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Thanks so much for playing! It still works on Mac/Web, there is just an issue where the music doesn't loop, and there is no way to restart.

This was really fun! Despite the controls feeling a bit "sharp", the super high jump was awesome!!!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting!

There needs to be a medical warning for hand cramps xD

There is so much clicking (which I love)!


This is probably one of the most fun games I've played throughout this jam! It fits the theme perfectly and was very fun and got pretty challenging at points. Overall, 9/10!!

My only critiques:

  • Release to Windows!!! Even if you're developing on a mac, you can still install the windows module when you are installing Unity, and then you'll be able to export it so other can enjoy it!
  • More enemy types - I feel like it would be super cool to have the transform enemy move in a weird way, a rigidbody enemy bounce around, a private enemy only able to get hit by a certain type of bullet, etc. I know thats a lot to do in a week, but it would totally improve it.

Thanks for posting!!! All in all, Super fun!!!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you liked it!!!

I've posted a video so you can see the whole game, and with explanation to make it a bit easier.

I've posted a video on the game page so you can see the whole game! 

Thanks for playing! I definitely did not realize how difficult the final part was, since I don't really have a playtester. Interestingly enough, my player movement is mostly derived from a BTP tutorial. Next jam, I'll make sure to make the movement feel more solid.


Thanks for playing! I definitely did not realize how difficult the final part was, since I don't really have a playtester. Interestingly enough, my player movement is mostly derived from a BTP tutorial. Next jam, I'll make sure to make the movement feel more solid.


This is the first tycoon game I have ever played and I really liked it! I like that all the screenshots are minecraft xD

Thanks for playing! After the jam, I will make the part after the checkpoint a bit easier.

I really liked your game!

Thanks so much! The last part is extremely challenging, I suppose I will make it easier once the jam ends.

Thanks! My goal was for it to be difficult, although I did not expect it to be this difficult!

Yeah, I've made a new background image, and will update it once the jam has finished!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I hope to update once the jam has ended!

Thanks so much! I was able to find an amazing site called, and after a while, I found a really good soundtrack!

Thanks so much! Were you able to complete it and what was your time?

Escape is to quit the game. I'll look into it later today.

The updated version is great! Love the upgraded difficulty, and now there's a timer and an end to the game!

I got to 948,  just about to beat your 960, but I was too aggressive, trying to kill other grasshoppers and I let 2 sneak by, and lost with only 4 seconds left!


Really cool game! Can't wait to play it with my dad!
Also, I've been wondering how to save a highscore in processing for a while, do you mind if I use your code for saving/loading the highscore?

Thanks so much! I really loved the video! It was made in 2 days, so I didn't have time to get a different font, and leave a mark is italicized in the desc because that was the theme for the jam! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing 2 of my games now! (Kenney Jam and Open Jam)

Thanks, I didn't even know what panspermia hypothesis was before this!

I had that on my TO-DO list, but I decided to do more important things first, as that would have taken a while!

Thanks, I wanted to add more but I didn't really have much time

Yay! It's unzipped... but when I try to open it I get "The application “Luna_Interficere” can’t be opened." Thanks for trying to help, but I don't know if it's worth it anymore :(

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When I try to open the zip, I get an error

"Unable to expand "" into "Downloads". (Error 2 - No such file or directory.)"

This might just be client side, thanks for trying though!

Ok, thanks I'll play it then!

Hi, the game looks really cool from the screenshots, but where is the mac version? I only see a windows and linux?

Thank you so much for playing! When I play it I'm also in the habit of charging to full power, and aiming directly at planets!

Good game, I wish there was a speed up button (not the same as a skip level), so I wouldn't have to wait for them to walk very slowly, as there ended up being a lot of downtime. Great job though for the time constraints!

Very neat game! I audio is amazing and really adds to the experience! I really love the idea, but the movement definitely needs some work.

Thanks! I also just added a post-jam version, with a story in the description, made the planets shrink more, and made it so you can't shoot straight up and randomly hit something! I really appreciate the feedback!

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In the bottom left, you should see your score and how many trees you have left. Try full-screening the game. Sadly, I didn't really have time to come up with a story (I just added on in the desc of the game), but I'll try to do one next jam. I do know about the "cheat", but it's not really that much of a cheat as your score isn't how high up you are, but how many planets you've saved. Although it still is easier to not really have to aim. Thanks for the feedback!

Neat game, took a little to get the hang of it but it was pretty fun after that!

I did not expect this! Very creative and pretty fun!

Very neat concept, Sadly I couldn't get past the part where you had to go up that vertical wall with spikes on it. Great job!