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To make it look nice, to make the space usable, or to appease my mom's wrath, but I don't see the correlation.  Finding money on the street doesn't make it feel more like a robbery or a high speed chase.

The graphics and world are very nice, but the level gameplay is unfinished.

Use the .exe in the .rar file to play the game.

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The first part was a great way to show your game mechanics! The Jumping and pushing were a bit finicky and the text was kinda hard to read.

Could be an interesting game with some better art and more obstacles!

The game looks very good. and the music is nice. The story was in the form of a block of text so I just skipped it.  

The collision is a bit wonky. I played the whole game by sprint jumping over the guards and sticking to the top of doors so that the guards would shoot them open... Until i had to figure out how to open the last door, which I opened with my knife.

I think there should be a tutorial of some kind because apparently I can fire bullets and knifes can open doors.

Controls i've found:

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • E - Use knife
  • Shift - Sprint
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The first level was a bit annoying since I kept on trying to lead the guard past the boxes, but he'd always turn back around after I hid... 

*Gun Shot* That dad knows how to protect his family ;)

I really like the intro tutorial! other than the controls being a bit laggy, the gameplay was great.

It seems like you haven't put together the level yet... There's nothing stpping me from winning.

Yeah it's really annoying. Unity's kinematic rigidbodys don't trigger OnCollision or OnTrigger so the game still thinks the charactor is in the air.

Seems like a real early access game!

A very pretty map! The ship speed doesn't feel very fast.

The pixel art and animations are very nice! I also liked the flavor text.

Art is amazing and the story is intriguing! Gameplay is kinda weird in that you move forward faster than the bullets.

Very nice for your first jam! You should add a level reset for easy level testing... and so I don't have to reopen the game everytime I die ;)

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The sound effects are very nice, but the controls are too glitchy to play with.

I'm horrible at typing challanges... Using one hand is fine, but two hands is just too much for me. I really like the story!

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Some game mechanics don't match the story,  why rob a bank if you can find money on the street?  

Rating is anonymous so you'll see the average when rating time is over in about 5 days from now (it's on the game jam overview).

I can't get it to work, can you upload both files in a .zip file?

Very nice!

I got the cafe, but there's nothing I can do there...?

The map is amazing! I find it hard to judge if I can make it past the road blocks...

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It's a beautiful game, but the strong orangey color makes it hard to see details. Also because of the camera angle if you drop an item behind a structure you won't be able to pick it up again... 

The music is incredible, but the gameplay feels lacking. Probably due to time constraints.

The game models are very nice! The camera angle makes it hard to move through rooms and aim. It hard to tell when you can next shoot and how many hits it'll take to kill a monster.

It's a very nice looking game and the way you used music from the speakers was brilliant! 

If you play to quickly (breaking the beams) then the puzzles can be unforgiving. there doesn't appear to be any way to beat the boss. 'TairaGames' is spelled wrong in the credits ;)

The environment is very nice! The cars feel slow and there is nothing to stop a player from skipping a large portion of the course.

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The theme is 'the last night' but the only thing that comes to mind is the graphics (only saw the trailer in Taira's video)... I didn't have enough time to get to the graphics. I did use a pixelation shader but there isn't enough color to show it xD.

I just read the description on the steam page... guess it doesn't tie in. (Unless someone comes up with a contrived reason lol)

Need sleep T-T

It was suppose to spin slowly, and it did in the unity editor, but for some reason changing the screen resolution changes the speed... or it much be because i put it in the update function and your frame-rate is faster than my editor's XD 

It acts strangely if you jump while moving on the moving platforms ;)

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Please use the fixed version. The other version has a bug that makes the game unbeatable.

The ball idea is nice, but I'd have to agree that the controls were a bit hard to use. I don't think slowing down the game helps if the player doesn't have precise enough control over the character to use it. 

The game has a nice visual style.  It was annoying that the cursor goes on top of the walls.

I like the story part! The game was kind of blury when i moved so i just kited and spammed the gun xD

I started the server and then ran the client but i couldn't connect and I have no clue how to port forward xD

lol, but from a game design perspective there was no tell for the falling boulders so it'd just make your players rage quit instead of feeling challanged.

Very nice game! The area to fall seems a bit sensitive.