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Morning Guys!
So hopefully everyone enjoyed the last Jam, this time the objective is to make your interpretation of "THE LAST NIGHT".
I think the challenge will be very cool. There are also some rules that will be further explained on YOUTUBE.

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Rules of Entry:

  1. This time, absolutely no assets from any store or third party are allowed to be used.
  2. You may use third-party assets that are heavily edited beyond recognition.
  3. Unity standard assets may be used, as well as "In-Box" Assets from other Game Engines (Includes Image-Effects and Post Processing).
  4. Fonts under an OFL license may be used.
  5. Your game must include one of the Songs/Tracks from the Music Pack (Listed Below).
  6. Remakes and Remixes of the Music Tracks are encouraged and can also be a substitute for Rule #5.
  7. Teams have no Size Limit.
  8. Game must be made within the time constraints.
  9. Game must be submitted as playable on a Windows 10 Operating System.
  10. Game must be playable with standard "Keyboard and Mouse" or "Gamepad".
  11. Games must be submitted as ".zip" or ".rar".


  1. Look and Style Interpretation
  2. Creativity of Soundtrack and Sound
  3. Story Quality and Engagement
  4. Refinement and Optimization.
  5. Gameplay Creativity


So the 3 soundtracks to choose from are below. Once the theme is revealed, you must choose a track from the music pack to use in a creative way in your game. All tracks are under the "Creative Commons" license. You may publish and sell your games using these pieces, if you so choose.

Download Music Pack: 

Hope you all join and enjoy working on the game over the weekend.


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In the distant future... all that is left... is the track...
A punk superhero in the pixel world of 2028.
Role Playing
Evan and his Story
Will EtherealElen's suburb survive the reactor's imminent explosion?
It's a story driven game in a post apocalyptic sci-fi world.
Tactical action espionage
Where is your mom ? She's away locked in a acg, protected by 100 guards
"The Last Night" jam game.
Pixel art game Jam awesomeness
This is my first game.
A game about shooting future police
Made for Dev Squad Jam: Replicate - 'The Last Night'
Aestuo Games Studios does not hold or claim copyright over The Last Night.
Made for Dev Squad Jam: Replicate
Many of our soldiers are near death, deliver health packs to them and get to the other side!
Role Playing
DevSquad Entry by Zattstudio