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plz no pineapple

Hahah I love this, it made me laugh!

Wow really great work here!

I love the voxel waterfall! have you considered a few different coloured blocks in there to add some variation?

So am I, so just have to make the artwork that much better to compete! I think even just the particles I saw there makes your prototype look great! I'm having issues now of converting my original idea into a game, the whole scenario i have set myself in in awkward, but hey thats why i'm here, to fall into traps and learn how to get out of them and better myself doing so!

I like the wall tiles

looks really slick!

I want to know why you think that too, this looks awesome !

Looks awesome so far!

Cant wait to see this in action!

My 2nd update, I've created trees and multiple textures. I've also done work on the controller and animations for Russ.

This looks great so far!

Awesome! Zelda-style games are my favorite!

I love the pandas!

Thank you! It was my first time ever making a texture(i'm new to everything about game development) but I spent a really long time on it.

Thanks! That was my first focus, I have a few more characters that will be in the game as well, I havn't modeled or animated them yet though.

I love the style, this looks awesome! reminiscent of paper mario.

Progress for me is pretty slow so far, but this is my first game jam and i'm proud of this so far. this is my main character, Russ and his house. I just finished creating that seamless grass texture and will be moving on to texturing the house and then creating more props.