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Thank you for your review glad you liked it! :D

Thank you! Iam really glad you enjoyed our game ^_^

Glad you liked it! I have ave talented artist. ^_^


We are so glad you liked the game! Unfortunately  towards then end i did lose my temper with the animator coursing the jumping bugs and some of the anims to out sync, totaly my bad. Dw im sure they bird families will find homes somewhere.....  

Mabby im just crazy but i cant actually get past the first set of guards, mabby im missing a control? jumping is only jumping me to heaven


Already have buddy ^_^

Well that got damn dark real fast, I don't wana spoil anything for anyone but he can keep hes dickens im staying the hell away from there.
As for game-play I really love checklists and collection amounts so 3/3 for that. but come on sempi a flip animation at least! in conclusion bloom effect make all games better 4999/5000 you forgot your shovel.

This was surprisingly fun, even with out the graphics the concept alone made play for a while, good job man. now a moment of silence for the buddy s crushed buy rocks on my many failures.

Dont know if my build is broken but there is nothing to avoid in the streets witch is hugely disappointing because nothing says a good anther-noon like a high speed coalition. 

Nothing really screams sifi like fling a space ship around a sparkling city up ups for the reto feel, I did find the boost after my second death but the text for it was covered buy the cockpit. I would comment on the story but i got board and flew around the city for a while then died. In conclusion  thank you for making me feel like the space ace pilot ill never get to be!

TLDR; story can be told in may way other than a text wall but over all it was good motivation for a character and easily  sympathetically with, art was simple and nice and the game felt fair. gg 

Arrrrrrrgg! there are to many road blocks at the start D,: But i wont blame you for my own inability to play racing games. the art style on this superb and the lighting affects make it that much more! gg

Not bad, art was well done. controls felt a little laggy and i got shot a lot but over all not bad.

Characters  funny and the art is good, some solid sound effects and over all everything works! cake is accepted.

Straight from the beginning i was hoping to make some zombie mince meat and you did not let me down, ult was a very good  ult and i liked the curve ball of having to move forward when shooing, interesting mechanics.  

Ah man, you got me right in my weakness, Loot. But in all seriousness big up on the random loot, rooms and enemy and having the ability to buy ungraded to your damage ( even if it was a little buggy)  felt like great progression when you get smite an eye boss in one shot. 5/6 blobs would be chased buy a daemon snow monster again.

Really liked this, the art is very impressive and the animation is fluid. On top of that everything words as intended an the keys are clearly shown. good show!

Not bad, liked that you added a moral message in at the end, even if it was a bit on the nose. 9/10 would drown myself in the ocean again.

Quite a cool snapshot, love the idea of trading health for ammo that is a cool game mechanic!

Cute little guy and a creative game that works really well, good game!

Looked cute and was quite fun, even ran on my less than stella laptop, congrats! 

Classy resting place you found there ;D love how you decorated the place.

I really enjoyed my short time with this game! its beautiful even with the choppy animations (to be expected with the time frame) And i found the interactions with the quite funny! p.s black Coffee for life. 

Thank you. A class voice acting as you can tell ;D

Memeable, loved it.

Game looks really amazing, the environments very as you progress and there are variant in the enemy types even some animation (I really liked you could go under and over)  ! having said that the ability to move latterly was confusing, could not  tell if you were shooting at an enemy or going to miss! All in all some really creative ideas just needed a little bit more work.

I love the look of this game, the 2D on the 3D is done very well and having the crates at different levels sound track was a bit repetitive starting from scratch every level load but because it was catchy  not a deal beaker. even though the end screen is just black an all round good game, well done! 

Any game were you have not one, but two active flamethrowers is a win in my book and the way combat was handled was very creatively. Loved it well done!

Hello and welcome! We are so happy to have you here. If you have any questions or problems with the game please let me know as we both will be around playing the game jam games!