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As other pointed out had problems with controls. But the overall idea is very neat! I could see this game on a phone as a fun way to spend some time during work break.

Really impressive for me.

Yeah now that I think about it counting down instead of up would probably be better :D And yeah we didn't sadly manage to make fighting without being hit yourself more based on skill of the player rather than luck of dodging not very well shown hitboxes.

Thanks for feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah there was a plan on maybe making enemies bleed on hit instead of the blinking effect. Sadly we didn't manage it with time constraint. Also agree better way of handling animations and some easy way to stop attacks would be useful and possibly help the flow.

Thanks again for the comment!

Loved the visuals, music and the mood. Felt like an awesome pirate adventure.

The idea of point and click strategy pirate game is also what I love.

The problem is that there was not a lot of depth in point and clicking, this is where maybe different modes of shooting from cannons or some other decisions player could take to either punish or allow the player to get ahead during combat would be cool.

Overall not bad!

Thanks both to you and your brother :D

Thanks a ton :D

Thanks :D

Very interesting concept, great both on visual and audio levels. And the mood was just perfect.

There could be more mechanics/stuff to do in main gameplay loop but this is perfect for the small jam game. 

Good job!

Amazing idea, to have async multiplayer game and for sure it couldn't be too easy to make!

As a hider it felt good, loads of options of fun traps and the like.

As a seeker I feel there could be some more mechanics, just walking and searching felt a bit tiring after 3 of 6 minutes. Maybe making the area smaller and adding a small interesting places to hide eggs like tall grass you can walk through or bushes. And maybe some kind of egg compass to make it just a bit easier for the seeker.

Visuals felt fine, made sense. Music was pretty good very soothing.

Overall very cool idea!

Thanks for playing! Yeah the dialogue is squished, we actually did the dialogue section/pictures for it in the last hour of the jam and didn't get time to make it look a bit better :D Hopefully next time we can do stuff less on the last minute

Yeah there are not many beat-em ups on jams and I feel I know the reason why now :P But yeah we managed to get the attacking working, but I have to agree we didn't manage to get it working well. To have attacks feel snappy and have it less repetetive with possibly wider range of meele attacks, we would need more time that we didn't have. But I plan to use all knowledge I managed to get in animator for future games, be it beat em ups or else(and hopefully next beat em up will be either for longer jam or as a proper longer project :D )

Thanks so much for giving it a go and for the good feedback!

Happy you liked the bees, I felt they were an interesting way to make player crouch/jump at specific times. But yeah combat ain't polished, hopefully next time I do combat system like that I will be able to use all the knowledge I got from this jam and improve on it :D

Thank you :D

Thanks :D We shall see but I would love to work on another beat em up this or another one

Thanks for checking it out :D Yeah the idea has a ton potential, we will see if we keep working on this or maybe use parts of it to make another beat em up style of game.

Yeah robo dudes didn't want to behave sometimes they all worked and than sometimes they wouldn't want to change the direction their projectiles were going :D

I will be sure to check out The Pyrite Contract soon!

Thank you :)

Thanks a ton, yeah camera can be quite easily bugged out and combat could use a touch up :D Thanks for liking the art style. I will be sure to check out your game as well

Thanks! Yeah didn't have enough time sadly to fix up and balance out the combat system. Still happy you enjoyed it and I will be sure to check out your goose hunt game :D

Thanks! And of course I will check your game out, adding it to the top of my list games to play/vote on :D

Amazing! Really cool movement system(you can feel the weight of crawling), col looking hp bar and nerve wracking reloading mechanic. Last section was really hard, barely managed it on like 5th try.

"you are allowed to use any game engine/framework, and any assets (you of course are required to have a proper license to use them).You can also make everything yourself." From their page. Art and music would be part of asset category, so according to the rules from the page, yes.

Really impressive art, liked the generation. A really nice looking shooter all in all.

And also had problems with super fast enemies.

Love the music, the sound effects are just right.

Graphics are just crisp. It feels like I'm playing unreleased game for NES.

Simple gameplay, but really good gameplay. Controls feel just right.

Just fun arcade game.

Really unique idea.

Visuals are kinda trippy, but also I like them.

Music is well made, prefer main menu theme to the game theme though.

I would love to see those cut finished features.

The base is good and maybe before 31st of this year or the next you could add a few more things to make the game more interesting(maybe go mario party and add some mini games and more types of tiles or go in a total unorthodox direction).

Very cute art. The spookiness mixed with cutinesss is a really nice combination in my opinion.

Liked the companion system, although I think it's random right now and on my first run I got nobody and on the second I got 2 witchies on 2nd and 3rd wave. I would look into implementing a system where you if you don't have any companion by the 3rd wave it's 100% chance of getting one, so people won't get screwed too much by bad RNG.

Realoding system could get some kind of feedback(either sound or some ui telling you how long until you reload). Not having any feedback on it made me really confused at start.

But really solid entry, I have to say.

(Same comment as on jam page).

Super freaky, sound could be a bit less loud for my taste. Loved the monster design. All in all well rounded and designed game.

Super freaky, sound could be a bit less loud for my taste. Loved the monster design. All in all well rounded and designed game.

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(Same comment as on jam page).

Got spooked playing it. Really loved audio, music was rocking and fart noises were fart noises. Clean and nice looking visuals. Made it as far as wave 3, but I would love some boss fight(if it's later on, do tell on which wave so I can try again) and also some power ups would make it cooler.

All in all, good entry.

Got spooked playing it. Really loved audio, music was rocking and fart noises were fart noises. Clean and nice looking visuals. Made it as far as wave 3, but I would love some boss fight(if it's later on, do tell on which wave so I can try again) and also some power ups would make it cooler.

All in all, good entry.

Sounds like a good change or at least a good option for people making the jams. The more options the better in my opinion, I'm all for it.

Thank you so much for trying out the game and discovering the Easter egg! :D I was a bit worried no one would get to see it.

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When I was playing this game I got a nice arcade feeling(Managed to get whooping 1870 points :P). The spinning mechanic was interesting and quite funny the first time I had it happen. A solid game and I'm impressed you went with 3d voxel graphics.

Liked the gameplay, but could use some kind of score counter. Time warp mechanic was interesting but no clue if you can decide when to warp or is it time based? I would prefer personally to make it input based not time based when I warp after creating the "warp zone".

Sound was okay, shooting noises could have used some work but music was nice.

Liked the graphics idea, wish the walls were more worked on and that there was more of variety when it comes to enemies ships.

Didn't manage to beat the final boss. But all in all solid entry.

I liked it, simple and neat. Game looked like something that could have been released on gameboy, so it's fully relevant to the theme.

Graphics weren't blowing me out of the water but they were good at showing the barren wasteland. The concepts for the few monsters I saw was also really nice and they fit the theme of the game.

Gameplay was simple, but there were places where you could feel game needed more time and polish. The starting sequence of some voice or horse talking to me was confusing and at random times at the beginning but also after getting the armor I was not able to move to the right, I would have for some reason move left a bit before going forward. Also it feels weird that the projectiles kill you only if you jump on them but will only push you away when they come at you. All of those things made me unable to go too far into the level, and I might just be a bit nitpicky, but fluid gameplay is always most important to me.

Audio was simple, but it felt right for the gameboy game.

Not being an avid player of castlevania or Ghosts and Goblins I can't really say how well does this game use these game elements or if at all.

All in all, there places for improvement, but game itself feels solid and I would love to see where it goes in the future. If I had to rate it I would give it 3/5.

Really liked it, a very good spin on the arkanoid game. Music visuals and the feel are all there. More of upgrades and maybe some kind of campaign mode with more varying levels and it would probably be fit on some publishing platformers as a full game. Really well done.

Liked it, it was short but fun. Learned about new author I might want to read as I'm in cyberpunk phase. Beat it at 2nd run. All in all well done!

From Twitter disscusion:

Q:I make games in C. Are 0 class games eligible? :P


(Yes, but no structs allowed!)

This looks like a cool spin for infinite runner. The infinite jumper. That might just be me but maybe have the projectile shot from the middle of this spaceship/turret?  And maybe if you have time add some background image to make it look more appealing.Also,in what language/engine was this made?