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Hard bug: if you have two blocks adjacent to two blocks of an enemy, it will put X's over your blocks and not allow you to move. This has happened twice with my core and gun blocks, forcing you to reload the page.

Cheers. Sounds like a crash, I'll get to work on a patch.

Okay, I've just tried to reproduce this and it's not crashing. Not in the browser or on my machine. And I can still move afterwards.

I'm probably misreading your directions. If you remember any more details or can reproduce it by opening the editor (press P) that would help a lot. I'll keep an eye out for anything like it for now.

yeah, now that i played more it stopped happening, maybe it was more of a wild bug than hard bug. but if it helps to replicate, i had two blocks (core and gun) and they were adjacent to the enemy (had core, block, and gun). i can't remember any more specifics.

No worries, have put a watch on it.