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Important Questions

A topic by Lanz created Feb 21, 2018 Views: 81 Replies: 2
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I asked these questions on the discord channel too, so if you respond there, please ignore these =P

  1. Is there any kind of schedule for when the mods will be doing the preliminary judging round?
  2. Are they testing together? Surely they don't expect to get a good view of the games by joining solo...
  3. Will you use some kind of scoring to help rank all the entries? If so, it would be nice to see a list of the scores for each entry.
  4. How do you know that some of the entries aren't still being worked on and improved since the jam end date?

I hate to be a pain in the rear, but with real money on the line, questions like these matter =/


Judges have given me the scores. I'll announce them by the end of this week (most likely before friday)

Thank you for the update.