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Last Wood

The last couple, with one lemon tree. · By JUST US

Game to big for window

A topic by Scorpionplayz created May 20, 2018 Views: 583 Replies: 4
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The top of the game is cut off so i cand see part of the game and i cant do any thing about it

Did you use the LastWood_0.4.2(resolution)_Win64 version? 

You should be able to change the game resolution there

i am playing on mac high sierra and it is cut off, and i cant go to fullscreen

hey. my top of the game was cut off too. i had downloaded the resolution version. when u open the game it gives u the option to change the resolution, on the side its gonna say "windowed" just turn that off.

I'm having the same issue. Even if it's windowed it still cuts off the top (And I don't know what else.) I can't see resources and menus expand beyond my screen.

Am using the resolution version for windows, tried both fullscreen and windowed at different resolutions including 'native' Unless I am just missing somthing really simple here this is certaintly a bug.