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Submitted by GabeNewellFromSteam — 4 days, 13 hours before the deadline

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This game punishes you from the very beginning haha. I like the simple idea and concept, but an easier intro level would make this game much more fun to get into. I get that you were going for a difficult fps style game and that's all good, but this game could frustrate a number of people who aren't used to fps games in general lol. Either way good job though!


I would have liked a slower beginning just to get the grasp of things. But good job I liked the game.

Just one question. Why is the game so heavy? :O


Yeah, I think I should have had a simple little tutorial level for people to get there bearings on things.

I was the only one testing it and I was hyped up on energy drinks during that, Looking back now probably not the best way to test the game.


wow.  I definitely didn't just get to level 6, and I definitely didn't just die 100 times on it before I stopped figuratively stabbing myself in the eyes. also that was a lot of fun. also I might hate you. At first I thought "this is impossible." I had no idea what pain was then. Those were simpler times. I hate to say this, but you might be on to something here. Maybe if you have plans to add more to this: 

-delay between firing regular weapon

-enemies take fewer hits

-a light beacon or something wherever it is a) safe from falling or b) not! I actually got to where I liked having to juggle the platforming and shooting, even against the ridiculous green triangle things, but an indicator letting you not look down would still leave tons of difficulty in making the perfect jump constantly.

-don't make me die sooooo much sooo fast :) a couple levels where  I don't have someone spawn on me with seemingly nowhere to go would be cool (though I could see that having been exactly the point)



Thanks, If make a sequel then i'll add a tutorial level and try to have the difficulty ramp up slowly. Also making  the hole game a bit more player friendly. 


Interesting concept but levels are a quite unfair.


I'm hearing that a bit :P

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Hi, the game is super large size, I really wanna try it out but my internet is very  slow.  But if I can give you a tip for future, try not to include everything from the engine that's not in the game to give most optimized version of it.


Thanks, Ill look into that.