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fuck me.

everybody has made so much progress :(

i am i am...

no one's gonna see ;)

there isn't much time left >.<

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quitting cuz i can't make my own assets.

1.) you  have a character that moves thru a maze and has to get to finish in 30sec.

2.) you get a pixel art image and you have to replicate it in a paint-like app in 30sec

3.) an low-poly 3D first person platformer where each level has a diffrent theme and feel.

3.) you are a hacker and you are hired by pepole to hack into websites and other hackable things. but the thing is you have to use real python code to hack (you have 30 seconds to hack into the site or you are arrested by police and have to start from level1) when you use hints the tim reduces.

4.) you are person in a store that became invisible for 30seconds and you need to steal as much stuff as possble to gain money and with money you can buy time upgrades like slow down time and others.

5.) you are given several computer part and you have to assemble a computer in 30seconds to earn money. with money you can buy better computer parts and get more money.

That's it bye ;)


i don't even know how to do that

looks cool.


i had a game idea like 5 years ago.

where you are a hacker and you have to use REAL CODE to like hack into banks websites etc.

but my game making skills we're shiat.

so i abandoened the idea. :(

looks awesome.

That's awesome man. good luck

i'm a bad programmer!!!

i'm a really bad programmer xD

i just realized. i have already lost.

first sneak peak ;)

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Can i use godot Engine for making the game?

Or no...

I dont know whats allowed.