about this game. I think one of the biggest is the art style!
I think it's awesome that everything is drawn . It gives it it's own unique feel. I also enjoy the blend of comedy and, horror. There is a couple of things that weren't doing it for me though haha! The "victory theme"  reminded me too much of a game over kind of sound. I felt I was accidently opening the menu sometimes with it being bound to the X key. (might of just not been my day for that though! lol All in all thought I would say this is a wonderful RPG game! I'm glad I played it and, can see this going far!
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The intro was pretty moving to me. The "world" makes you think atleast it did to me for some reason. Well done!
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This point and click adventure makes you feel like you came out of a time machine to the era of the good old games!

Simple but, it's fun has a great beat to keep you going and, going! (just like coffee!)

I know this game is going to go far. The best and, most funny platformer i've played!

I know it's not labeled as a fnaf type game but, I had some fnaf vibes about it. I enjoyed this game a lot! I think it blew up because of how well it was made look forward to other games by you!

Escape House is an awesome escape room game with tension elements. You never know when the intruder is going to startle you and, try to kill you! One of the nit picks I have is at the start. She is frozen in fear but, nothing really indicates this much besides when you try to click on objects it kind of shakes. I think it's too subtle in my opinion.

So many great ideas you guys had with this game! Feel like many will get a copywrite strike for some of the music though. Could be wrong unless you weren't really aiming for people to let's play it. I enjoyed the game though  a lot of hard work went into it I see. Love all the different voices for the characters!

I wasn't expecting it to be this fun! Simple UI but, super fun game!