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A topic by Yellowbyte Studios created Sep 03, 2017 Views: 672 Replies: 16
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Got a question? Ask it here and we'll get back to you ASAP. :)

How Do Teams Work? (Sorry I Haven't Worked On A Game jam Before)


Hi! Thanks for the question. You can enter as a team of any size, but you'll have to find your own members. :)

Any restrictions on what kinds of games can be entered?  I thought about making a Twine game/visual novel type thing.


Hello. There are no restrictions, provided the game relates to the theme in some way. It must also be a "game" i.e. requires some sort of interaction from the user. 

If you win, but you don't want any of the games, what would happen?

Host (1 edit)

Hi. If you win and don't want the prize, you could gift it to a friend. Of course, if you really really don't want it, we can give it to the next runner up. The main thing is that you made a game by the end and that should be its own reward, don't you think? ;) 

Are marketplace assets allowed?


Yes, marketplace assets can be used, as long as credit is given where it is due. :) 

Okay, so I am 100% down for this "No Excuses" thing, but I would like to say that I've never actually coded a day in my life besides one HTML Web Design class in high school. I start my video game programming degree on October 10th, but until then all I've done is basically research because in the past I wanted to make mods for a few games but I (you guessed it) made excuses and didn't do it. Maybe I'm a bit too ambitious here, but I have tried using Stencyl before in the past and that wasn't too bad, would it be possible for me to meet an artist and make something (I literally can't art at all, that's not an excuse but me simply wanting to spare you from a game about poorly drawn stick figures) in a matter of 3 weeks when I've never actually made anything, and if so which engine would be easiest for a total beginner noob like me?


Hi, thanks for the question. :) For a beginner, I would suggest Unity. It's completely free to start developing, and the coding can be kept to a minimum. There are also a bunch of tutorials available on YouTube and other sites for both 2D and 3D development. 

As for game artwork, it is okay to use other creators art, as long as you give them credit. If you are looking for an artist, you can look on sites like this, or even create a new topic in this forum. :) If there's one thing that years of Newgrounds games taught me, it's that stick man games can be just as fun as any other. I would focus on making the game fun to play, looks come later. ;) 

Thanks for the reply! Even though I had already started learning how to use Stencyl, I'll probably download Unity and check it out too. I have a great idea for a story (Probably going with a mix of 2D platformer and visual novel with some puzzles the player needs to solve in order to push the story narrative), so the programming and the visuals are gonna be my biggest hurdles, but I can tackle those when I get to them. Maybe some 8-bit art won't be too hard for me to come up with. Again, thanks for replying to me!

Oh, one more question: What about copyrighted music? Are we allowed to include that in the game, or must it be copyright-free?


Yes, you can include copyrighted music for this jam, as long as credit is given to the original artist. :) But if you plan on developing the game further in the future, I would highly recommend getting permission or changing the music. :)

Are we allow to submit VR games ? for htc vive?


Good question! And the answer is yes. :) 

Just saw this and I have 13 days to make a game? Wish me luck @Yellowbyte!