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Thanks! Your obviously a very active dev. And I do love simple looking games that are infinitly deep!

      I work allot, but had intended to pop by the discord eventually, And I will probably keep an eye on this project for quiet a while. (I looked at the wiki, but it seems fairly barren at the moment. No one has any hard data to add.  Also I don't do well as a wiki writer, I am dyslexic, and I know you can't tell but writing these takes allot longer than you think because I have to proofread everything about 50 times or it's a typo'ed mess.)

I do like the idea that your going freeform with it now that you've stated thats your intentions. Having total freedom can absolutly make outstanding games. Divinity original sin, and the elder scrolls (morrowind and later) series are PRIME examples of freedom in games. But they have there limits, as well as any other 'succesfull' freeform games I have seen. If it's to open ended, and there are no constraints at all then it is like a pile of dry sand: Infinite potentential to be sculpted into whatever you want. But without constraints (Adding water) It will never hold it's shape, and will always colapse back into the pile of sand it was.

   So keep it open ended as possible! BUT give it structure. Just an opinion.

Thanks again for the quick responce.