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All shot-types will have a life timer. Can't balance them otherwise.

I'm already planning on a cap animation for the beam. It's a bit unfair getting lazored off-screen and without a range limit I can't balance it against other weapons. It might be cool to see it earlier but at the moment it's OP and has a massive AI presence.

Plan is: Fires something like a homing shot - firing into an existing worm shot makes it grow from the head, only one growth per turn allowed.

It's mostly set up. There's quite a few animations still to do. It will be quite helpful if it works because it will allow Tholian Web style weapons to exist. Other types of shot could expand into nets or create structures.

I know this isn’t a priority, but when I’m ill or travelling it’s been nice to make games in stuff like Twine or other editors that work on mobile.

On iPad I’ve tried to turn on as many experimental settings as possible, but the windows all appear bugged out (the sprite editor window is black, as is the room editor). I suspect it just crashes on initialisation due to some Apple silliness. Does anyone know why? If one of us exported the Bitsy editor via phone-gap or something, could we get it to work?

On my big Android phone, everything seems fine in the Chrome browser. I’m super zoomed in, which makes things hard, but I can still tinker away at stuff (even if I can only see a corner of it).

Again, it’s a big ask getting something to work on phone as well as desktop and I’d rather see Bitsy add features and fix other things instead of supporting something like mobile that constantly changes. But if there’s a quick Borksy style hack one could apply to make your own portable editor, that would be super cool.

No worries, have put a watch on it.

Okay, I've just tried to reproduce this and it's not crashing. Not in the browser or on my machine. And I can still move afterwards.

I'm probably misreading your directions. If you remember any more details or can reproduce it by opening the editor (press P) that would help a lot. I'll keep an eye out for anything like it for now.

Cheers. Sounds like a crash, I'll get to work on a patch.

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs

1. Fighters fixed for next update.

2. I don't mind that you can use mouse to look through a holo, you still have to guess it's a holo - even though ship designs are currently too basic to hide it. I still find it interesting to fight against and can make use of the AI effect. I don't intend to have every block available in the full game, and this block is unlikely to make it into the opening selection. But I see no need to cut it.

3. The enemy nanites can stack, it just happens rarely. I've added a condition preventing clouds from moving into an area with a trigger already in it (bullets / clouds / fuel). This should make things clearer. Adding a time limit means natural clouds can't exist. Adding even more variants of clouds is confusing. If a way to shoo clouds around becomes available I will add it, but currently the code doesn't support this.

If there is a block that is not on the editor palette then it's because it's not a simple as clicking it into existence. If adding enemy ships at random become simple and definitely not the cause of a bug, I will add it.

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs

Cheers. Added to my list for investigation.

Figured out how to do a worm-gun. The worm would be like a chain of homing bullets. Splitting it just makes break up into smaller worms. Firing into an existing worm-bullet makes it grow. This would be distinct from wild worms, but I think I might change them up a bit to make this crazy idea possible.

I think I would like a second resource for trading. I can imagine green trading ships that spawn blocks on payment pretty easily. Ram them to pay them and they spit out a block on the other side.

Making it depend on fuel wouldn't be much fun though. It would force you to spend all your time mining. Cash should be dropped by something interactive like blocks - letting you crush them for resource instead of just abandoning blocks you don't like. Or perhaps you have to hunt worms or something bigger.

Replied to st33d in Bugs

Tested the laser thing. I got it slightly wrong: It's the most recently added block that acts first. This was done to help the code remove blocks that killed themselves, but that was before I realised that some blocks tear the ship in two - it's safer to count the dead afterwards.

Looks like the laser is obeying attachment order so I'll have to call that one wild for now. Though this does make me wonder about which way the blocks should iterate. New blocks or old blocks first?

Astro-fac is behaving normally after I've added some more rules for pushing. Also putting an end to pushing a core block hit by gauss. It's amusing but it's gonna break stuff.

Replied to aryst0krat in Bugs

I need a version number please. You might be trying to play an old version of the game.

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs

Cheers. The bomb fac is probably multiple push effects on one rock. The laser is odd - blocks execute in the order they were placed on the ship, will investigate. Should be able to fix for next update.

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs


It's only a visual bug. There's no crash and the block still docks on the right side. The logic for the tractor beam needs a look at but I have to do a load of work on Six Match for GDPR. I'll try to fix this for the next update.

Most of AI is about assigning a score to your goals. You need to know what that score is before you can apply a solution to it.

The game currently uses several heat maps generated by "threats" and acting entities. The ships poll their blocks and react to immediate threats and opportunities.

The main flaw is that they act from the core and move towards your core. I need to add getting the whole glom to look at each direction it could move as well as what advantage is gained by firing. I'm thinking of a democracy. That's more or less what's currently happening but a lot of blocks have veto, and just override any other concern. By building a score for each block's possible actions, I could then adjust the vote based on which blocks have the best utility.

This is something I'd have to do before even considering a neural net because I need data to put into that neural net. I doubt I'll use a neural net, I wouldn't know where to start - and I say this having programmed several classic neural nets in the past.

(Edited 1 time)

Sounds complicated. How would you figure out what it does and how would the enemy AI be able to predict several turns in advance to use it? What happens if you just spam it?

As an example: The ships spam astro-fac for two turns when they use it. I found that simply reacting wasn't enough to block a threat - the gun that made the bullet is still aimed at the ship. But add a load of other blocks and the ship starts tooting it's guns like crazy, just to feed the astro-fac's demands.

I'm probably misinterpreting your idea, but factoring multi-turn events into an AI that's looking after a group of weapons that do different things is a world of nope.

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs

Cheers. Looks like I’m missing a check to ignore gaussed tractor beam children. Will try to get a fix done and uploaded soon.

This parry effect you're describing sounds like some kind of force wall you're lumping in front of you. I think it would have to exist on the solid layer so it can absorb effects and operate independently.

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs

Can't reproduce in the browser version or in the dev environment. Marking as wild.

New topics are good :D

Replied to spectralballoons in Bugs

Couldn't reproduce this but will keep an eye out. PS: you've triple-posted the same response.

Someone on reddit mentioned an energy shield and reflective blocks. I said, what about a block that can parry bullets and send them back?

Dunno how to approach this. Perhaps it has 1 hp of reflective layer it gives to surrounding blocks and you can pump fire to restore it? Or does it bat in front of you? It would have to hit a decent space in front of you but is that OP?

Replied to Toodahoo in Bugs
(Edited 1 time)

Cheers. I assume the heal is performing necromancy. Will get on it.

* this is fixed

I feel what you're getting at, though the solutions make things a lot harder to understand for new players.

I want bullets to basically say - "I destroy". It's easier to read. Gauss doesn't do that, hence the melee approach.  I've added the ability for gauss to feed the new gauss clouds I'm adding. They are small benign clouds that will detach blocks, so you can use them to rearrange your ship. This lets you create a defensive net or disassemble your ship completely. Perhaps the block could also have a 2 tile range and use the new pushing code to instigate a pull, I will experiment with this. I agree the block needs support but projectiles is too messy.

The astro-fac has its uses. When the fac is pointing at your rear, it provides the perfect defense against pursuers. Hopefully, the new opportunities to rearrange might make this block a bit easier to use. Perhaps a charged state for rocks would let them glide for a turn - but I want to keep it consistent with the bomb-fac, which is hard to do when the top use for bomb-fac is pump-and-bump. I think the block is more situational than outright bad, but the situations definitely insist on one direction only. For now, I'll keep an eye on it, perhaps try to come up with new synergies with rocks  so that they can have more utility.

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Wild: Station reported missing on return, macguffin blocks were apparently still at large.

Created a new topic Comments

Sorry about the switch to the forum. I felt the comments were getting a bit long and it'll be easier going forwards to keep track of bugs and whatnot as topics.

I'm a bit miffed it won't let me have comments and a forum. Maybe I just haven't figured out what setting to use.

Feel free to comment here from now on if you've got something to say.

Created a new topic Features, and Stupid Ideas

S.S.Bagel went through many revisions in its former form as East Bagel Ship. Certain weapons like the Launcher were ridiculous. The repair block required adding cool downs to the engine because no matter how I tried I couldn't nerf the damn thing.

You might have your own ideas about:

  • Cool down timers - from bullets to how often bugs lay rocks.
  • When you should encounter a block (bear in mind a game should progress not as a slope, but with spikes of activity and recovery).
  • The availability of fuel.
  • Better tactics from large enemy ships.
  • Bizarre wild life.
  • A new type of block or better version of an existing block.

Be as ambitious as you like, some ideas might just be crazy enough to work. I will also post ideas - more mechanics generally involves a lot of nerfs and boost to other systems (I've just added mines at the time of this post and you can totally confuse the AI with them).

Created a new topic Bugs

Bugs come in two categories:

  1. Hard Bug. Doing X causes Y, every time. This is a reproducible bug. It could be a flaw in the code, or it could be a flaw in the design. But it can be addressed.
  2. Wild Bug. Something weird happened or the game crashed.  The best thing to do in this situation is not to come up with theories, the cause of the bug could have happened long ago, and we are only now catching up with the effect. What we need is data. A watch will be placed for future occurrences. Then we can look for patterns in that data and solve the problem.

I can't promise fast resolution, but rest assured I do want S.S.Bagel to be an exploding chess game where logic prevails. The data shall light the way.

This is cool. Though you should press P to open the palette and experiment with the Tractor block. It's way more powerful than you think, you can build ships with gaps - this increases your surface area (more guns).

I’ll look into it. Are you aware that all of your posts appear twice?

Just found a crash occurring due to some holograms not declaring themselves dead. You have fighters flying off screen in your shot so it may be related. I've uploaded a fix.

Might be some issues with pushing as it's a new system. Dozens of blocks are trying to do different things. Press P to open the palette if you have theories.

Found it. Threats are marked at the end of actor's turn, but checking contiguity of ships comes afterwards during the graveyard phase - allowing every block to act before detaching or dying. Thus a block can threaten before being detached.

I've added an edge case to the next update. It will process block-ship threats at the very end of their turn.

No idea what causes that yet, no obvious culprits in the code, can't reproduce. Might even be the danger system reacting to a hidden bug.

Cheers for the heads up, will keep an eye out.

Might be a few days before the next update. I'm adding a lot of features, including a hologram block that projects fake blocks (you'll look at a big enemy ship and get scared, and the enemy AI will freak out when you have the block) - it will even disguise itself to trick you.

I'm considering allowing one to push green blocks outside of your power grid. It was easy to just destroy them in the 7DRL version, but I feel like I'm missing out on designing my best ship because an enemy died in a dumb place. I'm also going to add a new type of cloud - it detaches your blocks. I considered all sorts of options for letting you pull apart your ship, but I don't want to teleport the player to a special area or cordon off a huge chunk of space. Some roaming utility (hazardous in a fight) that does that seems the best thing. Unless there's another way...

Thanks for playing, I appreciate the feedback.

Bomb shot can probably penetrate as well.

(Edited 1 time)

Sorry. I can't update the prototype browser version. The current version of the game is mobile only and has many more features. I might do a downloadable desktop version in the future but it is a lot of work.

Feature. Ninja matching is kinda important at high skill level.

A downloadable is a bit too much work at this early stage. If I release downloadables then I’m going to charge money for it. Not much but it’s tedious to do and makes updating the game a miserable chore (I know this well from other games I’ve made).

Making it easier to get fuel further out defeats the point of getting a Yendor block to give you infinite fuel.  I agree the fuel is currently too generous. I’ll try some more adjustments, but the next update involves macguffin blocks you need to seek out for a win condition. It totally changes the way you play when you have a destination so the importance of fuel may yet evolve.

right x 9, left x 7

The second level is literally possible. I'm revoking your puzzle licence. BOOK'EM DANNO.

(Edited 1 time)

Personally I rarely have trouble with fuel so long as I'm actively looking for it. But I can increase the reward from fuel and start the fuel warning sooner in the next update. I've got a quick idea for laser drills I want to try.