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Current project for this jam

A topic by Gaminbru created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 130 Replies: 2
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Hey, although I might not submit it in time, I might as well show the thing that I am working on for this jam. Its kinda just a basic infinite runner, since I am still fairly new to the whole game making thing. Thought I might try and make it slightly related to the topic, so I made it around a cube trying not to be left behind. Here is a gif of what I currently have

Asking for critique. Currently doesn't have any audio, but I have sounds that I can put in for it.


This looks like a cool spin for infinite runner. The infinite jumper. That might just be me but maybe have the projectile shot from the middle of this spaceship/turret?  And maybe if you have time add some background image to make it look more appealing.Also,in what language/engine was this made?

My computer is a bit fussy with other engines such as Stencyl and Unity, so I am currently using Construct 2.