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unity Slow Scenes with Music

A topic by Highrise Studios created Sep 02, 2017 Views: 306 Replies: 9
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Hi Taira,  

when adding in any  of the music scene transitions  slow down may we cut the music down to keep it short. i know about the remixes but would cutting 10 second (that fits your game) and looping it  be okay?

thanks,  Highrise


I asked him, he said moving the pieces around and cutting the track is cool.


thanks ted cool to see you doing  another jam! (hopefully as good as fist pump)


Just here to confirm that you can certainly edit them to fit your needs.



I've been watching your videos since 2015  keep up the good work!



Sorry if I kinda acted with authority there I didn't want them to have to wait, even if it wasn't that much longer.


its okay ted i didn't feel that way thanks for the info

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hey guys when does voting open up and  how long does it last for?


Voting opens when the jam finnishes (15 hours from now) and I don't know how long does it last for.


okay thanks just checking