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Also, with the wearing of several items  of the same time, I have some things to add

1: you can wear several items of the same type, but only if they are of different material. For example: you might be able to wear a pair of bronze goggles and brass goggles, but you can't wear two pairs of brass goggles.

2: This is also my primary strategy for the haberdasher, as the haberdasher gains double stats from hats caps hoods and helms (maybe crowns and tiaras but I'm not sure), so you can wear several iron/gold/platinum crowns tiaras and helms to get very high stats.

Also kinda wanted to ask here if haberdashers gain double stats from crowns and tiaras as they do helms caps hats and hoods, because it only lists those in the description of the haberdasher.