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The birds were too much for me. I did enjoy the never ending  torment of them though. Great submission for a Halloween jam!

It may be short and, unfinished but although simple really had great elements to it and, got my heart going! Keep on developing great games!

Hello Melinda!,

Glad you enjoyed the video and, the comments. Feel free to discuss about this game or, any other that I have let's played. Hope you and, your friends enjoy it for yourselves!

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I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game pretty unique and, ties in well with the theme. So many times I was on the edge of my seat, heart racing, trying to survive. The only down fall is I think I may have encountered a bug that didn't let me progress. When I grabbed the key I believe it was suppose to allow me to use it on the door to freely come and, go from that area. I believe the key is suppose to be Z as, I interacted with other things that had the hand symbol. I did try every other keystroke to see if this wasn't the case with no luck. Can't wait to see similar games like this from you in the future!

Thank you for the reply. I'm glad I didn't miss anything i've encountered bugs in other games that I noticed others have not. Especially when developers are working on their projects. That's great you stick to your own style and, not to let anyone sway you from that.In no way was I trying to bash your game if it was precieved that way. Was just stating how I view  this style of ar and perception will differ person to person.  My only real quip was the controls of keyboard and, mouse which could be in my play style and, not how you have it set up.

I was honestly waiting for a surprise jumpscare. I think I encountered a bug on the last part where it kept looping back to the beginning. Not sure if I didn't meet an objective or, certain criteria to trigger "the ending" or, if it was a random bug. The controls were a bit clunky to me on keyboard and, mouse. I like the atmosphere behind the game but, I didn't really feel any horror behind it maybe i'm just a disturbed individual!

a blast from the past...

Hello Lunar Labs. I look forward to a House Of Wolves sequel I hope the next one won't be as, daunting and, hard!

I'll try to keep an eye out for it as, i'm super excited you would continue this game. 

Thanks for the response hope to see the project soon!

Zero Deaths let's play super fun and, hope the developer makes more games as, suggested like Mark, Jack and, Raithias *cough cough*

I think there are some bugs to be worked out but, as a gamejam I know it can be beat the clock to get the game submitted in time. I hope the bugs get worked out and,  it gets polished up a bit. Has a lot of potential I think the comedy breaks up the spooky a bit (in a good way!)

My Filthbreed experience could of went a lot better but, I didn't know how to reload the gun. Not sure if I missed it in the tutorial would be helpful if there was a menu to remember keybinds. I did see some gameplay of others and, I thought it was interesting how you have different endings in your game.  Would have been nice to be returned to start menu on ending or, death instead of game closing.

Super cute idea and,  I found the story lighthearted and, very cute!

Reminds me of Contra in a way but, instead of Rambo it's a cute adorable corgi puppy!

Great game short and sweet. Sad to say you didn't scare me in 10 minutes! It's still good and, looking forward to your other projects. Also that doggo monster! ;)

the art s tyle is unique the gunshots really got me and, it wasn't expected at all!

Thanks for the heads up frostwood interactive! I'll have to check out the full version!

Short and, sweet just like I like my killers! XD

Yes I saw the new cover art and, I have to say it looks a ton better than what was there before. I think the new cover art stands out and, will attract many more let's players and, gamers to your game! Hope your team continues to keep up the great work!

Midnight is a survival horror game that never ends... until the clock runs out and you poop your pants because you can't find the key!!! XD

I'll admit I didn't think it was going to be that great judging by the cover of the game but, boy was I wrong this is a short and, sweet horror gem that got my heart racing a bit.

I think the game has ups and downs. First off i'd say the bear traps hidden in the field is a nice tough. It's a neat idea you can't see where they are at and, trying to get away from mr.twigs. There are some things that bother me and maybe in future games will be improved on. Mr.twigs isn't scary like at all. He is literally like his name suggests a pair of twigs. This is till fine in well even though I was hoping he would be scary. His jumpscare is  the most lame of all. He just appears no sound effect or scary music really he just appears. It's way too hard of a game you stand still he gets you, run away gets you, maybe have a mechanic that would hinder or, help you beat mr.twigs would be great. Overall it's a decent game and, I wish you success on future projects.

I think you did a great job with this short demo. The only little quip I have is the jumpscares I didn't feel they were dramatic enough. The only thing that really got me was when they cut the power. I enjoyed this a lot though!

I'm really not sure if this is your first game or not either way you did an amazing job! I was really hooked even from the very start. There is a lot of deep story hidden in fourth that makes you want to keep reading and, reading. I didn't realize that over a half an hour went by and, I had to stop the video. I would say more background music is the only thing this is really lacking. I'm also confused as, to the survival horror tag and, maybe even slightly the horror tag but, then again I didn't complete the whole demo yet. Keep up the great work love to see the direction you take this and, other possible games!

A great project but, I really wanted to see more horror aspects. Maybe a couple more intense jumpscares or, near jumpscares. There was a lot of back tracking that I thought had great potential for a moment. Don't get me wrong you did great!

I think i'm going to have to give the first game a play through so I can understand the characters better. The dialouge is interesting my only complaint is there is no background music to fit the theme.

I wouldn't really call this a horror experience maybe some people would and, maybe i'm so messed up with depression and, anxiety now that i'm numb to the horrors of such things.  On to the expression side I think you did a good job winding a story (even though I didn't get through the whole things) all the while seemed to draw inspiration from games like the stanley parable and, some other titles i can't remember right now.

Notes of Obsession is a great game that stands the test of time. You guys produced this 2 years ago!  I've been meaning to play it for about a year but, always put it off. Honestly I thought it was going to be super jumpscarey! I'm glad that even if you get jumpscared and, caught you can still beat the game.


A ten minute or so video of this amazing game!

I actually had several problems playing this game. The audio kept stuttering and, the lady kept getting bugged running into the door. Then I had an issue where the camera wouldn't turn left for awhile. These bugs only happened in the downloaded version when I play the game in browser everything works as, intended. The game is really fun. It got my heart racing as, the fast decision survival horror is a shock. I'd love to see what you would do with a project like  this that wasn't pressed for time for a game jam.

Enjoyed the artwork and the music as, it tied in well with the theme. My honest opinion is that she is a little too eager though. She is just easily excited by all the potential love interests right off the bat. Like I said my own personal opinion but, I thought it was a bit much. Great work though!

I enjoyed your game a lot! It was like a visual novel with characters playing a pokemon go dragonvale mash up!

Very cool and unique idea! Enjoyed your artwork I tend to enjoy smooth lines more than sharp just a personal preference. The music you choose fit each theme nicely. 

One little complaint would be the music being too loud. I'm sure I could adjust it in settings but I chose just to endure it and, i'm sure viewers will just adjust their volume watching it. For let's players will be hard to commentate and, adjust properly. 

I enjoyed each character having their own traits and, quirks. Keep up the great work I'll have to explore your other games!

The part I played so far seems to have quite story rich elements. Enjoyed the art style and, each characters persona. Keep up the good work!

I'm not going to lie at, first I thought here we go again another PT remake. Not that any of those games have been bad that I remember it's just there wasn't anything that made them unique or, dynamic. After the first loop I knew it was getting good. I can see why a lot of people want more of your style of PT. I really thought it was great in length and, I didn't know I could keep going  just a bit more where I stopped. Looking forward to any future games you may develop!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and, sorry for the very late reply as i've been sick and unable to do much. I thought I saw in the description that some things were randomized it's just my luck I didn't get any scare factor things. I may come back to this in the future and, see if a second play through would yield any different results. I will have to keep tuned to your work. Much success in your future developments!

I thought this was short but, it turned out to be way longer than what I thought it was going to be. Nothing to scary won't have any spoilers in the comment. You did great though and, I think it's a nice tribute to PT games and, the SCP.!