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Thank you for the update.

I asked these questions on the discord channel too, so if you respond there, please ignore these =P

  1. Is there any kind of schedule for when the mods will be doing the preliminary judging round?
  2. Are they testing together? Surely they don't expect to get a good view of the games by joining solo...
  3. Will you use some kind of scoring to help rank all the entries? If so, it would be nice to see a list of the scores for each entry.
  4. How do you know that some of the entries aren't still being worked on and improved since the jam end date?

I hate to be a pain in the rear, but with real money on the line, questions like these matter =/

Very fun!  Is there only just the one level, or did I miss something?

Pretty neat, good job!

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Well done!  This is the beginnings of a potentially neat  game.  I also love that you used the Godot Engine!  FYI, at one point my sword changed into a knight of the other color!  

Good job!

Very neat idea.  I played this one longer than most just because I wanted to see how far you could get in the Lab.  A suggestion I have would be to make the bar at the bottom a little more obvious as to what its for and also make it grab your attention when it gets too far to one side.

Looks good so far... I hope you finish this, what you have planned sounds like it'd be pretty darn fun!

You worked on the project for a total of 12 hours, or just completed it over the course of half a day?  Either way, not bad considering your time limitations.

Couldn't find any of the easter eggs :(.  You said you couldn't finish, what was your goal for this jam?

Nice job!  Did you do this solo?

I get an error: RGPVXAce RTP is required to run this game :(

Haha yeah... earlier on there wasn't a limit on the number of zombies that would latch to a victim, but I quickly realized that was OP.  3 seems pretty good.

Yeah I felt the same way at first, but then I realized it worked great when you just tap the arrow keys repeatedly.  This felt like pedaling a bike to me, so I left it.  Thanks for playing!

I really like your concept, and the fact that its a large scrollable world.  However, the game keeps crashing my browser :(.  Also, the heroes don't seem to be able to jump into the red area at the end, they just fall and die.

Very neat concept!  Is Sonic supposed to die with just 1 hit?  There was no notification that I beat him or anything, but he never came back...

Yeah its a bug that I didn't have time to figure out.   The strange part is that this only happens with the orange and green platforms, the brown platform works as expected.  Which doesn't make any sense, because they all use the same collision code =/

Great job!  This is really well put together for the short time frame... Our submission isn't nearly as polished as yours.  What method did you use for designing your rooms?

yeah, only works on chrome for now.

Lots of fun, great job!

Very nice .  Definitely like the title too ;)

Very neat concept!

I really like this game.  My entry has a similar base concept.

Nice job.  Did you do this all by yourself?

Very impressive, can't believe you did that all by yourself.

I like the ambiance of your game.  Did you do everything by yourself?

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Thanks!  Yeah I would have gone with something a little simpler if I knew I was going doing this solo.  My team members bailed on me (for mostly good reasons).  I'll check out your game after my kids go to bed.

I really like the concept of this game, having to balance your attention between the 2 different aspects of the game was a good design choice.  My only relevant criticism is that its pretty tough.  Have you considered having a screen after losing that shows the questions that were asked and the players responses?  It could add a bit of humor to the game for the players to know how poorly they were at conversing.  It would also make it easier to progress in the game, as players would get familiar with the questions/answers faster.

As TP3 said, the risk/reward aspect is good as it adds a little bit of depth to a basic game.  Have you thought about letting the squirrel jump so that he can reach a nut that would otherwise cause him to hit a snowflake if he waited for it?  Also, after retrying, I still had 2 nuts on me from the previous game and it let me add them to my score.  Anyway, great work, keep it up!

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Late submission due to error uploading the game, but here you go (play in the browser):

Please let me know what you think!!!