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What is Unique about our game? We've made everything from scratch rather than using free copyright(c) assets. From models, textures, Audio, Programming ..etc. How our game meets the theme? it's a tower defense game in an FPS perspective, where the enemies get respanwed every 30 seconds.

The team consists of 5 awesome guys:

1- Marlon Ritter/  model designer, level designer.

2- DrIndie/  game programmer.

3- ShortRock/ model desinger.

4- Laserbeak43/ Audio.

5- Pavloskaza/ Audio.

You play this game to defend the base (the default tower in the middle), from the incoming enemies. Each wave will come each 30 seconds in the game so you better be ready.

- Press 1/2 to place the turrets

- Press "r" to restart the game

A GamePlay video on YouTube: 

Note: The values of Coins, Health, Damage ..etc  aren't balanced,  it's very short period of time. Very proud that we made it work at least so we didn't have much time to balance stuff :(.

||Made With Unity||

Totally agreed, we actually have improved the animation and indicators. But unfortunately that was after the deadline.  It's a big project we're proud we made what made so far in this short period. But thanks for the feedback we're still improving the project.

Thanks for your valuable feedback, actually we were going for 5 different turrets upgradable weapons a lot of more particles,  but the short period of time was a bit hard for us :(

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Hi, the game is super large size, I really wanna try it out but my internet is very  slow.  But if I can give you a tip for future, try not to include everything from the engine that's not in the game to give most optimized version of it.

This is our second progress video, our first one didn't get added to the video, so hopefully this one will :)