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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative

Swapping hands and does it matter?

A topic by Zypher created 73 days ago Views: 76 Replies: 1
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You can type in "/swap hands" AND there is even a keybaord shortcut. Are chars left/right handed? Does it matter? WHY?

This game NEEDS maor documentation. I tried "look at hands" to figure out what hand was holding what (Doesn't work). Is the number 1 right hand? Or is it left? Do I need to look in a mirror? Im not even sure if the mirror discription would tell.

But you CAN swap hands.... So surely there is a reason you can. There must.

(PS/EDIT: Seems I am gonna have ALLLLLOT of questions like this, as well as bug reports, and suggestions. So I am now making a list. Will post once I have enough material gathered to make it worth while.)



The first slot is considered your primary hand, and the second is considered your offhand. Certain items work better in certain slots. Which ones you consider left and right are up to you. Players have started a wiki to document their findings, and could always use more contributors!