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Hey thanks for playing! Yeah it is definitely a little rough around the edges. In hindsight i probably should have made a proper tutorial, but oh well. The grey things on the left dispense pizza boxes and the triangles dispense "seeds" once you have enough cash. You need to have a specific pizza box in order to pick up different pizzas and to deliver you have to close your pizza box(left mouse) and collide with the house.

Use Fullscreen until I fix the ui

cool game! =)

thank you for the feedback! :) hmm I'm not sure maybe ill set up a leaderboard post jam we can see the high scores. 

thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it! I didnt want to restrict the player to the asteroid belt completely so instead you slow down when outside of it. if you have boost available when you reach 1 velocity it will automatically use it to keep your speed up as you should explode when at 0 velocity. It is a little glitchy but I am working on a better system for post-jam. good to know about the stacking shields bug I am working on a fix. :)

Thanks for playing :D

I have since fixed an error where the gyro message sometimes doesn't show up long enough and I've also increased its size to make it more prominent. Will update once voting ends. =)

Thanks for the feedback! I've added support for 24:9 as well as a few other resolutions and will upload it once jam voting is over. =)

Sweet game with cute art.

Its an Interesting balance between spawning more enemies and evading... Great game =)

Really fun to launch the houses!  cool idea for a game.

Hilarious concept, loved the game !

hmm i think maybe having multiple different "bullet" sounds and picking randomly between them might help the mental strain slightly lol, alternatively instead of the high pitched sound maybe a lower pitched "boom" could work.. like a canon shot.

Weird... anyways got to play it and its awesome! :P the ghosts look really good

don't have a mac and thats the only file i saw in the link but it looks super cool! :) 

fun game with cute character! it was kind of hard to tell where i was going sometimes when the camera lagged behind and i was moving up. super chaotic and fun though!

Challenging! fun though :) really enjoyed the art.

It definitely is out of control haha strangely addicting though. I got my highest score by letting go of the controls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fun and hectic, The sword is extremely effective until it becomes a fire extinguisher right as a horde of enemies is closing in!

Thanks for the comment! Yeah the gyro maybe hits you too soon, before you really get to learn the game I suppose i just got used to it when making it haha. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

kind of hard to tell when I'm colliding with the red blocks, i died a few times when i thought i had cleared them. Overall its a pretty cool build- your-own platformer though!

Love the game 

Hahah game was actually really fun i enjoyed the action puzzles. It felt like a part of me was missing when that bullet sound ended though :P

cool game! 

Cool game I love the main character =D 

super chill =)

Yeah I think only being able to carry one magazine and having to reload at the table is a cool mechanic that could be further developed. I was wearing headphones the first time i heard that mission failed sounds though :S

That sound is awful but the game was pretty fun :P

Surprisingly satisfying =D 

good luck on your exams!

I love it

not my kitties =( 

fun game cool idea! I'm really bad at it though 


Fun! the control scheme was a little tough to get down but I really liked mechanics.

plz no pineapple

Hahah I love this, it made me laugh!

Wow really great work here!

I love the voxel waterfall! have you considered a few different coloured blocks in there to add some variation?

So am I, so just have to make the artwork that much better to compete! I think even just the particles I saw there makes your prototype look great! I'm having issues now of converting my original idea into a game, the whole scenario i have set myself in in awkward, but hey thats why i'm here, to fall into traps and learn how to get out of them and better myself doing so!

I like the wall tiles