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A member registered Apr 29, 2017

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Progress made:

-I have improved effects, as to more clearly distinguish the mirror world from the normal one.

    -Including a distortion Image effect.

-Developed a flexible state based ai that is comfortable handling the two worlds set up.

As an example, you can see what will be a guard in the finished game. The guard is patrolling, when he sees the player he enters into a chase. After the player changed into the mirror world the guard changed back to the patrol behavior.

Coming soon:

-Lose condition / Player Death

- A monster that will haunt you in the mirror world

- AI tells , for exmple a vision bar over the guard. 




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My multiple world set up is coming along well, with some neat effects.

I am still looking for teammates, if someone wants to participate.

Great i created a discord server, if you want to get in touch. https://discord.gg/HKGQAyp

Hi there, I am going for a jumping between worlds kind of idea, inspired by Dishonored 2/ Titanfall 2.

I am still looking for teammates if anyone wants to contribute.

Are you still looking for someone, I have a lot of experience with  coding + Unity/C#. I could be especially useful if you need some help with higherlevel coding concepts. As prove, that I know what I am talking about,  https://s3.amazonaws.com/verif...

Hi, I am looking for a Teammate too.  I could do coding, however my engine of choice would be Unity, I have been using it for about 2 years now.

I am living in Germany so my timezone is UTC + 2, I hope that is not an issue.