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Thanks for playing! I just watched your video and I could see I should have added some more instructions as I knew some things were a little vague but I'm glad you enjoyed it! The basic movement mode helped make shooting a little easier and less repetitive though if you want to try it out just click the basic mode and press start.

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Thanks for playing! And ya I had plans in the work for different enemies but didn't have the time to fully flesh it out but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to put in a little more work to add in those few missing elements and a big boss would really pull it all together, thanks for the advice!

Really great game! Once I got used to the movements I found myself dodging between rocks pretty instinctively as the controls were pretty fluid. I like the art style and the quirky feel of it. Great job!

Haha thanks man, ya I did all the art myself and I think it shows. But thank you for playing and for the compliment!

Nice classic gameplay. I can totally see this becoming the next big app given a little more polish and some extra art. Great job!

Haha no worries man, we all got stuff we wish we had more time to put in. Amazing game though keep it up!

Really great game! The UI was really impressive and I have to agree the monsters got me a few times and freaked me out. Over all though great job, maybe vary the pitch on the gun though as the sound would get repetitive. 

Really interesting game and I love how the game gets more and more hectic as you go, and how the music also amplifies that. I love the art style too, great job!

Really great work! The art was really well down and the environment was well put together.  The camera was a bit close to my liking but really well done guys!