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Loved it :) super cute, ran away from all fights but eh

oh god im indredibly stupid, i forgot to make that automatic. :( You gotta press the espace button to lock the mouse. yikes. Thanks for trying though!

Loved it, super polished for an 72hours gamejam submission :) Its a little buggy at times (with blocks falling into each other?) But thats fine

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Zip up the .exe and the .pck and upload it as one please :) most people wont udnerstand how to start the game up.

Aside from that, I really liked the Idea,  If there would be more obstacles in the level. It wasnt really a challenge, it just took some time.

Loved the Idea! Sadly missed a proper tutorial and stuff, toook a while to figure things out :)

Completely differnet kind of game than the other ones i played! Cute text adventure, loved it.

Made it through the entire thing the first try :)

Sacrificing the fox hurt me inside though.

I Tried to make it through, letting the fox survive, but i didnt manage to do that. :|


Simple mechanic, well executed, cute looking, nice music, perfect use of limitations.

It isnt much, but i loved it :)

The only critic is, that it isnt explained the characters heal each other when shooting eachother.

Super cute game, loved it.

The music was amazing (no sound effects though :[   )
Gameplay was fantastic, perfect for these limitations.
Loved the artstyle too, had its own flair.

There were 2 small bugs though which made it easier to complete the levels,

When a character collects a box, and doesnt throw it until the time runs out, he keeps carrying it into the next "round".

In one level there was a bridge with a door at the end of it, when the character walked against the closed door while the bridge was being pulled up, the character just jumped over the door.

Was also surprised there were so many levels, the game actually had content. good shit!

-Butter and Manu

i was batteries. 

Simple game, but it worked well!

Loved the animation on the battery dudes.

Its kinda boring though once one of the characters dies, the only thing that is left to do is runnning away, which isnt difficult and could go on forever.

Hi :) 

It was intuitively easy to figure out what to do.

The music fit the game well.

It was hard to figure out when the boss threw the large projectiles at the player.

And the collision was a little weird, some things blocked player movement, like the pillars and the fireplace, but things like the chairs and tables didnt.


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Congratz on your first gamejam entry! 

Fairly simple, but it worked. Controls where explained. Perfect.

Its possible to jump out of the game to the front though, that's the only bug i found.

Aside from that it didn't really fulfill the "teamwork" limitation though, as both characters where able to go all the way up separately.

Art wise it wasnt amazing, but it got its job done.

It was super hard to see where the player was jumping though, maybe if the shadows where being casted straight down, it would've been easier to see.

A little buggy, but the art is pretty fancy :) also, a coop game is always nice

damn cool concept, would be nice if the level could get harder over time. fancy visual effects tho

Im loving the artstyle, especially the background looks super fancy

simple but addicting af. Leaderboard is very sick, 300points, never gonna manage to beat that.

Huuuuge fucking potential. While the gameplay itself is pretty boring, its addicting as hell.

With some tweaks this can easily be published on steam.

for example, let the user buy new "plots" to put monsters in, or let him place some kind of towers which buff monsters of a certain type etcetc. Let the player have more control over the game than "merge monsters of the same kind and buy new ones in the shop".

Not sure if i can be proud of it, but i got the yellow triforce dude on every single plot. It took me only like 30minutes of my life im never gonna get back.

Clicking on the "?" icons in the shop spawn the most recent discovered monster in for free. Sadly, i only discovered this after getting the yellow triangle field manually ;_;

Hi :)

Noo, so we messed up explaining the game enough ;_; sorry.  You didnt even see the better levels then.

Jumping on the yellow enemies will bounce you off, that way you can reach higher places than you normally would.

In the first level you can possess the first the enemy to move him to the right, under the before unreachable small cliff. That way you can reach the exit  and go to the next level.

Feel free to give it another try :p

Thanks for playing though!

Sweet game, the controls are  a little rough on pc, some kind of keyboard controls wouldve been cool, but its clearly made as an android app so thats forgivable ^^

Simple, but very polished game! Im loving that artstyle and the soundtrack!

At some times it felt like the game didnt want me to win, dying of RNG seems fairly common, but who knows, in might just suck. well done! ^^

Cool controls, really neat visuals and all, but the gameplay is waaay to slow, pump those enemy numbers way up! :D

Heyo! thanks for playing man. ^^ i too remember your game from last jam :D well done!

Solid game. reminds me off the old Mario classics ^^! But is indeed very hard. haven't made it to the end .

Part of the reason for that is that once you die, you basically start over. Redoing the same parts of the level over and over again is not a lot of gun, especially with that fairly slow movement speed

The art-style is very simplistic but for some reason i really enjoyed it. (the grass texture cold be more creative than a flat green though :P)

Aside from that, i really enjoyed it. Well done!

Cool game. the difficulty curve is  a little slow, well, at first, at the end the speed doubled every few seconds or so. not sure if that was intended or a bug, because i got this message afterwards :P

Either way, pretty dope game, loved the visuals too!

Super hexagon with a twist, i like it! The concept of jumping could be further expanded, as of now jumping is basicly optional.

Pretty impressing that that only two colors are used in the whole game. well done!

The core mechanic of the game is amazing! loving it. the difficulty is a little rough though, i only made it to the second area once.  ^^

Beautiful little game, just as little as the games window. the window could be a little larger :p

Procedualy generated dungeons, sweeet, i love it.

The character fels a little floaty though :p

The charcter model an animations are fancy af. Looking around looks a bit too flaty though imo

See you at E3

It has bumpmapping boii

Looks great! nteresting gameplay, cute music. But level 7(?) was hella annoying, it was bearly possible to see the sliders as they were covered by the sprite of the nests.

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Would be cool if the stars visuals would match their temperature

EDIT: im stupid

Thanks! Cute little puzzle platformer, the controls were a bit wonky at times. But aside from that it was pretty dope.

Oh and The Text that appears on the top of the screen should have a different colour / have a shadow, its basicly invisible when looking at a bright wall ^^

The Graphics are absolutely stunning! Reminds me of Magicite. 

The Game was quite polished and fun too, it even had character customization, damn.

Sadly, the Theme didnt really show itself in the game. Body Temperature should have significantly more interactions with other elemetns and have generally more impact on the gameplay itself. The only cool interaction there was was the one that you can walk in lava when youre hot aswell. But even that mechanic barely showed itself again in the levels after.

Overall a lovely game, good job ^^

The sound track is amazing!

im crashing with: "couldnt find mono in the registry". Probably a godot bug though

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your link is fucked up. youre missing the '-' ^^