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Super Dungeon Boy is a hard platformer as, it takes a bit of skill later in the game with different things such as rolling, and jumping. It is a super fun platformer though!

Hello Amber Drop thank you for fixing  things. I was able to record a let's play without my cam cutting out. So whatever it was seems to be fixed! You made an excellent game. I know a lot of  things were inspired by FNAF but, you added your own twist to it and, made it your own. I try to fall asleep is a very story rich game and, it's amazing that it's only in beta. Can't wait to see how this progresses!

60 fox is fast but, fun. Sucks it seems like there is only one level when this has a lot of potential.

Reminds me of the old arcade games. I think one of them was called Y Wing. Very cool stuff!

This was a pretty weird game. I don't mean that in a bad way just things I didn't quite understand like the monster plants and, why they all had yellow eyes. From what I understood they were all suppose to be ghosts but,  got confused with everything else added in. It's pretty dynamic and, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

0/10 never let me feed the ducks plus i broke the game fell through the world! XD

It's weird I'll give it that...

I wanted to challenge myself by not, rotating domino pieces. Needless to say I didn't get too too far.

I couldn't get the whole punching mechanic down. I think I kept forgetting that the punch was on the mouse. Interesting concept!

I'm actually having a weird problem. I tried to record a let's play and, at a certain part I don't know if it's just the increased framerate that he mentioned but, it shuts off my cam entirely. It's only happened on this game. I might just have to let's play this without a face cam. :(

This game is amazing. It's crazy to think it's only composed of 3 rooms but, in those 3 rooms it tells a large story by the end of it you will be craving more!

Super fun comedic brawl type game. I didn't get far the secretary or, whatever she was gave me a one shot slap! haha

I think things are abstract and, yes there are plenty of bugs! If this is your first game congrats keep working on it and, your next game to get better and, better!
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This is suppose to be a meta game jam but, I think I broke it before it got to the meta part! Either that or, I got stuck after I flipped the switches. I did everything I could think of but, to no avail it was great game but, still scratching my head as to why you wouldn't just walk away from the tower after you got out of your holding cell..

I'm the only one bold (or crazy enough) to put the "holy symbol" in the thumbnail. It's literally the greatest idea for a horror game. Literally anyone who has played a horror game has given it the middle finger now you can do so in a game!  This guy has the best "force of will" XD I'm dying!

This guy is suppose to be blind with no legs. I get that his sense of hearing is probably better due to lack of sight but, come on his arms are crazy fast! Like I think Usain Bolt would lose to this guy as, he is super fast!

It's cute and, fun  but, it gets a little tiring in the hand the amount of scrolling you have to do to play the game. Even just to move you have to scroll so he can roll around. Still a fun game though!

This starts out fairly simple. You shoot your arrows and, monsters but, than it gets more difficult as, you have to shoot your arrow and, then  teleport to it hopefully not dying in the process!
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Something about Horror and, RPG's go together well! I haven't played all the way through yet but, already I can feel the suspense and, atmosphere of this game. Seems like Ollie is the intelligent one of the group! haha
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Neiva is a cute game but, a bit of a hard puzzle solver I think it makes it 10 times more difficult that I tried this on keyboard instead of controller which 

I believe the game is intended for.

This tugged at my feelings in all different kinds of ways. My grandma was very dear to me as, well. You can tell the deep story of real life events taking place in this game. My heart dropped when she grew up and, it was winter I thought she lost her grandma but, thankfully she called her on the phone!

Loved the art style of this game. Background music fit well with the theme of things. Great job npckc!

Amazing that this was a one person army who made this. It was really well made the jump scares sometimes were a bit predictable but, it did have it's moments! The ending was great in my opinion! no spoilers! haha

Great game. Like mentioned by others there are some bugs. Like being able to glitch through some places. Also the falling through the map! Atleast there is a reset level option so I can't really complain. I'm sure this was rushed for the game jam.

Great game. I missed the whole point that this was required for game pad. I tried to do it with keyboard but, I think it's impossible because it's not mapped. Eventually I'll have to break out the xbox controller as, I didn't know that was an, option besides the ps4 controller.

really awesome LGBT visual novel set in a DND campaign! I think you did a great job  with something as, classic as DND. Good luck in NaNoRenO!

The long reach is a well put together pixel horror game. It literally delivers on what it says to be. A psychological pixel horror game which messes with your head at, every corner! Think you have it figured out? Think again as, this game throws another twist your way! 10/10
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This is your first attempt at NaNoRenO which I'm guessing is your first attempt at visual novels. I do have to say you nailed it quite well. I do have plenty of visual novel experience under my let's play belt on my main channel. Raithias   There are some nit pick things to mention though. Such as, the sudden drop of background music from time to time. I believe this was to draw atmosphere but, I think it just made for too long of akward dead space of no sounds. The other thing that many visual novel artist catch the bane of is choices. This visual novel although very well done seems to only have very few choices. Players really like to have options to advance the story.  That's the only things I think could be improved upon. You did great and, I hope your submission does well in NaNoRenO!

It took awhile for it to click but, then I realized that you are the developer for Midnight Scenes! It's been a long while since I played that game but, you can tell a lot of the style from that game is in this game. It explains a lot of the little "jumpscares" that happen here.

This is a great rpg game set in a dark setting in deep space. All these elements combined is something truly original and, unique.

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of this game in this let's play!

I swear King Ramses is as, unrelenting as Bunky! Maybe even more so they are both just wired to kill! Not sure if that's a good thing or, a bad thing!

I knew with NanoRenO 2018 coming around that you would make a great entry. I also knew that I had to play it! The problem was that i'm shifting the focus of my channel differently. So my secondary channel. Late Night Gaming had to do a let's play of this. 

Sorry if that bums you out. I will still support Watercress through that channel. Who knows maybe I will bring VN's back to my main channel in the future. I look forward to what you produce in that time. Good luck in the game jam I hope you beat them all!

This was a well made game. Loved the woven in story from Prince and, Daniels dialouge. Hope this does well in the game jam!

This was really short to get a true grasp of anything that was going on. I know it's a fools joke and, it was cute but, just hard to get what was going on.

It's hilarious and, sexual innuendos all wrapped into one! 

This might be slap stick comedy but, it's a great game!

Interesting take on distance and, being distant. It has vibes like Emily is Away in this!

I could tell right off the bat this had Yume Nikki vibes to it. I would have been shocked if there wasn't a coincidence! This is still unique in it's own way. I felt Yume Nikki to be weird horror in a way. While this to me is abstract adventuring!

You did a good job on this game for the jam! It's short but, fun!

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Super cute point and click adventure. I enjoyed how you can interact with so many different things!

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Umfend is a really great game. The only thing that kind of sucks is the obvious forced hand to do things. This is to progress the story along. I don't really mind that but, it just feels like while i'm being led along it drags the game out. I think it's harder to make a let's play with that. I'm sure most have to chop things out. The story really is good and, unique  the pixel art style fits well with the atmosphere of the game.