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you can use whatever as long as you're allowed to. (buying is fine as long as you're buying a correct license)

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hey I've setup a submission form https://goo.gl/forms/bmNc8HhPCD82dlrF2

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Long story short, a person that promised to sponsor the event never deposited the funds and decided to cut communication with me.

Our current prize pool will stay, because we have the funds secured.

As for hosting service, I recommend Vultr, Linode or DO
If you don't want to deal with this headache, I suggest you to try modd.io (it takes care of backend & hosting completely)

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Hey, I'm happy to hear that you're interested.
It's our 1st IO Game Jam, and we're still learning. To answer your questions:

1. As long as your game runs in a browser, it's fine.
2. For this jam, I'll leave it to our judges to determine whether it's a fair entry or not.
3. Open-source isn't required. However, I get the feeling that the judges will appreciate open source submissions more.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear your feedback on this.

Sure! As long as it's a multiplayer game that meets the criteria described.


Posted in my first day

Thanks! Are you going to make games?

Posted in my first day

welcome! :D

hey nice game! why don't you join us in discord and discuss more about your game? :D