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I really need GB Studio to be able to write text on screen without using sprites for that. :(

Hi, my sister is angry and armed with a knife, please help me.

Qué decir, me ha parecido muy profundo.

Primero el setting donde trascurre la historia. Un escenario que se nota gris, intermedio, de lleno pone el ambiente del juego, estás triste por lo que ocurre, y a la vez es plano, lo cual quiere decir que el personaje siente que en su mundo interior pasa poca cosa, Guinxu es quizá lo más importante en él, lo único con color. Trasmite muy bien el modo de ver el mundo de tu personaje, dice muchísimo con poco.

Al mismo tiempo, la música, de baile. Cualquiera diría "ostia esto no va con la ambientación". Pues ahí te equivocas. Estás jugando con los sentimientos del "Guinxu", que por cierto el giro, grande. Por eso es fiesta, puedes estar triste por dentro, pero lo tomas a broma al final. Es un mensaje de la forma de ver el mundo de los trolls, cómo juegan con los demás por ese gran vacío interior.

El giro por cierto, los cuernos en el "Guinxu", claramente parte de la visión personal del protagonista. Es cómo el personaje protagónico ve a ese que faltó a su confianza. Creo que es claro que todo es a raíz de ese sentimiento de ser engañado, y que por tanto decide hacer una broma para echarse unas risas.

Definitivamente un juego tan profundo que me ha dejado sin palabras. Es más, esto muy probablemente lo he escrito pensando en otra cosa.

I didn't mean video only. But at least for the sake of generating actual resources to be later used by people, having a preview of how the animation looks would be nice. If you like it, then download it. It's just for the sake of convenience.

Al fin un hombre de cultura! 

Pero si está clarísimo. Anda, prueba de nuevo.

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huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue n01c3 :ok_hand:

A las 20 mil vidas perdidas, el poder del pedorro se hizo infinito, y a las 40 mil posteriores se me quedó trabado. :(

Esta historia es cánon.

Ya estaba harto de la cara esa, pero me gustó el final xd.

git gud dud :)

xd pobrecitos los Heynaus, sólo querían presentarse.

Un cubo es como una caja pero así, como cúbica.

Muy mal, está muy bueno. Y no me refiero sólo al juego introductoril. xD

un juego

Pues te ha salido mal sushiman, en esta jam, a menor calidad más posibilidades de ganar. ¿Creo...?

También está el cutre hecho por flojera.

Puta mierda de juego tío, a ver si te casas con Guinxu para que te mantenga. 

(Es joda sólo quería hacer tu comentario fake del vídeo una realidad).

I didn't made the cut, but thanks anyway for playing and commenting. And great video! 

Congratulations to everyone, quite a good selection of games.

It had a tail, which looked like a dog or maybe fox tail though very simplified, IDK I just invent things for my own fun xD.

Thanks, the sprites are actually recycled from another game of mine. I just wanted to throw something fast, and care just about developing the engine xD. The only asset unique to this game is the music, which I might rework and integrate into my other game, which is still in the work.

Recycling is good. :)

You can talk to the "npcs" by bumping with them. They give you hints. After that it's just a matter of very very very simple observation.

I actually wanted to make the trapping of the floating numbers more meaningful by doing them a bit more dangerous or something, but it ended up like that, you can just dodge them if they come close and such. I mean, making them chase you was easy, however I thought that maybe the scenario wasn't fit for dodging things that chase you or something, IDK.

Anyway, thanks! Also glad you liked the 5 minute production music, I just wanted to break the silence a bit hoping it wouldn't get jarringly repetitive, however I might do expand it later, it was quite ok the idea of the song, I think. :')


Well dayum. XD I actually tried to cheese the ball at times where it kind of gets stuck on the sides. I was able to touch it 4-5 times there, it was going to be my strategy for the 20 points. But nope, did that and ball-kun decides to yeet slowly through my pixels to piss me off.

Rest well friend!

Thanks man! Glad you liked it. :)

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I thought about doing that, however I decided that making it pseudorandom was more in accordance with the theme. However when you "beat" it you are able to pick tiles and even draw the map to your liking. I wanted that to be sort of a reward (after beating the game, use right click and the scroll click to cycle through all tiles).

Mmmm yeah I see what you mean, I guess it's missing some inputs. :( It happened 1-2 times to me but I wasn't able to replicate it. I'll see if I can polish that, I was going to use this engine for something else. Thanks for the comment!

Oh, was there something else after beating the game? DAMN! Now I will have to redownload it xD. And beat it again, but that's not a problem because I am THE MASTER GAMER(tm).

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Now we are cooking with gas! Really glad to see you solved the "uploading the game" issue xD.

And I'm glad because I loved it! Really polished, really lovely effects, I liked the gimmick of getting bugs, and I enjoyed the overall mechanics a lot. I end up losing on purpose in these endless games, but it's more because I want to try out more games than fault of the game itself.

I do think the game starts a bit slow, at least for my taste it could gain EXP a bit faster. But later on it gets more frantic. It's just the start that feels a tiny bit sloggish.

Kudos man!

Some of the jump u things behaved weird, some I was able to use consistently, others I just didn't cared to use again xD. And if it wasn't by random chance I wouldn't never tried to go through that wall.

I liked the visuals and the overall presentation, and I enjoyed.

It was fun, I liked the explosions xD, the level of details on things like the fireplace. Didn't make it too far but had some fun with it. Good job!

I don't get it. Wasn't even aware that you're the guy in the middle until I read StarBee's comment, and realized W/S don't work and you use Up/Down instead. I hate that everything is in your way and I can't even know what do I have to do xD. But yeah I kind of like some things of  the game.

I like it, it's kind of fun and I like hearing John Cena and Jonas screaming all the time.

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I think it's boring but that's because I don't like mazes. And rainbows. And Squidward. But... nice.

I got lost for about half an hour. Please send help, I'm still in the void.

I liked the part where you fight against furry satan.

Kind of funny, very short but sweet, I like the graphical effects and stuff, didn't get much of the story though I still denied him the chance to be on my computer. Hope no hard feelings m8.

Very nice! I liked the concept, last puzzle was one bastard of a puzzle, I wouldn't be able to beat it in a sensible time if not for a friend that reminded me about getting stuck in the wall. Loved it.

Seems like you uploaded the game, but not the game. Wait, what kind of sentence is that? Anyway. It doesn't work.

Very fun xD, I like the smug AI, visuals and audio are good, I get very disoriented when the screen glitches but it's part of the mechanic. And I beat it because I'm a master gamer.