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What is IO Game?

IO Game is a synonym for HTML5 "click-to-play" MMO games. Originally, the genre of IO game was inspired by Today, various IO Games are played by hundreds of millions of people around the world.
Some popular examples of IO Games are: 

IO Game Jam is your opportunity to have your game seen by some of the best developers & publishers in the industry. 

The game can be about anything as long as it is built for all ages
The game must be playable in browser without having to download anything. Using framework is allowed such as Mod Studio, Phaser, or Unity.
The game must be hosted online and be accessible via URL (e.g.
The game must have multiplayer support (preferably 30 or more concurrent players in an instance)
The game must be built within 72 hours
All entries must not infringe any copyright/trademarks
Remember, the great IO games have one thing in common: easy to learn, but hard to master.

Prizes***  :

First place:

300.00 USD
100 USD bonus credit balance on AdinPlay ad monetization platform*
10 day featured advertising on**
10 day featured advertising on

Second place: 
150.00 USD
50 USD bonus credit balance on AdinPlay ad monetization platform*
10 day advertising on

Third place:
50.00 USD

*The bonus credit balance on AdinPlay platform will be paid out to the winning developers that sign up and monetize their game with AdinPlay ad products. The prize will be paid out to the winners together with their first ad revenue payment. 
**You will be receiving 10 tokens from which you can use anytime to advertise your game on This is not transferrable to cash, and you must register an account with to use this token
*** If there are multiple submissions that have same score (tie), then the winners will split their winnings. For example, if there are 2 third place winners, then they will each receive 25 USD

Please submit your games here:
(Sadly, doesn't allow us to enter games' URL as submission)

1. Mike Tromba - Founder of
2. Michal Fraczek - Commercial Director of AdInPlay
3. Chris Scott - Creator of and feudal wars

Judging Method:
Moderators from will judge a preliminary round to select top 16 entries.
Then, the judges will pick the First place and Runner-up.
Good luck everybody!

Youtubers that will be covering the entries:
RajnoobTV (24k subs)
Bauer (33k subs)
Fady (50k subs)

Questions? Ask us questions here or in our discord at 
Find your team here

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Tiny multiplayer puzzle game
Collect the most gems, blow up other miners
Play in browser
Oceans of Adventures
Play in browser
Multiplayer run and build zombie infection 1vs19
Play in browser
Play in browser
Sail the seas, fight other ships and plunder loot!
Multiplayer Boat Battle Game
Super fun Pushing game/ a .io game/ have fun and push ur enemies out of the arena.