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My god, this is so relaxing, and I love it!

Yo, its me Gaminbru. Thought I'd show what I have so far, in the form of this video. Its kinda gonna be a very simple game which is more atmospheric in nature, but I might as well try to finish it. 

P.S. Would have posted this earlier but I kinda forgot about this for a little bit.

Critique is welcome.

My computer is a bit fussy with other engines such as Stencyl and Unity, so I am currently using Construct 2.

Hey, although I might not submit it in time, I might as well show the thing that I am working on for this jam. Its kinda just a basic infinite runner, since I am still fairly new to the whole game making thing. Thought I might try and make it slightly related to the topic, so I made it around a cube trying not to be left behind. Here is a gif of what I currently have

Asking for critique. Currently doesn't have any audio, but I have sounds that I can put in for it.

If you win, but you don't want any of the games, what would happen?

Well that was interesting. It was pretty damn fun I gotta admit. Great level design, music and art was really cool, and the land controls were nice and tight. There were some jerkish turret placements that really make the game cheap in later levels, and that horizontal movement in water is literally the worst I've seen, but it was certainly a fun experience. Nice job.

Pinapple Fail: 00:28:16

Big Square Fail: 00:42:59

Total Deaths: 159

Whoa I'm actually pretty good at this.

Really cute game with a simple focus, had some nice fun with it! Maybe add a wall jump if you go back to this? Otherwise awesome game!

Starting a bit late, but focusing on the common phrase of "This time or less or its free!" for pizza delivery services, and thought it'd be funny if that time was 30 seconds. So, you quest is to make the customers pay for their food with your quickness. 

Spent most of my time today getting the movement feeling right and making some obstacles to test the physics on. This is just a test level as of now, but should give a feel for the style of the game.

Will work on setting up the 30 second timer tommorow, as well as the end goal and possibly some puzzle objects.

Hi! The game is really fun and I abosultely love the concept! Only thing is that the are super concentrated in the earlier levels, and it makes it perilous since there isn't as much room for error. Only real critique.

P.S. Found a glitch where the "game over" text collides with the "warping in ---" text if you die during that sequence.  It also still count downs, even into the negatives.