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Bomb shot can probably penetrate as well.

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Sorry. I can't update the prototype browser version. The current version of the game is mobile only and has many more features. I might do a downloadable desktop version in the future but it is a lot of work.

Feature. Ninja matching is kinda important at high skill level.

A downloadable is a bit too much work at this early stage. If I release downloadables then I’m going to charge money for it. Not much but it’s tedious to do and makes updating the game a miserable chore (I know this well from other games I’ve made).

Making it easier to get fuel further out defeats the point of getting a Yendor block to give you infinite fuel.  I agree the fuel is currently too generous. I’ll try some more adjustments, but the next update involves macguffin blocks you need to seek out for a win condition. It totally changes the way you play when you have a destination so the importance of fuel may yet evolve.

right x 9, left x 7

The second level is literally possible. I'm revoking your puzzle licence. BOOK'EM DANNO.

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Personally I rarely have trouble with fuel so long as I'm actively looking for it. But I can increase the reward from fuel and start the fuel warning sooner in the next update. I've got a quick idea for laser drills I want to try.

4th game installment, not 4th womb installment.

It's a bug. I'm guessing I've messed up the ship spawning code and it mangles deploying it to the next chunk of map.

I'd like to fix it, but I've had 6 new ideas for blocks (tractor beam, slaver drill, support fighters, etc.), an idea for an open map with long range sensors, and some thoughts on a lunch break length campaign across hostile space.

After I've updated my previous game release I'll be able to risk going near the code.

For the web version or for mobile? I'm afraid that for web I don't want to do updates as it's diverged significantly from the mobile version. Supporting both would be a lot of work.

You can turn the sound off on Chrome however by right clicking the tab - there's a mute tab option.

I've not encountered a no-hints bug. The solver sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to solve the board, though the hint button will appear after 8 seconds if it solves sooner. Are you sure you waited long enough? If it happens again and you're able to save a screenshot (imgur.com will host it for free) it would help me a lot in tracking it down.

I don't want to create a trade between score and hints - I've considered it, but the conversation that happens in your head when you play this game is crucial to its appeal ("oh no I'm dead, oh wait, yes, I'M ALIVE!"). The hints already soften this, but keep the tension ramped up. If you could always buy your way out of failure, you'd never feel the full-force-rush of figuring a way out of what you thought was death. You wouldn't push yourself as hard.

The end-game does need some work though - so there's some more mechanics and adjustments yet to come. I may implement a way to get more hints, but I want you to work for it and feel proud of yourself when you achieve it.

Replied to Gofri in Bugs

I built the Linux version on a version of Ubuntu that fits on a thumb drive. It wouldn't even run properly but others said it was okay. I've no idea how Linux stuff works so perhaps it's similar to a Mac app where it's a folder full of resources.

I can't even get Linux to work on any of my machines any more so I'm afraid I can't offer anything else. The executable did nothing other than run the swf in a wrapper. So if you can play the swf you're playing the game - the exe or app version isn't any better.

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I can't promise a quick solution, but I'm liable to get round to it eventually. Version number and screenshots welcome.