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Need a Team?

A topic by IdealistStudios created Jun 28, 2017 Views: 481 Replies: 22
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Come here to find a team. :)

Music here  ! If someone want team up leave a message here or via twitter @SVR_Audio

Sound Designer, interested in joining a team that needs some cool fx.

Check out some of the work I've done here:
Let me know if you want to team up!

I usually work alone, but Ill let you know if I need anything; I probably wont need much.


Hey man, I could use your skills for our game. I already have an artist, animator, musician, and myself (coding and game design). Let me know if you wanna join! Hit me up @radethdart on twitter.


Do you want to join me in this game jam 20 july ???

Still looking for music, soundfx or foleys?

Here's a link to a soundtrack I did, if you want more demo material, just contact me :)

Im also up for doing some Music/SFX for this Jam. Some of my previous work is here .

Feel free to email me at if you are interested :)



Sound Designer here!
Have not done a game jam yet but am excited to make unique noises for you.  Email:

Samples of Work - SFX on Freesound
Samples of Work - Music and Noises on Soundcloud


Hey buddy! im alone for making content of the suvival game, i would appreciate if you join me for make sound ;)

Hello, my name's Aaron, and I'm a Musician and Sound Designer looking for a team. I'm skilled in music, SFX, and implementation, and have previously worked on Tiler Teller in Unity. 

Here's my portfolio -

Email -


Hey everyone, my name is Vincent, im developper  and in this game Jam i work width brend T, we need a 2d artist(designer or what ever) ! Good luck all !

Hi Vincent, do you still need sound fx or music, or audio implementation for your project?


Hey sure man, come here


hey buddy did you see my message ? our sound designer would like split task with you,

HI I'M GAVRIEL ! I LIVE IN FRANCE and i want to work with a motivated team that we will be able to create a fabulous GAMEEEEEE !!! Good luck !

contact: gavrieljeu@gmailcom


Keep up the great work! Were really excited to see what you guys can come up with!

Anyone need an artist?

Feel free to hit me up.

Howdy! Programmer and Sound Designer team here. We have a text-based 'College-Survival' game that we're working on for the jam. The prototype is largely built. Let me know if you'd be interested in helping us finish it.

Word of warning, the UI is super ugly atm.


Interesting, u have discord? If not or you do, email us or contact us on there. Email:

Also, played FizziFred. Super clever with the slow-fade mechanic.


So what would you be needing from me as an artist?


Hey dude ! Im programmer and i have 2 sound designer in my team, we need an artist, we worked seriously since the start of the game jam the mechanics and the sound is soon done the game jam.

I would apreciate if you join and see how we are friendly .