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Really liked the rocket jump mechanic, especially that you followed through with it and build your levels around the characters skills instead of just leaving it a gimmick. Same goes for the teleports! The leveldesign was very good and challenging. I loved the last part of the level where you need to go up while dodging all those spiderboos bullets :D

You also implemented the learning by doing thing very vell. First I thought "WTF firepit?" but then I went  "AAH rocket jump!".

Some minor things I did notice though were:

1) The readme file is mangled up in notepad due to unix encoding. I know that notepad is not quiet a very useful texteditor, but I think for the majority of players on windows opening txt-files default to notepad. Just a thing to keep in mind!

2) The jump itself is just a tad to floaty for my taste, meaning that the character stays a little too long in the air after jumping up. I think you maybe did this for balancing reasons to make the rocket jumps easier? Reducing the slide on the ground when the character is stopping and falling faster after jumping up can increase the responsiveness and "tightness" of a platformer. A GDC talk that helped me a lot  on our current platformer project is linked at the bottom

3) One only takes damage in the firepit when not standing still (don't know if this is on purpose).

4) Cool that you also used Godot for your project! :D

All in all very good level design and cool mechanics!


Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot to me. I just want to answer of your some points:

1) god damn I KNEW it. I had problems with those txt files before and didn't learn from past mistakes. I hope I don't do this again and I'll fix the README this afternoon.

2) I spent some time balancing the gravity scale with the rocket jump force, but I didn't worry too much about making him fall faster than that because I assumed that the player would just "rocket jump" down to the ground if he's impatient, and I didn't want anyone to spend a lot of time shooting down in the later part (maybe if I put both the shooting force and gravity scale higher... idk, could work out better). About the slide... I really could've solved that with a few lines of code, so that's on me (I'll certainly do it in future patches). And thanks for the video.

3) Yeah, you only take damage immediately when you enter the flaming ground node area. I'm still searching for a better way to implement that.

4) Yes, I noticed that you also used Godot. I played around with a lot of 2d engines (I honestly didn't like Unity2d, don't want to pay for the Gamemaker licenses... Love2d is ok, just not as good as Godot) and looks like this is the one that's gonna stick with me.