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This is such a shame :(
I hope you will find the issue and upload the game anyway. It looked really interesting :/

Hi everyone, I'm leaving the game jam since I didn't have time to work on the game because of work, which is a shame. I have a video showing a little bit of progress since last time. I'm going to finish this game when I get more time for it after next month, but not for this jam. Good luck to everybody else, I think everyone has done some great work and can't wait to play your games :)

There will be combat. I'm inspired by Heretic and  Hexen, so it's going to be simple like that :)

Thank you! Hopefully I can also make the gameplay fun - there is not so much right now, but there will be!

Awesome, looks really good :D

Looks good! Seems like you've come pretty far already :)

Preview for this week:

Didn't come as far as I hoped, but some simple mechanics are implemented along with some nice models with animation. Next week, I will focus on implementing the combat system which will become important.  As of now the player can only run and collect these chalices, which is a placeholder for various loot within the dungeon. The goal will be to collect this loot while fighting off the monsters in the dungeon. The loot can be used to buy upgrades etc. after the 30 second dungeon run.

Looks super awesome! 

Are there a deadline for uploading a 20-second clip for this week?

Well done looks really good :)

Hehe, nice reference and thanks! :P But yes, inspired by Minecrafts artstyle :)
I'm thinking of making two type, one melee and one with bow & arrows :P

Skeleton enemy for my game.  Hope it's going well for everybody! :D

Hey! Thank you for the featuring and the complement about the animation in the video :)