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Alexander The Pretty Good

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It won't run for me. I'm on chrome if that helps. And my computer won't download anything so i have to do browser version. I hope that you fix this because i really want to play it.

this is amazing! i wish you would swap the Q and E buttons because the tilting is somewhat confusing. also i think you should add collision with the planet surface. i don't know why this doesn't have much recognition. 

i think you should add a limit to the speed of your attacks, because you can basically just spam attack and destroy everything in your way

i don't know the coordinates, but i found a simple fix: save and quit then just continue

i wish the X button on the info screen was larger, because the enemy may still be attacking while im spending 10 seconds trying to click the X and it takes off half my hull before i can retreat.



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some of the planets disappear sometimes

This hasn't been much of an issue, until now.

Other than that, it's a very great game. This game has inspired me to make a similar game, but i only know how to make games on scratch, so it won't be very good, but I will make it unless i lose motivation.

edge made the music and sound? I guess that means it's atmosphere must be really...

... edgy

i saw gaming ftl play this and that's what brought me to your itch.io channel. I was thrilled to see i could play in browser because i have a school issued chromebook and can't download games. Keep making great games (preferably browser.)

almost got an average of 1 under par on all of them, but on the last one i got par. and i got -15 again.

what is that, all hole in ones?

i would never be able to do that, but i can definitely improve. Thanks for the reply, and i will keep trying.

yeah! top of the leaderboard with -15

ARGHHH one more gear and it's behind the door that closes really fast and i can't get it


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I wish there was a way to restart without reloading the page, because the game seems too random to be unable to easily/quickly restart.

REALLY great game! I just wish it didn't lag my potato battery so much XD

fun game! I noticed the boxes on the right, so I'm guessing you are planning more blocks for the game. I am excited to see where you take this, and I can't wait for more levels!

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nice update! still getting the occasional useless connector, but overall really great! You should add a sandbox mode, where you have all the parts, and everything is free, but auto-grow is turned off (so you don't constantly regrow your parts). I always have ideas for stuff, but i either lack the parts or the nutrients. i would love to test stuff against things.

Another problem is that the cost to buy parts scales with the size of your creation, but not the price to sell.

This becomes much more annoying in the end where you buy a connector for 5 nutrients, and sell one for 2.

This (and my potato computer lagging) are the only problems so far. Keep expanding and improving the game!

I think you should make it so you can't get a part without a unique ability when you defeat a boss, because it's always disappointing when you beat the boss and get a basic connector, or a worse version of a part you have.

Because one time i was the one with the repair ability with its connectors, and i got a basic connector, when in a different one I had both the push-eater, and the bomb eater, making a cannon.

This will add a layer of consistency, knowing that beating a boss will make you stronger.

wow great game! i kinda wish the hulls with two guns would double your fire rate, because what's the point of having two guns if it stays the same. also if possible, you should add a boss fight at the end.

Nice game! i cant manage to beat all the skeletons tho.

yeah, I couldn't get used to the controls.

I love this game! at first i didn't know i was able to change weapons or slow time, and it was a lot harder!

cool game! i wish the screen was bigger on the browser version

Really great game! I enjoyed the bullet time aspect of it, similar to SuperHot.

yes I had a good time playing this

best karate simulator ever

yeah this happened to me on html5 version

yeah that would be good, because my conveyors keep jamming with a lot of one material (coal) so that others like titanium can't go through

got 406 on first try

Great game! I hope you continue development because i would love to have enemies that you have to ricochet the chakram off of.

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Great game! I kept dying,but then I realized you can buy upgrades. I would have never thought of a turn-based bullet hell!

This is true art