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A topic by Alexander The Pretty Good created May 30, 2018 Views: 160 Replies: 5
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The game has a great concept, however the execution could be worked upon.
1) i believe you should be refunded at least half (rounding up) of what you sell.
2) walls should be made automatically and should not cost extra.
3) you should be able to add treasure to lure heros into dead ends.
4) there should be a "start wave" button.
I would love to see this game be improved.


I love what you are saying. Consider it done because I've started an automatic wall placement and slowdrone started to make our treasure chest.

Refunding of half is something possible. My implementation of gold needs to be improved to allow that (for now, it's your selection that's carrying the gold you'll use)

For the wave start button. I've not thinked of it. As you'll be bocked if you have 0 gold it can allow you to take your time to build the dungeon without making the game too easy(once balanced I mean).

I add this to our road map.

Thank you for your interest!

This is a great idea for a game and i'm glad to see you're still working on it and viewing what the community has to say.


A first update will be available next week with automatic wall placement, the refund and the place wall button. 

We're working to add traps and improve the graphics.

Stay tuned for more information !

Developer (1 edit)

Update 1 is live. New automatic wall placement, Keys configuration, refund of half the price and a Quick menu are the novelties.

cool, great!