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Super cool jam game, love the art and animations!

I realize that it has been more than a couple of days... but I have finally made a gameplay video showcasing the new Tournament mode. Expect more videos and a teaser coming soon!

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Thank you for the feedback!

I have been putting alot of work into the crowd mechanics to make the arena feel more alive, having a dynamic crowd is a brilliant idea that would be amazing for immersion and general game feel.

I have gotten criticisms about making the combat more dynamic and I will be working hard on that as well. I am still polishing it but I think with just some slight variations in behavior it can truly shine.

Really appreciate the feedback you have some brilliant ideas that will help drive the game forward!

Hey Lucky! 

I have some gameplay videos in the pipeline that should be out within the next couple of days.


Awesome game, Super funny.

Been cleaning up robed characters. First time ever making my own game characters in blender and loving it so far.

Yeah Unity is by far my favorite for these types of things

Just finished a rough pass of the character, going for the Journey style with lots of cloth physics.

No problem brother!

Guess ill pull out the good ole Kinect sensors and do some mocap then xD

Are mecanim animations for unity characters from sites like mixamo allowed as long as they are free? I know that all assets have to be created ourselves but does that include animation?

Hey man if you're looking for a tool for 2d pixel art is a great tool that even works in browser. I wouldn't consider myself anything of an artist but this program has served me well through years of projects!