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This would make sense if the formatting of the ability matched every other ability. It doesn't. Instead the ability has bold text (like all other mutations) but is phrased like a monster ability (which never has bold text).

I ruled that it would be a once per rest ability when a player got it as a mutation. The players cannot get any sand from the squid's puppet as it is already dead. The ability itself is a double edged sword as no one can see through it. This struck me as a reasonable compromise.

The monster sounds like a cool idea, but its text is definitely wrong.

The Marionetta Squid entry on p58 has no attacks and the text describing what happens when an heir eats its sand comes before the description.

Ink Cloud: Creates a 15x15ft zone of Magical Darkness around it.

Is this the mutation? Is this what the squid does? If it's the mutation then is that just always on?

I'm finding it very hard to look around on gamepad. Because the right stick isn't a dedicated "look around" tool I end up walking by accident when I try to look.

I want to explore but I keep getting pulled out of the experience by the weird controls.

I've uploaded a small change so the drill blocks spawn showing the direction they will spawn a drill in.

May determinism reign.

That's a good score!

I think it beats what I had before I wiped my own score to test the "new best" fanfare :'(

If it's an independent idea, that means you've established a genre ;) 

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Seriously though, the code of most javascript games are exposed and there for the taking. If I wanted to protect the code I would be forced to create a client interface and stream the game from a server. Which would be a bit silly for a little game about a Roomba.

The download for Roomba Quest includes a text file with just the source code so people that aren't familiar with "l33t hacker skills" like Inspect Element (or that the code is inside the html file) can just take the code and learn from it.

Is this poking fun at the early access game Snakelike on Steam? (Also on by the way.)

Yes. I even downloaded it to check. It's a .html file. Perhaps you have file extensions hidden.

I didn't. It's a .html.

I disagree. The logic is that the prompt is visible only when you aren't delivering input. If you want to experiment then the UI should get out of the way - regardless of the context.

I intend to implement a way to look around the map. Also another reason the prompt should hide.

I don't experience any lag when running the game in Pico8 or Chrome. I'm afraid I can't control how Pico8 behaves Firefox browser.

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Challenge is never simply there to convey new ideas. First you introduce an idea, then you demand that the concept has been internalised. If you don't escalate then you've thrown an idea at the player and they may have lucked out getting past it.

There's shortcuts to bypass the hard bits on the backtracking, perhaps they aren't telegraphed well enough.

Criticism is welcome but criticism is far better when you complain about specifics and what to do about them. Because then I'd be able to work on a directors cut incorporating everyone's feedback. "It's got no music" or "this is too hard" is unfortunately something I can't respond to. I'm not a musician and to me the game is fairly easy (and I'm really bad at most games).

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Powerups change passives. The most powerful at the moment is Hook because having a hook makes you immune on one direction.

If you enable edit mode in settings you can press P during play to experiment with this stuff.

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Well... elements are still allied Us and Them. There's still value in a box with a passive that you can swap with or one the enemy won't attack.

It's just that previously I was trying to fill twos lists with baddies and goodies. And the goody list was bigger because Scroll and Box aren't a threat. I'm sure there's elements other than Scroll that could be truly of traversal allegiance, but to be honest Scroll is only neutral because allowing the enemy to use it isn't fun (you get lots of endless shoving matches).

Endless now needs a balance overhaul because it's quite messy. But I kind of like it at times so I'm going to have to figure out how to make the diversity fluctuate.

This thread on the Bitsy forums answers this question:

Bear in mind that Roomba Quest uses an older version of Bitsy and some special things like gate-key interactions I had to use a tool called Borksy to hack the game so I could make special exits. But in modern Bitsy you can do these things without any external tools.

I have a few issues to fix that I've noticed whilst making levels, but next on the to do list is variations on the doors ie: degrees of being surrounded by wall, ally door (would need to be buried under wall or wall-ally-boxes), maybe a door that subtracts progress to let you escape to an easier room, etc.

After I'm satisfied the door variations work I'm going to look at quests for endless mode. You would start endless with an objective. Though it might be hard to have "kill X amount of Y" without knowing if Y ever gets spawned enough for a seed.

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There's no death log with undo so I guess I need to make a pause screen that feels like a notebook.

However, I feel like you've hit on a point that the endless mode needs more intimacy. How else would you get to know the beasts. It's currently like a sweaty puzzle nightclub. But there's no chill out room. Just corridors full of noise till you hit another dance floor. Maybe ally-doors could help if I buried them under the right elements.

I've made a key but your DMs are locked at the moment.

You got an email or twitter I can send a key to?

I will update this post when I realise people keep asking me something. If you want to ask me something my twitter account is here, you can submit bugs or complaints to this thread, and you can tell me about your crazy ideas that I just have to put in the game in this thread.

Is it coming to Steam?

When a full puzzle campaign has been created and the endless mode is in a state I'm happy with, then the game will be released as an Early Access beta on Steam as well as on I'm developing the game as a hobbyist not an indie developer so it will take a long time.

Is it coming to Switch?

I don't have a Nintendo developer account as an individual. The game would have to be popular on Steam for me to negotiate an opportunity to sell the game on Switch. We'll have to wait and see.

Is it coming to mobile?

Eventually the game will be available for android and iPhone but it is absolutely last on my to-do list. Creating and maintaining a mobile game is quite stressful - I speak from experience. The android version will be available on and I will likely beta-test it here before anywhere else (unless Apple come knocking with a wheelbarrow full of cash, which is highly unlikely).

When will it be finished?

I don't know. I spent several months trying to design the right kind of raw data the engine would use. Something that would take up little memory but allowed for a lot of complexity. The intent was to make sure I wouldn't hit any development road-blocks later on. Projects I've worked on before have suffered because there was no raw data to begin with.

I may have planned ahead for Unending but this is still something I'm making by myself in my spare time. Any progress with the user interface will be glacial - I do not enjoy it. Otherwise the game is quite fun to work on.

How much will the finished game cost?

I'd like it to cost $20 or more. Enough so that putting it on sale would actually mean something.

I trained as a fine artist so I can't really be lectured on the value of things when I've seen actual piles of garbage sold for around $10,000 that will only appreciate in value (unlike any videogame). That doesn't mean Unending will be overpriced, but it does mean any comments I receive saying it is won't be taken seriously.


I had a lot of complaints about turn speed recently so I'm guessing I may need to figure out how to publish a smaller web demo.
Though I am also making undo faster, adding input buffering, and variable turn speed.

That;s the plan :)

There is already a bullet launcher - the spawner-bullet. I don't want to make new elements that repeat what's already there. This gives me an idea for a cluster bullet however - like the cluster-turner.

I have already considered other exit types - they could be shielded. They could be ally-doors that have to be released by scroll blocks or fighting. I am considering a key-passive for the puzzle mode (you must kill all key enemies to unlock the door). The key might be a good addition to endless.

The endless mode is not finished and neither is the game. The progression is a ramp upwards - whereas desirable progression should be like a sine wave. Developing an algorithm for this is very complicated and takes a long time. I have no intention of letting one finish the endless - you can finish ending, this experience already exists and does not need repeating. I am however considering achievements that one can search for, or quests. It's important to investigate a game experience that has no win state. I understand that a lot of people will be angry or upset that they cannot achieve closure. The point is to keep researching mechanics and play to find a space where a win condition does not need to exist. I don't expect this to be easy or quick to resolve.

Thanks, I'll bear this in mind.

In future could you post this feedback in this thread please:

Tool tips when you mouse-over an element are on the to-do list.

Not keen on variable undo. Undo is a bad reward. It's the wrong message - for being good at something you are treated like you are bad at it. If you carry on being good then the undos are worthless. Undo is for learning. I will likely add the option to turn it off, but definitely not a mechanic to get it back.

Levels are never generated on top of each other because the code requires to the rooms to be separate for a lot of mechanics to work. Duplicating a room as part of a level progression might be an idea though.

There are no trains - they are implicit due to the HOOK passive (press P to open the editor during a game). There is only a single layer of data, no floor, no sky. This rules out a lot of cool things like jumping over stuff and pressure pads. Maybe something could take away passive abilities like HOOK and WALL - but it would be very boring with no passive abilities around. Or maybe it could trade them - unsure what would be good. Ideally I'd like to be able to do an ally and enemy version, unlike the scroll tile which doesn't really work for enemies.

The level state doesn't keep a record of previous turns (the undo stack is just a pile of level states). So time travel isn't possible. The level data is simple and clean and must stay that way. If we had an enemy that changes state over time, then we could target that property. That's probably something that needs to be made - an element that switches behaviours.

I have arthritic hands. I can't find a way to turn off rumble so I can't play without your game hurting my hands.

Nebula was pretty bad:

Sorry, I can't actually solve this problem. Flash is no longer supported. There is no way for me to recompile the game with infinite save storage.

I will remove Red Rogue from circulation.

Whoo hoo!

Only the intent matters. Fairies are fine if you use the word rouge in any other context.

I will be visiting hell for different reasons.

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Didn't have enough tokens for any other features sadly, only enough room for bug fixes (they eat a lot).

A map would have been nice but I never felt the need to backtrack. Ammo would have solved the balance issues in the late game but I didn't think of that during the jam. (It's a pretty good solution and would have meant more experimentation and OP guns.)

Given more time and tokens I would have been an idiot and just added more monsters and guns.

Subscribing for Windows. Godspeed Jeff.

I ran a game of this recently and everyone loved it. More zines!

Maximum fastidiousness is the only answer! Remember, you are are roomba - leave no debris in your wake.

Will sit on the Xs till someone else complains as well. Or I might add a setting for them to instantly fade in. Will add a fade out-in to the end of the animation so you can see underneath. But I also plan on adding a mouse-over tool tip.

Wall-allies can already push objects. Wall-player is already possible but it needs to have its own food clock and I've yet to figure that out.

Multi-enemies are cool. I have added it to my todo list. I might be able to use the code that operates hooks to do it.

Bullet enemies are already a thing. About level 4 I think. A bullet-spawner is effectively a turret.

Flee enemy seems like a given. But it needs something else to spice it up - a reason to chase it.

Conveyor belts require a second layer of data. Right now it's completely flat, with two rectangles that define a container around it. I already have the scroll-block working though. That shoves an entire row or column of glyphs - it wraps around the current room it's in. I just haven't tried it with doors yet, because it's going to be pretty bizarre rolling a door into the middle of the room and opening it (the logic still opens a room outside of the current room, it walks from the door's direction till it hits an edge).