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Ok, I guess I'll try to use boot camp. 2 years is so short! I feel like a game like this would take a time of 5+ people over 3 years, it is such an amazing game, I can definitely see success in it's future!

No, I used VirtualBox, I didn't really want to do boot camp, because it sounded a bit more extreme.... What kind of mac do you have? I have a 2014 macbook air, maybe you have an imac or something. Great to hear you're also a mac user! Also, I've been programming for about 8 months in javascript, java and now I'm starting game development in unity (C#) and I was wondering how long it took you to make Cosmoteer so far (It's such a high quality game), that also includes making then engine. (sorry if you already answered this on the FAQ).

I want this game so bad, I literally got windows on my mac, and Cosmoteer was running, but is was SO laggy :( So I will sadly have to continue to wait

Mac please?!?!?!? I want to play this SO BAD!

Please make mac version!!!!!!!!

Please, please, please, please, please, please make this for mac! I want to play it so badly!!!

Great game, it was a bit too challenging though, because I couldn't even get past the first few building without destroying a few

Loved it! I got stuck on level 7 for a little, and it was fun being able to "cheat" the levels, where there was so many ways to do it! I hope there is a part 2 to get something gluten-free! :D

Awesome, thanks!

Ok, great game!

This game is so much fun! (even though I'm horrible at it... my highscore is 10...) Great work!

I use the mouse/keyboard, and I think you should add a mode where the camera is always follow the player, for me it is really awkward to constantly move the camera around or press shift (which does it for me). You could make it toggle-able

Yeah.... I played for a little while, and never saw any raiders. You should definitaley make them come every minute or so

lol, I wouldn't have encrypted it either :P

Fun game! The most fun part was downloading my save file, editing a few numbers, and then loading it :D Good work!