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Thank you, I will now see how far I can get as a kensai! And I will see if I can join the discord sometime (eventually).

FARA community · Created a new topic Kensai help

How do I use the kensai, and what does it mean by a "charging enemy?" Is it just an enemy moving towards you, or does something else have to be happening?

FARA community · Created a new topic Brewmaster changes

Brewmaster should be able to brew drinks instead of cooking meals, which act the same as alcohol but provide stat bonuses like meals, and have slightly reduced health restoration.

FARA community · Created a new topic deleted score

The game did the "An agent of chaos appears" or something and it deleted all the score i got. :(

cool, great!

in the new update where you can skip the tutorial, if you skip the tutorial, you don't get the 5 extra nutrients form it, making you basically have to play the tutorial if you want to get anywhere. Please make it so that if you skip the tutorial you still start with the extra nutrition. 

when the AI is the guy with the shotgun, the bullets don't dissapear until they hit you or your minions, and they just stay there until they are hit.

these are the enemy's bullets. (some were cleared by my minions)

oh ok thank

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it's very unfair and i'm always the first to die. so very accurate. 10/10

i kinda wish guns started with one bullet in them or something.

what exactly does doom bot mode do?

if you're stuck on a planet, fly off at an angle.

yeah, now that i played more it stopped happening, maybe it was more of a wild bug than hard bug. but if it helps to replicate, i had two blocks (core and gun) and they were adjacent to the enemy (had core, block, and gun). i can't remember any more specifics.

on html version the game freezes after beating the boss. Is this normal? im on chrome if it helps.

Hard bug: if you have two blocks adjacent to two blocks of an enemy, it will put X's over your blocks and not allow you to move. This has happened twice with my core and gun blocks, forcing you to reload the page.

you should add an achievement for getting all upgrades

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i found a bug:
if you die but the screen already moved past your checkpoint you will spawn outside the screen and can't move back in

Really great game, but it feels like it gets really repetitive, with hardly any new mechanics being introduced. each level seems to be played in the same way: find the perfect placement for a line to push the ball off the platform into the jar. 

This is a great idea for a game and i'm glad to see you're still working on it and viewing what the community has to say.

The Dungeon Master community · Created a new topic Requests

The game has a great concept, however the execution could be worked upon.
1) i believe you should be refunded at least half (rounding up) of what you sell.
2) walls should be made automatically and should not cost extra.
3) you should be able to add treasure to lure heros into dead ends.
4) there should be a "start wave" button.
I would love to see this game be improved.

i kind of wish the game was split up into arcade and casual:
arcade: how the game is right now
Casual: heal when in shrine, no passive health loss in graveyard, dying removes 1/2 of your souls and revives you at shrine.
I love this game and would love to see casual mode added.

ran out of memory right as the beginning transmission ended.

it won't run for me. I'm on Google Chrome if that helps.

i beat the game in 1 minute 28.9 seconds

i would love to see this taken further.

i guess im just not used to those kinds of games, preferring simple yet enjoyable games

It won't run for me. I'm on chrome if that helps. And my computer won't download anything so i have to do browser version. I hope that you fix this because i really want to play it.

this is amazing! i wish you would swap the Q and E buttons because the tilting is somewhat confusing. also i think you should add collision with the planet surface. i don't know why this doesn't have much recognition. 

i think you should add a limit to the speed of your attacks, because you can basically just spam attack and destroy everything in your way

i don't know the coordinates, but i found a simple fix: save and quit then just continue

i wish the X button on the info screen was larger, because the enemy may still be attacking while im spending 10 seconds trying to click the X and it takes off half my hull before i can retreat.



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some of the planets disappear sometimes

This hasn't been much of an issue, until now.

Other than that, it's a very great game. This game has inspired me to make a similar game, but i only know how to make games on scratch, so it won't be very good, but I will make it unless i lose motivation.

edge made the music and sound? I guess that means it's atmosphere must be really...

... edgy

i saw gaming ftl play this and that's what brought me to your channel. I was thrilled to see i could play in browser because i have a school issued chromebook and can't download games. Keep making great games (preferably browser.)

almost got an average of 1 under par on all of them, but on the last one i got par. and i got -15 again.

what is that, all hole in ones?

i would never be able to do that, but i can definitely improve. Thanks for the reply, and i will keep trying.

yeah! top of the leaderboard with -15

ARGHHH one more gear and it's behind the door that closes really fast and i can't get it