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After some extensive testing I've seen several very strange 'best' creature choices.

  I'm running batches of 15 at a time but I am gonna use 2 as an example.

 2 bidpeds, one falls flat on it's face from the start, the other makes it several 'step' before falling flat on it's face about a screen widths away.

       The sim picks the one that fell first and made it the LEAST distance as the best creature, from that point on all creatures fall flat on thier face and the sim is pretty much ruined.  (This is in the running test btw.)

Sooo, why did it pick the one that fell first and didn't make it as far? Could it be tied into top speed, it fell faster so that might be doing it?

All in all, somthing seems way off if thats the case. Distance should be paramount in a distance test.

It could aso be some kind of random bug, though I encounter it often enough for me to think it's not totally 'random', And instead mayhaps a logistics error.

(This is also easily repeated on the climbing challenge, somtimes it picks critters that fall down the stairs at high speed vs the critters that stick the landing but arent climbing yet.)

Nooo idea, Ive poked around with it a bit, and there seems to be allot of totally stagnent combinations that dosn't really generate allot of variety.

    So far the best I have put together through trial and error is:

   4 layers

Then a 5 for the first set and 10, for the seccond. = 27 nodes.

   Seems to add enough variety for evolution to take place without being totally unstable.

Swap the 10 and the 5 and get total stagnation and not allot of movment,

Make it a 10 and a 10 (On paper should be smarter) And its also equally as stagnent.


It's a rougelike but instead of permadeath, you just go back in time. Good concept seems like it's getting right along in dev. (Fail and try again.... and again and again. But armed with info.)

My only complaints are that the portraits for the chars when they speak don't match well with the sprites (Maybe some detailed pixel art would fit better)

With the main chars speed+the way she sticks to the ground it almost feels really stiff. I can't really put my finger on it.... kinda robotic in movement. The dodge helps that a bit though once you get it.

Annnd timers.... That might kill this for me. I loved the original 2d metroids (The 3ds are good as well but totally different concept). Used to spend hours and hours searching the levels at leasure, in almost a zen and relaxed state. This feels panicked and a bit rushed in comparison. Thats just me though, I like to take things slow and have time to think. Thus, perma timers (the ones you gotta deal with the whole game) always hurt games more than help em in my opinion.

All in all, Good stuff! I hope the finished game has a way to slow down the timer though.... Maybe somthing along the lines of stabalizers that are hard to find and even harder to activate but add 5 mins to the total timer for eatch run.