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Ted Scott

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I  love the colour of the different sounds!

So hard! I love it! I'm stuck when you get into the ship, it's probably beacuse I have no controller.

There's an artifact? Where ?

Amazing! I love the waves and collection of the ore, but if you continue progress (which you should), maybe some more items, like a camera that makes a viewport in the corner of the screen when you deploy it. Or maybe some controllable flight when you leave the island.

Sorry if I kinda acted with authority there I didn't want them to have to wait, even if it wasn't that much longer.

I asked him, he said moving the pieces around and cutting the track is cool.

A programmer, this has very little code though.

He should be a gymnast

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The game is amazing, and if you continue, I think the enemies could be toned down a bit. Like if there was a larger gap between spawn or more dungeons, but each one is shorter.  Also, I love the art style.

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I'll do it

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I just had a look at the game and thought it would be good

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A superhero of the name Bazinga, it says it on the tin.

I loved "Child Simulator" because it kept the theme and was repetitive, it was HORRIBLE

Woah, that's, nice.

I'm not a designer but I use unity and can code, if you haven't got any.

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To make sure that everybody hands in there submissions