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This is fun! But is absolutly LOADED with bugs. The good news is, I made a list. *As everyone reading this cringes at once.*

Enamies CAN get stuck on terrain. Especially water.

The discriptions for some of the upgrades are not correct. (There are two grinders on the upgrade they BOTH  say mk3 grinder and have same discription.)

Shots seem to "pass through" enamies ocasionally after hitting and killing them. (I don't know if this is a graphical bug, or the actual projectile just isnt despawning.)

Some death animation for the enamies don't play, they just vanish.

The damage the enamies do must be on a scale of 1 to 10000000. Because for some reasons two of the same creatures can hit two different lvl 2 walls in the same wave. One can hardly scratch the energy shield and the other is TOTALLY DECIMATED IN TWO SECCONDS.   Point being I can't find any consistansies in enamy damage.

This information is in regards to DEMO 1.3

If ya read this then thanks! And good luck ironing bugs.

Thanks Zypher! yes... this demo is one year old.
The game is much, much better now.  A new updated l version will be updated in a couple of weeks. The game is on steam now. 

Many many thanks!