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The progress on assets is going alright, just finished the first one, it took this long mostly cos I was figuring my way through Zbrush and Quixel and whatnot. Came out looking quite good imo!

I'd like to have made it more cartoony, but I dunno enough about Quixel to make that happen. If I have time I'll try to rejigger it, but if not, I can live with this.


looks pretty good :)

"I'd like to have made it more cartoony, but I dunno enough about Quixel to make that happen."

not in software but in how you do it. less detail and color variations/granules, less reliefs, more flats. would need to be drawn that way though, playing around with just effects on the finished texture might achieve the goal but i don't know how exactly to tell you, i'd have to play around with it for myself

Oh of course, what I meant was I don't have the know-how with the program to achieve such results, and I know it can be done, it would just need some custom materials and stuff like that. I frankly also dont have the time to figure out such considering how far into the jam we are lol. I could go and completely hand paint each texture myself and make it look exactly how I want it to, but with time being a factor, and Quixel being able to knock out a result like that in about ten minutes of fiddling, I'm happy with how it is currently. A more cartoony look is just a luxury at this point lol.


yes, sorry, should have understood or at least looked at what quixel is (btw wow, looks pretty powerful), but i was already too caught up in my own thoughts, my fault O:)