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hm, i haven't thought about that. Thank you, i learnt something from you :)

Thanks a lot for the nice comment. And ghehehehehehe they were suposed to be :)

Indeed the jumping can be horrible. I am trying to learn how to improve it. 

Thank you for playing, and your comment :)

Thanks a lot for the reply :) Great to hear you liked it.

yeah, it was because of some real life problems i din't have much time to check back here.

Though i still hope some people will enjoy it. It was also a learning experience.

And thank you for your nice comment. yes i made everything myself :D

Fixed it. Hope you will enjoy my game :D

You should be able to play it now. i uploaded the zip file :)

Thanks a lot for playing it and giving back a reply :) Great to hear you enjoy it.

Thanks for the reply. i have uploaded the zip file now.

Thanks for the reply. was to busy, but i have re-uploaded the zip file. Hope it works now :)

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I have now uploaded the zip file of it. I hope people will still try out my first ever game and rate it. My goal was to challenge myself anyways. Hope you all enjoy and please let me know what you think of it.

This is my first Game Jam and my first game ever made. still have to work on the music. 

But i have learnt a lot already and i have also seen the things i need to improve on. so i can work on that after the jam.

Here is KingRount.