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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative

Z's Omni bug/suggestion/question post.

A topic by Zypher created 72 days ago Views: 76 Replies: 3
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ALLLRIGHTY There is allot to address here so lets get started with a bug list:

-Inspected a scroll on the ground, game said it was very small and I had pleanty of room for it (23-25 inventory slots) Tried to pick it up and was told I didn't have any room.    ('^')

And honestly thats the only thing I could classify as a solid bug ive seen so far because honestly I have no idea what IS and ISNT supposed to happen in this game. On to the suggestion list:

- The combat dummy actually does damage and can do a number on the player. New players have NO idea how to heal or recover health at that stage and so it can be very very demotivating. Instead it should spit witty lines at you example: *You atacked the combat dummy- It's feelings are midley hurt.* Or *Combat dummy stands around sheepishly.*  OR *Combat dummy doesn't know what you expect from this.*

-I noticed equiping weapons (Litterally typing in "/Equip Such and such" litterally make you wear them like an article of clothing. I like the sheathing idea that this seems to be the framework for, But what it needs is actual sheaths and clasps to hold the apropriate class of weapon (Maybe with the ability to enchant the sheaths in order to 'charge' weapons while they are in them.) That way they don't take extra cloths slots.

-SPEAKING of slots..... I don't think there are any? I had two pairs of glasses and a pair of goggles on at the same time. THAT of course should be physically impossible. SO I am asuming there are no equipment slots on the chars. That is somthing that needs done ASAP

-I went to the mission given from the shack at the start. It was a bounty. When I touched the square it was on the bounty completed automatically and there was no fight. I didn't even have to explore the area. Just magically killing bounty targets by being near them really dosn't work. Do somthing about this pls.

-I can wear furnature?!?!?!!!? I can equip things like cabinets, chamber pots, and bookshelves. I KNOW this can't be right.

-The define command needs allot of work example: Typing "/define status" gives no results, instead of giving a list of status effects and what they do.

- So I tried to smash a supply crate. The responce was: "/smash is not a valid comand" So I pressed E on it and the very next line stated: "You smashed open the supply crate."    Gonna have to either make smash work OR stap mentioning how "Smashable" those are in the discription.

Thats all ive got for now suggestion wise. Those things just feel like they need to be fixed for this game to ever get off the ground. ONWARD to the questions:

-Taking a knee (N key) does what now?

ANNNND that about wraps it up. I hope this helps with development in some way or form.

(Ps/EDIT: I did wanna mention, since there are absulutly no hard numbers anywhere, theres no specific weight stats, no specific damage number or anything like that up front. It is nigh impossible to track down any bugs involving those things. No one knows what is supposed to do what, and so no one knows what is a bug and what is intended.)


Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to put together your thoughts! Here are some answers for you:

- I'll take a look at the scroll weight problem and include a fix in the next update.

- Regarding the combat dummy - I think having it do actual damage is useful for testing your resilience and triggerable effects, but agree that I could add another tip or two to inform players about resting to recover health.

- The freeform nature of equipment slots is very intentional, and if someone wants to wear 6 different kinds of goggles or a glass table, more power to them.

I completely sympathize with your desire to have the game convey more information, but that's not what FARA is about. Ideally, you're supposed to try different things out and do you best to remember what works well and what doesn't. If you haven't already, please be sure to join us on Discord! The community is pretty active, and there are many players willing to offer tips and tricks on getting by.


Thanks! Your obviously a very active dev. And I do love simple looking games that are infinitly deep!

      I work allot, but had intended to pop by the discord eventually, And I will probably keep an eye on this project for quiet a while. (I looked at the wiki, but it seems fairly barren at the moment. No one has any hard data to add.  Also I don't do well as a wiki writer, I am dyslexic, and I know you can't tell but writing these takes allot longer than you think because I have to proofread everything about 50 times or it's a typo'ed mess.)

I do like the idea that your going freeform with it now that you've stated thats your intentions. Having total freedom can absolutly make outstanding games. Divinity original sin, and the elder scrolls (morrowind and later) series are PRIME examples of freedom in games. But they have there limits, as well as any other 'succesfull' freeform games I have seen. If it's to open ended, and there are no constraints at all then it is like a pile of dry sand: Infinite potentential to be sculpted into whatever you want. But without constraints (Adding water) It will never hold it's shape, and will always colapse back into the pile of sand it was.

   So keep it open ended as possible! BUT give it structure. Just an opinion.

Thanks again for the quick responce.

Also, with the wearing of several items  of the same time, I have some things to add

1: you can wear several items of the same type, but only if they are of different material. For example: you might be able to wear a pair of bronze goggles and brass goggles, but you can't wear two pairs of brass goggles.

2: This is also my primary strategy for the haberdasher, as the haberdasher gains double stats from hats caps hoods and helms (maybe crowns and tiaras but I'm not sure), so you can wear several iron/gold/platinum crowns tiaras and helms to get very high stats.

Also kinda wanted to ask here if haberdashers gain double stats from crowns and tiaras as they do helms caps hats and hoods, because it only lists those in the description of the haberdasher.