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Hi, can you also sell Pixel Platformer Engine 1.3 on or asset store? It is removed from asset store now.

nice asset :) thanx

Nice work. Thank you

it would be amazing if they were animated

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- Windows/  Procesor Intel® Core™ i7 4710HQ  / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX860M 4GB GDDR5   / 16 GB RAM
- 5 PM - 11PM (Central European Standard Time = GMT+1, Central European Summer Time = GMT+2 )
- Yes, you can contact me on discord (Fipo#0724)
- I love to play games and I am working as a software tester so this is ideal for me.  
- Slovakia (PING  19 ms,  DOWNLOAD 57.57 Mbps, UPLOAD 99.55 Mbps )
- I dont have a paypal account, but I can create it. 
- 26 years old. Fluent in english  (reading/writing) ...I have to improve speaking :D

Thanks. It is working fine with beta.

I have a WebGL games made with Unity that run on a Chrome browser - but not on app.

Hello, please check  LINK  and write me if you are interested. Thx 



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I have started to work on  Adventure game in Unity.  It is simple story based top down game witch simple turn based battle system . I choose this art style because I am no artist so I wanted it to be as simple as can be. But it stel takes lot of time to draw or animate something. I usually try to make every single thing in my game myself (graphics, programming) but for this project I have decide to find someone to help my with Art. 

I'm looking for other hobbyists to collaborate with me on this game. It win be not paid but in case that game go commercial, then he we get 15% of game profit.  He will be also mention in credits. 

I can communicate through discord(Fipo#0724)
 Some images from current state of the project (I have painted some images myself like Menu background or player avatar in game, but most of used images is just downloaded and used as a placeholder. So it will be replaced later): 

Looks like problem with uploading project file. New project file is not saved. For my old project I can only use already uplaoaded files. New file is not saved. I cant even delete old files.

I am having same problem right now

super game :)

Great :)

That is great :)