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It's possible, but I wouldn't find it fun to do.

The source code is linked above if anyone wants to have a go.

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I really wish this was turn based, I hate doing math on a timer :(

It's otherwise a brilliant format for a 7 day roguelike. You could possibly do a paper one where you roll some dice to spend on moves or spells.

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To be fair, I don't think I offered desktop versions of the game when this post was made - which has now been rectified :)

Great job avoiding all the upgrades.

I'll make them a bit more colourful.

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I must refer you to the FAQ for the full answer:

The latest version of Bitsy moves windows around as soon as I click on anything in "Find".

This is so distracting I can't make anything in this tool anymore. Everything suddenly jumps to a new position and I completely lose track of what I was doing.

Is there any way to disable this feature?

Unending community · Created a new topic Level Editing

Unending has hidden tools for creating its puzzle campaign.

Edit Mode can be toggled by pressing Ctrl + Alt + E on the title screen.

Editing the campaign requires a keyboard and mouse.

When you enter the game you can now press P to edit the level.

The edited campaign map is separate from the one in the game.

There is currently no feature for loading a collection of map-worlds, they are normally installed by hand. Sharing is limited to map.pngs of individual levels, or changing the contents of the worlds data folder and using edit mode to access it.

(If someone goes to these lengths to share their own puzzle campaign then we can discuss how to improve this process.)


I'm trying to get things ready for a Steam release, which would mean compatibility with Steam Deck - a Linux OS.

But I don't own a Steam Deck and I don't have a Linux OS set up for testing builds. So a Linux version is a while away yet.

If you have a preferred Linux OS then mention it here so I know what to prepare for.

I've updated the art a few times over the past year so I've held off on making any promo art.

I've added the in-game font to the page's downloads if you want to make use of it. It's CC licenced.

That's pretty much what I thought - but I don't have 80 projects. Hence my confusion.

If I mouse-over other parts of the bar chart it tells me what page was visited or what was downloaded.

But the white part does nothing.

Even more confusing is that I have around 80 white downloads - of what exactly? Did they download the gifs from my home page? What's going on?

I'll admit that this is an oversight.

However - the room is still possible to beat even after the cover has been removed. You will need collect the up-shot.

If you can clear out the first few enemies and wedge yourself here, you're covered from fire and can clear out the area (QED).

Re - the terminal command to unlock the app on Mac:

I've had this problem as well. For me it's caused by Window's file system. It literally cannot set Unix file permissions. So the only workaround is to either build the app on a Mac. Or transfer the app to a Mac, unlock it, zip it, and then upload to itch without letting Windows wreck it.

A dungeon for the Turner Player:

Thanks for letting me know.

I've uploaded a new build and posted an update:

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I might have to create a variable for each sprite, so it locks in a list choice from the moment you bump it.

I'm thinking one dice roll at the start (an event maybe). Then everything else is technically not random, just rotating the current number 1,2,3.

So I need to avoid shuffles if I want to sell the vibe that you can control your fate. (But also trick you in making it look random.)

This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

I've been toying with the idea of fake randomness with lots of hidden items. To make it feel like what speedrunners do to control RNG, but also to make a jokes about whether things are actually random.

I've made bitsies and I've made roguelikes. This was inevitable.

You are Halfway Mouse, and you're all about choices that matter in games. But oh no, you're in a roguelike and everything is random - do your choices matter anymore?

What I'm picturing is a "depth crawl" - it's a linear dungeon where you start from the top, go to the bottom, and go back. Each step along the way is randomly generated.

Instead of exits we have sprites that will teleport you. To allow backtracking we'll have variables called ROOM_1, ROOM_2, etc. that start blank and get set when we use an exit.

So random rooms is kinda solved right?

But what else could we do? I'd like more random elements and maybe a fail state here and there so there can be jokes about permadeath.

Whoo hoo!


Not a bug, but could we get a version that doesn't flash black so much whenever you move. Makes me want to blink all the time.

Download the data.txt if you want all the spoilers.


> "Good drivers finish a track in 25s"

This would be a lie. Golf on Mars can say it's par 3 because that's an easy assumption to make - and it's effectively a prank. Because some of the holes technically are par 3 but they're nigh impossible.

There is no score in Tapioca Rider, nor is there a median track length, there is only a record of how long you took. And no, I do not love UI programming so much that I will record all manner of statistics. It was easy to track the time, here is your time.

I'm sorry the game isn't more interesting for you. It entertained me enough whilst making it, which is why it is what it is. If I feel differently in the future then maybe I will add a new mode but that's not where I'm at right now.

If you would like to solve this problem yourself, you can find the source code for Ending here:

However, the tools for compiling it are difficult to find and no longer supported. Which is why I have no intention of modifying or recompiling the game myself.

I can and I have ;)

The challenge is all about not being able to shoot in a certain direction, so swapping weapons would make it too easy.

I think the sort of gameplay you're on about is more like what I did for Cardinal Gun Prospector. But it's turn based so that might not be your jam.

I too hanker for saving. Got a bit Shawshank Redemption in my run and felt like I'd need a few more hours to dig my way out of the mess I'd made.

laptop, 1920x1080. I don't have great eyesight either.

The signs are too small for me to read :(

Well done!

I was worried I may have hidden some too well, thanks for letting me know.

Cannot get off this screen at all. Tried pressing up below a ladder but nothing happens.

Just "Flap"?

I'm writing up a Credits page for Unending. Considering you've given us a lot of input, what do I put your name in as?

I tried melee range to begin with and you just lose health all the time. Ranged was the solution that worked best for the sort of person finding this game.

For a future game where you hit things in an order I'd give you different range weapons. And it wouldn't be words it would be spells. But I thought of all this like a week after 7DRL finished so here we are.

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No apology needed.

Anyone can make Let's Play (gameplay) or review videos of Wordrl - or any of my other games - and distribute / upload those videos free of charge.

I tried Edge on Win10 and it still works for me. Don't know what's going on but glad the desktop version works for you.

We'll see if anyone else has the same issue.

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I cannot reproduce this issue.

If you collect a spell you can press number keys 1, 2, or 3 to activate them. If they cannot be cast there is a noise and a red cross will appear over the spell. The numpad keys will be affected by numlock so you may want to use the main keyboard numbers.

Example: This is the randomise spell being cast by pressing the 1 number key.

You have to collect spells before you can use them.

The 1st spell appears after you have defeated one word.

If using the spell would provide no benefit then the spell will not be cast. (Eg: Casting ❤ when you have full Health.