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Yh, there is a performance problem probably due to how the level is built. I ran out of time to fix this and didn't want to cheat and work on it after the jam.

Thanks :3, 

The mirrors are used to both be able to see the ghost and you can trap them to hold it in place for a few seconds allowing you to run.

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Thanks it spooked me a few times and I knew it was there :3

I tried sorting the lag out but the build didn't finish until after the deadline.  Sorry for that

*Matthew allowed the build with graphics menus to be uploaded as it was created during the jam* New file available for download.

Finally I did it, submitted but really unhappy that i had to cut a lot of stuff just to get it submitted in time. 

Hopefully i will be able to update it in time before the end of the jam. Blitz - Game Page

Final few hours trying to get the bugs out. I'm not going to get it finished, but I will just have to submit what I have managed to get done.

Had to take a while off the project, but hopefully I can get enough together to submit it in time.

Recently added random item spawning and objectives for the player.

Completely started again after seeing some of the other projects which were very similar to mine, so this time I have tried doing a first person horror/thriller type game (I know there are hundreds at the moment :3) however I managed to get a system working where the enemy is invisible apart from in the reflections. 

Let me know what you guys think.