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Submitted by KNOB Games — 36 minutes, 29 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Creativity#14.0004.000
Story Quality and Engagement#14.1294.129
Creativity of Soundtrack and Sound#14.0974.097
Refinement and Optimization#23.9353.935
Look and Style Interpretation#24.6134.613

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Size

Story Teaser
In the year 2076, excessive industrialisation and uncontrolled proliferation of arsenal, greed for power and expansion of territory has taken the world into an abyss of heavy conflict, giving rise to three military alliances.

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The game, gameplay, music and the storyline. All on point. +1 for the game. Ez.💜 Good luck


The game looks very good. and the music is nice. The story was in the form of a block of text so I just skipped it.  

The collision is a bit wonky. I played the whole game by sprint jumping over the guards and sticking to the top of doors so that the guards would shoot them open... Until i had to figure out how to open the last door, which I opened with my knife.

I think there should be a tutorial of some kind because apparently I can fire bullets and knifes can open doors.


This game looks really good, but plays bad.

Models are pretty great, sprites have some nice animation. Menus, this game even has a title screen that does something else other than play and exit. It doesn't work well on small screens though, some buttons aren't visible when you use, say, 640x400 (sorry but that's the resolution I use, need to squeeze as much performance as I can). Then the music is comprised of several remixes of Taira's work. But there is no sound effect, no bullet sounds, etc. Finally, gameplay is ok but it's nothing really outstanding and has quite some glaring issues. Don't know if I missed some "how to play" thing but I didn't even know I had a fire button set in F. Actually not knowing how to fire made the game have challenge at all. When I discovered the F key, I just spammed F and pressed right. You can't move while firing but you just need to spam F, not hold it.

I think this game was pretty affected by time. I believe it started awesome, then was rushed as hell. I even could say I wish you had a backup at day 2 or something just so you can completely remake what you did at the next 2 days of rush, but with no rush.


You got it totally correct. We had planned 2 more levels one of which was kinda like an infinity car chase level. And a cover based gameplay which we had made but was glitched and we couldn't fix it in time. We couldn't implement a dialogue system either. Also had to remove enemy variations coz our AI wasn't working well with other sprite sheets.  Initially it was planned as a stealth game but ended up being more of a run n gun kinda game. 


Mabby im just crazy but i cant actually get past the first set of guards, mabby im missing a control? jumping is only jumping me to heaven



Did you try shooting them down? 


Controls i've found:

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • E - Use knife
  • Shift - Sprint

Awesome story. Good gameplay.

Good work friend ,just an awesome game